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Wow, What A Story! Found Film Recounts B-29 Rescue 66 Years Ago

Wow! IT'S AN AMAZING STORY and worth watching... About 2.5 minutes.

An entire crew of a B-29 -- 12 aviators -- was rescued by a US submarine after their plane was shot down in 1945, 70 miles off the coast of Japan. The entire rescue was filmed in color, but sat in a guy's closet until now.

I'm thankful I'm here, and I'm aware that there's a lot of wonderful people that can make it. ~ Richard Vanden Heuvel

Denver interview and video

EAA The Spirit of Aviation: Found Film Recounts B-29 Rescue 66 Years Ago [full vid]


To find the film after 65 years is amazing enough, but for the plane to crash right near the sub.... God would have to have been looking out for those young men. Read the short note before viewing the clip.

This is a story from a Denver TV station of one of those rescued aviators to whom the video was delivered. It also shows their transfer to another submarine that is likely headed back to port before the one that accomplished the rescue.

Can you imagine, 65 years AFTER your own rescue you get to watch it on film?

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I enjoyed this the first time I saw it.

And equally as much this time, maybe more. Thanks for the rebump



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Keeping this bumped up..



WW II 1945 resque of B29 crew by USA sub. Film surfaced 2008.

Heuvel mentioned as a substitute, but not pictured w/ plane.

Ditched 29 May 1945, and were rescued by the USS Tigrone, per logbook from USS Tigrone.

New color footage of a B-29 crash and sea rescue of 12 [USA] airmen during World War II, 71 miles off coast of Japan, 1945.

[From EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) web site]

December 16, 2010 — New color footage of a B-29 crash and sea rescue of 12 airmen during World War II.... Richard Vanden Heuvel, of Denver, Colorado, and tailgunner with the 39th Bomb Group, Crew 18, was on that plane and told KUSA NBC Channel 9 in Denver that the film found its way to his door two years ago [ 2008 ] after being found stored away in a closet for more than 65 years....

... Running with only one engine, the pilot had communicated with the submarine USS Pintado that they were going to crash as another B-29 led the crippled craft to where the sub was and they all jumped out. Shortly after the Superfort crash-landed into the sea.

“When I ’chuted out was 71 miles off the coast of Japan,” Vanden Heuvel told EAA....

About two years ago the co-pilot contacted Vanden Heuval and asked if he’d like to have a copy of the film, and Vanden Heuval said sure. Not long thereafter, “A tape showed up in the mail,” he said. This past year after showing the tape to some of his fellow residents, one of them got a copy and pitched the story to the local NBC affiliate, which used it as the center of its Veterans Day tribute this past year.

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Great story!

Thanks for sharing.

fantastic and surreal

thanks for posting..

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