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Agent Orange alert

Dow AgroScience is preparing to introduce the herbicide 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) into your food supply –
You probably know it as ‘Agent 0range’.
-What this means for our future is that vast regions of our country will soon be sprayed with a chemical that has been linked to over 400,000 birth defects in Vietnam. The potential environmental and health fallout to exposed areas is nothing less than horrific.
-With Monsanto choosing glyphosate (also a birth-defect causing chemical), and Dow Chemical sticking with its old time favorite, 2,4-D, the US government has introduced more legislation to shield them from any legal and financial fallout.
-In a nutshell, 2,4 D and 2,4 D genetically engineered resistant crops are not a solution to the underlying problem of herbicide resistance in genetically engineered crops. In the same way that we have created the monster of antibiotic-resistance super-bugs like MRSA (methillicin-resistant staphylococcus aureus), continually developing more and more toxic chemicals to combat a problem that can not be solved with them.
-Nature will ultimately survive the manmade systems that seek to dominate her modes of production –
The question is whether we will survive ourselves, if we continue down this path much longer?

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thank you--

for posting this. I thought Monsanto was the first to introduce Agent Orange--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Agent Orange isn't so much a problem as the contaminates

TCDD, a dioxin side product in hasty government manufactured Agent Orange, was the agent responsible for the biological destruction in Vietnam.

TCDD and related chemicals are nasty, terrible things. Commercial grade Agent Orange will not contain the dioxins. The herbicides themselves are no where near as toxic.

And about this nature versus manmade issue: you are damn right that nature will adapt to our efforts. That is how it works. It is a constant battle between organisms to kill each other. Every living thing, especially plants, have poisons and chemical defenses. Natural poisons are not automatically safer than synthetic poisons.

Eating an a high dose of apple seeds, for instance, can be fatal.

If you have two poisons that

If you have two poisons that can kill you, how do you determine which is worse?

Glyphosate is the surfactant used in both Agent Orange and Roundup. Surfactants help the pesticide stick to the plant for maximum effectiveness, which is why Agent Orange was used so widely in Vietnam to expose the 'enemy'.

Here's a short documentary (about 20 minutes) highlighting the continued impact of Monsanto's poison on the people of Vietnam.


How about a link?



much better :)

Thank you for asking for a

Thank you for asking for a link. I simply forgot. Must be the cumulative effects of fluoride and public education. My apologies.

No worries

I always ask for one if the topic interests me and no link is present. Thanks for the informative post.

You're most welcome.

You're most welcome.