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LA times and Ron Paul

LA times seems to write a lot of blogs about ron paul but on their campain08 section ron paul is almost no where to be found.

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Right I noticed that too

There is a distinction between the paper and the blog. The paper is distributed to people offline while only online readers will see the good news out of the blog. This also applies to the NYT as well I believe.

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What in the heck are you talking about??

The L.A. Times has been one of the most supportive media outlets about Dr Paul ever. Most of the positive articles on Google are from the LA Times so don't even go there, getting people worked up and emailing them. I am sick and tired of supposed RP supporters doing this garbage so knock it off and if you don't like the LA Times then DON'T read it! Personally, I look forward to every article out of their paper because they have always been so supportive of Dr Paul as have supporters all over California. Here is one of the top stories in the link that YOU posted!
Read it and go complain about the real censoring media, FOX, CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post and stop causing trouble.


that's a blog

that in the blog section not in campaign08 section link on the left under news