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Was London Terrorist Recruited by MI5?

US & UK: Boston & Woolwich: CIA & MI5 - Parallel Terror Questions

Apparently, the alleged Woolwich (London) Terrorist was "known" by the MI5 (like the Tsarnaev brothers were "known" by FBI and CIA).

How can citizens believe the government agencies will protect them from terror when we have two recent examples of "knowledge" of individuals making no difference whatever to stop them from carrying out heinous acts of terror?

Article: Woolwich Murder Suspect Was Offered Job with MI5 Six Months Ago" ???

I have my own thoughts about this. What are yours?

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I find it ironic

that a person who is paid to murder people in foreign countries, has an orchestrated out poring of "public grief" when he himself is murdered.
He is a "hero" because he is ether a murderer himself (or a lest part of an organization that commits murder on a daily basis), and yet the people who murdered him are "terrorists". Sheesh!
I wonder how many other people died that day in England from murder, neglect, medical misadventure, late term abortion and myriad of other reasons relating to greed, hate, and ignorance?

I don't understand

the murderers milling around and people simply passing them by with a decapitated man in the street and them carrying bloody weapons.

Check this out:

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