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the REAL way to shake things up. Very simple & 100% legal.

While I commend Adam Kokesh's new plan for the 4th of July, I think it's pretty far fetched to assume enough people will get on board to make something like his nationwide civil disobedience thing work. The original Open Carry March was a disaster waiting to happen, but the plan now is truthfully just too big. It requires too many Americans to actually dedicate a ton of time & we all know the average American is lazy & complacent.

So...I have another plan to shake things up. It's very simple & it's 100% legal.

Naturally, as Ron Paul followers we are all aware of what feeds the beast...The Federal Reserve, along with it's buddies on Wall Street & the big banking cartels. Without The Fed, Wallstreet & the major banks the federal government would have no other option than to shrink in size & end the wars overseas.

So...why don't we simply collapse this system & cut off the fuel source to bloated tyrannical government?

How you ask? Very easily...

We organize & pick one single date where hundreds of thousands of Americans who have bank accounts with the major banks simply close out their accounts. They walk in, they say "I would like to close my account", they ask for all of the funds in cash & they turn around and take the cash to a small local bank & open an account with that cash.

This simple move takes the money from the big banks & returns it to the local community where it belongs.

If hundreds of thousands of Americans did this on one single day the banking cartels would collapse, the stock market would crash & we'd essentially make the first step toward limiting government & destroying the "Empire". All this accomplished without breaking one single "law" or physically harming anyone.

What do you guys think?

Worth exploring?

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It's a great idea, however

It is illegal to organize such a thing. They call it organizing a "run on banks".
The Fed bosses took over in DC long before we were all born and made laws to keep those who figured out the scam quiet.

Honestly, our system doesn't even really work that way. I doubt it would effect a whole lot of anything if even a few million people closed their bank accounts on one day.
If you haven't seen "Money Masters", watch it, if you have, watch it again. The deposits of everyday people are pretty much meaningless anymore.

Most importantly though, and this is to everyone who reads this thread: In any matter where the actions or behaviors of individuals can spark a change and people realize it, nothing will ever change if everyone waits for everyone to do something.

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I'm afraid we are just not ready or simply willing enough

I'm afraid we are just not ready or simply willing enough to go for any such collective action of significance.

I can't quite blame us, for we essentially believe in seeing ourselves as individuals and valuing our individuality first and foremost. That which, at least, is perfectly consistent with everything else we value from the Bill of Rights.

I have come to realize that such collective actions will only occur, if ever, spontaneously, from local clusters of people first, then growing larger, and when it's time of great distress and threats against even more basic freedoms, like against our free speech or right to peaceful assembly. Of course, one can argue it's already happening to some extent, to which I reply: yes, but the threshold over which people can't take it any longer hasn't been reached yet, for we'd already be in the streets instead of on Internet forums.


Thus, I take it we are just not convinced enough of threats yet, really, even in this fraction of the people who care about the Bill of Rights. And I do think we are sincere, of course.

For evidence that too few of us see a collective outspeaking any useful, is that I have proposed such collective appeals, even simpler, not even requiring any action with banks, or carrying any firearm, but only SPEECH and ACCUSING OUT LOUD:



Or there:


And even on the Daily Paul, this didn't get much of traction at all. Very little. Facts are like me: very stubborn. I have no other choice than to accept them.

So, for now, after trying that, I can only focus on securing my own family and sharing the bits of information I come across and see important to be aware of, usually around what's going on in the economy, behind the smoke screen.

I wish us all good luck.


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Done done it

We did that..oh jeez..6 years ago

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina

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Love it.

I've already done it though... : ) For those of us who don't use mega banks, maybe we can help by buying silver?

This is a GREAT non-violent activity that could do a lot of good for all!

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

The banks would love that..

They would love to see the streets flooded in paper. It would give them the opportunity to fire up the printing presses like never before and rip folks off of their purchasing power.

If you think about the theft that happened in Cyprus and the motivations behind it, you may find it reasonable to conclude that the EU wanted to scare "capital" out of the banking system and in to the economy to provide liquidity that could then be taxed many times in the market.

Banks don't give a crap about your deposits sitting in the bank because they have access to an unlimited supply of the funny money. If the paper is out on the streets, it is the perfect opportunity to devalue it by printing more. Never forget that banks were already "wealthy" when they began their "business", they already "owned" everything, their business now is maintaining their financial superiority.

Using your paper fiat currency to buy gold and silver does not benefit banks because it has intrinsic value and if they try to manipulate the value of what you are holding, they need to extract paper funny money from the market witch in turn hurts their speculative efforts in making a profit on credit schemes and bubble creations.

That is how I see it and let me say that I am no expert on this matter.



I try to change people every day. Do You?

It would not have to happen

It would not have to happen all on one day. If it took a week or even a month it would still be effective. The banks are not obliged to give you all your money on demand without notice if you have a lot of money. Read the fine print when you open an account.
Do small local banks still get funds from the federal reserve too?
How about credit unions?

It won't work for the simple

It won't work for the simple reason all the small banks are also agent banks for the federal reserve too they all deal in federal reserve money from nothing credit and FRN's. Won't hurt the fed one bit because they still have a monopoly in the currency and small local banks and credit unions still have to get license from the Fed to use the currency etc. might not be a bad idea for collapsing the big banks like B of A etc. but whats to stop them from just being bailed out like they were before...

I wish it were that simple but it's not unfortunately.

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Problem is, you already have to give them a couple days

notice to take out cash - I know several people who have had trouble cashing checks in the $5,000-$10,000 range without a couple of days notice and the bank giving them a hard time.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

ask and you shall receive

but it won't come by the Herculean effort of herding hundreds of thousands of cats (or sheeple)to act in a precise and coordinated manner.

no, the bank run will come when the average person on the street realizes that the FDIC insurance fund covers only .022% of savings deposits.

the coin of the realm would STILL BE....

....Federal Reserve Notes...which are being debased

Oil would still be traded in dollars...which Kerry is giving to Al Queada and the Muslim Brotherhood(our allies) in Libya.

...and none of us could ever TOUCH those corporate and government DIGITAL credits in those accounts...

Drowning in Debt

Your concept is correct. To not be a part of the banking system is correct. Pay off your credit cards and discontinue their use. The system to be crushed is the system of debt. Use cash always.

"Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms."
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great idea~

I already bank with a credit union

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

I'm In


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Most Americans have debt, not savings.

Most Americans have debt, not savings. If you got a maxxed out credit card with a bank, can you still close your savings and checking? If so, then maybe it would work.