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Obama Balances Threats Against Americans' Rights

"Forecasting the changing nature of threats against the U.S. for years to come, President Barack Obama says "America is at a crossroads." And so, too, is his presidency's counterterrorism policy, which has long struggled to balance protecting the nation from terror attacks while upholding Americans' rights.

The Obama administration this week acknowledged that four Americans have been killed — three of whom were not specifically targeted — in secretive overseas drone strikes against al-Qaida extremists since 2009. And in a wide-ranging speech Thursday, Obama warned that Americans must be vigilant against increasing homegrown threats from within, including from fellow citizens like the surviving suspect in last month's Boston Marathon bombing."


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So instead of looking in on current scandals

He's finally admitting to being a murderer. Nothing will come of it, not even restitution for the families. What bugs me the most is he thinks this is somehow like throwing us a bone. We're gonna need more than table scraps, ya douche bag.

I think BO is the one that

I think BO is the one that needs re-balancing. He's definitely off his rocker.