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Food Production is Not a Collectivist Industry

The notion that certain industries must be controlled or regulated by the government in a collectivist fashion is appalling, especially when it being spoken in a website such as the Daily Paul. To state that an entire industry must follow certain guidelines specified by a few people simply sounds pathetic. What I as a farmer decide to plant or do with my land is my and my business only. If I affect my neighbor by planting some Bt Corn that pollinates his corn, it is between my neighbor and me, no one else. If companies such as Kelloggs or Hersheys or Coca Cola decide to purchase my Bt Corn and make something out of it, it has nothing to do with anyone buy these companies and me. There is no contamination of the collectivist food, that food was never yours.

People need to realize that just because food is sold in public places doesn't make it a collectivist industry. The food industry is composed of millions of **individuals** that are making their own decision on what to plant and produce based off of market demand. It is like any other product that is sold in this world, be it nails or underwear.

To even consider that someone has the right to decide how someone else's product should be sold, with labels or not, is simply one step to further controlling our lives. If you are not happy with those products, be it because they made you sick or fat or whatever your discontent may be, then you can take your money elsewhere. If you chose to eat some street food that gave you food poisoning and died, well that was a consequence of your choice. No one forced you to buy those products.

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