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Get Rand Paul on Ballots.

I feel that Rand Paul may not be wanting to run for office cause he is not sure if he would have enough support. I know it is really early from the next election and I believe that it would be a good project if we see what the laws say when you can start to sign petitions to get Rand Paul on the Ballot a big Grass roots effort. Who is with me :D

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I'm convinced when Rand

I'm convinced when Rand announced he was running for re-election for the Senate in 2016, it was a trick to fool the establishment. Only those of us who can read between the lines know that Rand wants to go for the gold, if you know what I mean! ;)

You're joking right? Rand has

You're joking right? Rand has lots of support and he knows it. I find supporters in the oddest places! They are everywhere!