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Video Deocumentary "Spin" about media lies and deception

I just started watching this but so far it's good. Has Pat Robertson being told how to spin questions by his advisor.


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this is one of my favorite documentaries

the guy who made, brian springer, had 3 giant satellite dishes outside his house programmed on the "feed" stations of major networks.

Feed channels are to satellite interviews what green rooms are to talk shows. The footage was never meant for air and the politicians never thought anyone was listening.

i don't know how brian springer got the rights to air this stuff, but it's amazing... even over 14 years later.

Glad you like it.

Maybe others will send this out.

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This wraps up a lot about TV

The language is not suitable for some, but it gets the point across bigtime.
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I am a big fan of this doc

The most eye popping part is when he actually catches Larry King on camera saying to Bill Clinton "[Ted Turner} will serve you"!!!




Good insight, and also evidence of the power of the internet to inform and bypass this crap!

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this is an amazing video

apparently rp is not the first to be blatantly blacklisted in a presidential debate. this video is truly revealing of what the om is capable of. I feel like i have been lied to for so long. I remember hearing the media report on other governments around the world and how those governments were spewing propaganda to their citizens and i felt "so lucky and blessed" that my government would not do such a thing. Wow have my eyes been opened. I just did not want to believe that my government was so corrupt. We really need to get rp elected along with as many like-minded people as possible. I truly fear for his life now.