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Bausch & Lomb pleads guilty to conspiracy. (Nothing to see here; conspiracies don't exsist)

Ista Pharmaceuticals Inc pleaded guilty on Friday to charges it used kickbacks and improper marketing to boost sales of a drug meant to treat eye pain and agreed to pay $33.5 million to settle criminal and civil liability, the U.S. Department of Justice said.

The unit of eye care company Bausch & Lomb pleaded guilty to conspiracy to offer kickbacks to induce physicians to prescribe Xibrom, a drug meant to treat pain after cataract surgery, and conspiracy to promote that drug for unapproved uses, including after Lasik and glaucoma surgeries.

Ista agreed as part of a criminal settlement to a $16.63 million fine and an $1.85 million asset forfeiture. It also agreed to a $15 million civil settlement to resolve allegations that its marketing of Xibrom caused false claims to be submitted to government health care programs.


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First of all...

...it's "conspiracies," plural.

Secondly, company conspiracies happen. That we all know.

Thirdly, "conspiracies" such as, for example, a President lying to the American people to get us into a war happens. That much everyone knows.

Fourthly, GOVERNMENT conspiracies (such as 9/11, the Boston Bombing, etc.) do NOT exist. That we know because government is TOO BIG -- thousands of low-level employees in government agencies, employees in law enforcement, employees in the private sector, private sector witnesses, etc. would all have to be in on such a "secret" in order for it to be pulled off. Human nature alone tells us that that's impossible.

Interesting conspiracy.

But it didn't happen, conspiracies aren't real. So this obviously is fake news.

Bausch & Lomb, a privately held company, was acquired by Warburg Pincus, the sole owner:


Warburg Pincus was co-founded by a guy who helped German scientists and their families escape to the United States during the second world war:


"During the war, Warburg facilitated the migration of German scientists and their families to the United States. He was later awarded the Legion of Merit by the United States, the Order of the British Empire by Great Britain, and the Croix de Guerre by France."

Some German scientists, perhaps some who were helped here by Warburg (he might have been part of Project Paperclip,) have since been blamed for many alleged crimes while they acted with impunity in the U.S., such as origins of CIA/MK-ULTRA Mind Control projects.

The Eric M. Warburg Prize, an award that "honors personalities in Germany and the United States who contributed to securing and fostering Germany’s place in the Atlantic Alliance" has been given to:


Condoleezza Rice (U.S. Secretary of State, 2007)

George H.W. Bush (former President of the United States of America, 2002)

Dr. Henry A. Kissinger (former U.S. Secretary of State, 1992)

I wonder what top Bausch & Lomb knew about the conspiracies that their company Ista Pharmaceuticals Inc. was involved in.

The Warburg's are a

The Warburg's are a Jewish/German banking dynasty.

Paul Warburg was a main player in the creation of the U.S. Federal Reserve:


"Paul Warburg is most famous as the architect of the US monetary regime, the Federal Reserve System established in 1913."


"Warburg became known as a persuasive advocate of central banking in America. Many of his contemporaries regarded him as the chief driving force behind the establishment of America’s central bank."