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IRS scandal illegally targeting Tea Party Groups - why Reince Priebus should be FORCED to resign


On March 6th 2012 the NY Times published an article outlining the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups.
Some of the Tea Party groups (there were at least 16) must of reported the victimization to GOP officials.

WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service is caught in an election-year struggle between Democratic lawmakers pressing for a crackdown on nonprofit political groups and conservative organizations accusing the tax agency of conducting a politically charged witch hunt.

Associated Press
Jay Sekulow represents 16 Tea Party groups that say the I.R.S. is trying to stifle them by questioning their tax status.
In recent weeks, the I.R.S. has sent dozens of detailed questionnaires to Tea Party organizations applying for nonprofit tax status, demanding to know their political leanings and activities.


Why didn't Reince Priebus do something about the victimization of Tea Party groups in March/April 2012?

Either :-
Reince Priebus wilfully condoned the illegal IRS victimization of Tea Party groups in early 2012

Or :-
He didn't pick up on it and he is totally incompetent.

In either case, Reince Priebus should be forced to RESIGN IMMEDIATELY (and get someone else that is more capable and can put more and better pressure on the illegal activities of the IRS).

N.B. Reince Priebus has a history of total incompetence.
He is a major factor in why the Republicans lost in 2012.
If he remains in his post, the GOP will fare much worse than they otherwise would in 2014 and there is a good chance they will lose yet again in 2016.

Reince Priebus has to GO and go NOW.

Take the Republican Party BACK to it's conservative roots.
Give the Republican Party a chance of winning in 2016.
Get rid of the incompetent Reince Priebus and get rid of him NOW.

The hiring of Nathan Sproul and the subsequent lack of campaigning in key battleground states

The illegal campaign activities of Nathan Sproul were found out and reported in the media.
It caused the Republican Party to suspend key campaign activities in ALL key battleground states.
It lost the GOP LOTS of votes in ALL key battleground states.
The decision to hire Nathan Sproul is directly attributable to Reince Priebus.

GOP has stopped registering voters in 5 crucial swing states from October 1st (2012).
Dumb doesn't cover it for hiring Sproul by the RNC for voter registration.
Priebus should be fired for incompetence over this.


The decision to nominate Mitt Romney from 2011

Reince Priebus and the GOP Establishment decided they wanted to nominate Mitt Romney from at least 2011 (and probably as part of the deal when Romney quit the nomination race in 2008).
All of the GOP Establishment activites were directed at securing Mitt Romney's nomination and discriminating against ALL of the other candidates.

Reince Priebus KNEW that Mitt Romney was an appalling candidate and couldn't possibly win.
There was enough dirt on Romney from the 2008 race to know this and a lot more has come out since then.
The GOP should of picked somebody else.

Priebus should of steered the GOP to nominate somebody else from 2011.

John McCain's file against Romney from 2008 (it was widely published on the net) - See Appendix 1.
Priebus must of read it.

Priebus KNEW that Romney could not possibly beat Obama with Romney's appalling track record.
Priebus KNEW that Romney would lose and lose badly (as indeed Romney did against an incumbent with U6 unemployment at 15%. Nobody, apart from Obama, has ever been re-elected with unemployment at 15%+.)

Reince Priebus's Stalinist antics in Tampa, lost the support of many Republican activists and cost many votes in key battleground states.
Many leading Republican supporters spoke out against Priebus's actions, including Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin.
Rush Limbaugh : "The Republican Party is no longer Conservative."
Mark Levin "These rule changes are the worst I have ever seen."

Mitt Romney was the weakest candidate fielded by the Republican Party for a VERY long time.
Has there ever been a weaker one?
http://ian56.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/message-to-gop-incumbent... See 2

Even Karl Rove expected Romney to lose, despite his public pronouncements.

The picking of Paul Ryan as VP was an act of total desperation by Romney.
It was an attempt to shore up the base in an effort to lose less badly, it gave up completely on any chance of winning.


1. John McCain's 2008 campaign file against Romney

After calling for economic divestment from Iran, Romney was embarrassed by revelation that the Italian
branch of Bain & Company – firm where Romney started as young consultant and served as CEO in early
‘90s – received $2.3 million contract from National Iranian Oil Company in 2004.
Bain Capital, the private equity firm that made Romney his fortune, currently owns a chemicals and paint
company called SigmaKalon that operates an office in Tehran.
In 2004, Bain & Co. received a multi-million dollar contract from the National Iranian Oil Company.
Romney sat on board of directors of Bain portfolio company Damon Clinical Laboratories, which in 1996 was
fined over $100 million for Medicare fraud committed during Romney’s tenure.
Romney has made political contributions to Democratic candidates, saying he places friendship above politics.
Romney appeared in 2003 TV ad endorsing Democrat Rocky Anderson – who has been outspoken in calling
for President Bush’s impeachment over Iraq war – for reelection as Salt Lake City mayor; Romney featured
an Anderson testimonial in his own TV ads while running for governor in 2002.
Romney proclaimed he wasn’t a Republican during the Reagan years, saying “I was an independent during
the time of Reagan-Bush. I’m not trying to return to Reagan-Bush.”
Romney was an independent until deciding to run for the Senate in 1994.
Romney voted for Paul Tsongas in the 1992 Democratic presidential primary.

(My addition http://www.redstate.com/streiff/2012/02/03/mitt-romney-regis...)
Economic Issues
State spending increased at well over rate of inflation under Romney’s watch, estimated at 24% - more than
$5 billion – over Romney’s final three years.
Under Romney, Massachusetts dramatically underperformed the rest of the nation in terms of job growth.
Romney has been criticized by experts for failing to deliver on issues of business development and economic
growth after selling himself as the “CEO governor.”
2006 report issued by quasi-public Massachusetts Technology Collaborative warned the state was losing its
grip as leader in “innovation economy” and that tech job was alarmingly slow.
Romney left his successor to fill a budget deficit exceeding $1 billion.
Romney raised state fees and taxes more than $700 million per year, according to independent experts.
Romney raised fees by roughly $500 million in his first year alone, a figure that was highest in the nation.
Romney quadrupled gun licensing fees and raised fees on first responders, real estate transactions, the blind,
golfers and many others.
Massachusetts’ state and local tax burden rose more than 7% during Romney’s administration.
Romney refused to endorse the Bush tax cuts in 2003, telling the state’s all-Democrat congressional
delegation he wouldn’t be a cheerleader for the plan.
Romney implemented three rounds of tax changes (which he referred to as “closing loopholes”) which
increased business taxes by an estimated $400 million per year.
Massachusetts’ corporate tax climate now ranks 47th in the nation, according to the Tax Foundation.
Romney proposed – then backed away from – a new internet tourism tax that would levy higher taxes on
users of sites like Orbitz and Travelocity.
Romney enrolled Massachusetts in multistate compact aiming to end moratorium on internet sales taxes.
Romney took no position on estate tax issue in 2002 and signed 50% increase in state cremation fee, which
observers called “hidden tax on the dead.”
Gun Control

In 1994 Senate race, Romney backed Brady bill and assault weapons ban, saying “I don’t line up with the
NRA” and “that’s not going to make me the hero of the NRA.”

Romney called Clinton crime bill “a big step forward.”

As governor, Romney quadrupled gun licensing fees and vowed not to “chip away” at tough gun laws

In 2004, Romney signed permanent state-level ban on assault weapons that was mirrored after federal
assault weapons ban.

In January 2006, Romney said he owned a gun – then two days later admitted he did not and the gun
belonged to his son.

Romney bragged about being member of the NRA but later revealed he didn’t join until August 2006, just
before launching his presidential campaign.

Romney recently said he’s “been a hunter pretty much all my life” but later admitted he hunted only twice in
his life, later clarifying remarks by claiming he has hunted “small varmints … more than two times.”

Romney says he changed his mind on abortion meeting with Harvard stem cell researcher – Romney claims
the doctor said scientists “kill” embryos after 14 days, but doctor later said Romney “mischaracterized my

Months after his “conversion,” Romney stated his commitment to upholding Massachusetts’ abortion laws and
appointed pro-choice judge to state district court.

In October 2005, Romney signed bill expanding family planning services, including abortion counseling and
morning-after pill.

In December 2005, Romney “abruptly ordered his administration to reverse course … and require Catholic
hospitals to provide emergency contraception medication to rape victims.”

Romney health insurance plan expanded access to abortion, required Planned Parenthood representative on
state panel.

Romney endorsed legalization of abortion pill RU-486 access during his 1994 Senate race and backed
federal funding of abortion, saying “I think it’s important that people see me not as a pro-life candidate.”

In 1994 and 2002, Romney confirmed his support for Roe v. Wade decision and forcefully positioned himself
as pro-choice in 1994 Senate race, saying “you will not see me wavering on that.”

Romney has refused to comment on bill pending in South Carolina legislature requiring that abortion doctors
offer pregnant women option of viewing ultrasound.
Gay Rights

Romney endorsed Rep. Barney Frank’s Employment Nondiscrimination Act in 1994.

In 1994, Romney called “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy first step toward having gays and lesbians “able to serve
openly and honestly in our nation’s military” and said he would provide “more effective leadership” on gay
rights issues than Ted Kennedy.

In 2003, The Washington Times reported Romney “would support a Vermont-style civil union law in

As governor, Romney said health coverage benefits and hospital visitation rights should be provided to gay

Romney promised to make gay partnership benefits a “hallmark of my leadership as governor” and has said
he would attend gay weddings if invited.

Romney publicly opposed Boy Scouts’ ban on homosexuals in 1994 and 2002 campaigns.

In 2002, Romney backed hate crimes legislation that included sexual orientation provisions.

In 2007, Romney praised gay parent who confronted him over gay marriage issue, but in 2005 remarked to
South Carolina audience that some gay couples “are actually having children” and called it “wrong.”
2. Mitt Romney's appalling track record and zero chance of winning

A) Send an Email
Send an email to your Republican Representatives at both National and State level, candidates and incumbents, if they are up for election in November and in a tightish race.

Tell them the RNC is making them take a bullet by trying to pick Romney in Tampa.
Romney is going to lose and lose badly and their chances of being elected will be reduced by the scale of Romney's loss.
Tell them that Tampa needs to pick a CONSERVATIVE candidate that will beat Obama.
Romney is getting slaughtered in swing states and will get slaughtered some more.
If Tampa picks a winner, their chances of election are enhanced not reduced.

B) The letter

The Republican elite are asking you to take a bullet by nominating Romney.
Whether you are seeking office at the National or State level, your chances of keeping/gaining your seat are much reduced if Romney is nominated.
Obama will win by a landslide, Romney effectively gave up winning with his pick of Paul Ryan.
Republicans need to pick a candidate that will appeal to Independents (the RNC picked a candidate that didn't even appeal to GOP).
Dems are loving that GOP picked Romney/Ryan there are SO many things that they can attack them on, they have only just scratched the surface and Romney is already getting slaughtered in swing states.
Independents are going to hate Romney/Ryan when Obama tells them what Romney is really like.
There is so much dirt coming out on Ryan right now, it will have an effect with Independent voters.

Republican leaders are already stating privately that Romney is going to lose and some are already saying he will lose badly and they do not have all the facts and evidence as listed in this document.

Is Mitt Romney the weakest candidate EVER fielded by the Republican Party?
If there was a worse one, it must have been a very long time ago.

This is the reaction in Florida to the Ryan pick.
I think there will be many more receptions like this.
The papers and voters don't know half the story yet. Obama will tell them. And Independents will listen.

This is going out as a Democrat fundraiser. I think it will do well.

Perhaps you should stop and think about taking a bullet for the RNC.
Perhaps you should start making noises about how Tampa should pick someone else.
Someone who CAN beat Obama and help you win your election, not destroy your chances.

1. Electoral College Map
Obama will get a landslide victory if Romney is nominated.
Even Karl Rove agrees with these Electoral College predictions on current polls.
Obama 347 Romney 191

And the polls will only get worse, once Obama opens up his wallet and starts running attack ads against Romney.

2. Detailed analysis of Romney/Ryan and the 2012 election.
The Romney/Ryan budget
The election

3. The McCain "endorsement"

4. Romney's record

5. Romney's official campaign ad from 2002

6. Electorate wants cuts to military spending not increase it
Romney plans a massive increase in military spending ($1.8tn+ more than current spending plans).
Dems and Indie's want cuts to about $400bn p.a. for military spending or $1.6tn over a 4 year term.
Romney proposes spending $6.6tn or FIVE TRILLION dollars more and four times as much as the public say they want.
GOP voters want a circa $450bn p.a. military budget.

The number NOBODY wants you to know.
Military budget for 2012 is $1,219bn

7. Tax policy
Romney will get killed over tax policy with Independents.
Romney wants to cut taxes for those earning over $200,000 and raise taxes for the lower and median incomes.

8. Vietnam Draft Dodging
Romney campaigned for the Vietnam draft and then promptly ran off to a chateau to hide. With his own chef! He called it missionary work - in France!


Mitt Romney and his sons :- chickenhawks one and all

9. Washington Pork

10. Romney has been arrested
What makes you think Romney won't lose his cool as President?
There are a number of other examples where Romney has lost his cool.
Not someone I would want as POTUS - how would he deal with the pressure of that great office? Badly, very badly says Obama.

11. That etch-a-sketch moment

12. Romney dirt
I know that all recent President's have been dirty, but Romney takes it to a new level of black, oily, polluting dirt.
Obama will make sure the dirt sticks. He would rather wait until after Tampa of course before the public become aware.
I am sure Obama will have a team working thru all Romney's dubious business connections like South American Death Squads.
There are some other possibilities in addition to those listed here.

12.1 Allen Stanford Ponzi scheme
Dem's have known about Romney's involvement in Allen Stanford's $8.5bn Ponzi scheme for ages.
Stanford got sentenced to 102 years in June.
The investigation into Mitt and Tagg Romney making $10m from this scheme has not been dropped.

12.2 Election Frauds

There is a case up in Wisconsin this campaign. Subs for votes http://www.dailypaul.com/227268/romney-under-felony-investig... Obama will love using that.
Romney voter fraud in Massachusets 2010 http://articles.businessinsider.com/2012-04-20/politics/3137...

12.3 Election Fraud Current Campaign

Then there is all the electoral fraud going on in the State Conventions to try and get Romney nominated.
Obama will ask quite rightly, if they cannot play fair and square in their own election, how can we trust GOP to govern? You might want to put a stop to this one now.


Romney shenanighans in Nevada
Maine http://adventuresinautism.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/romney-camp...
Strange that two different people handed out fake slates at the same time at two different conventions thousands of miles apart.

A mockery of democracy http://www.examiner.com/article/gop-establishment-makes-a-mo...

Arizona and Alaska
Same antics breaking their own Party's rules in the Arizona and Alaska conventions.
Arizona added 05/19 http://www.dailypaul.com/234318/delegate-from-arizona-marko-...

A good summary of Romney's recent Convention rule breaking and rigging

13. Dogs against Romney
Dem's have even started up a campaign called "Dogs against Romney" Dog on roof
Romney is going to be a laughing stock, there will be lots more jokers like this :-

14. How confident do you feel about Romney now?
Ready to take that bullet for the "team"?

Update 08/26

15. Tax Evasion
Bottom Line. Romney could end up in court for Tax Evasion.

16. What else will be unearthed?
How many more things are going to come out before November?
I am sure Obama has a team working through the multitude of nefarious business contacts Romney has made over the years.
We already know about South American Death Squads.
Then there was the ticketing/travel scams at the Salt Lake Olympics.
Mitt Romney "I have done all sorts of deals with all sorts of people" I BET HE HAS.
And Obama will find them.

17. Missouri
A worrying move in Missouri polls has just started happening.
Is Romney about to lose that state as well?
That would make it Obama 357 Romney 181.

18. Charlie Crist has just endorsed Obama today.
This effectively confirms Romney is going to lose in Florida, it will only take a few points swing to take Florida out of reach.
Crist's endorsement will certainly persuade some wavering Independent voters to swing away from Romney and vote for Obama.
And without Florida there is no path for a Romney win.
Picking Paul Ryan was VERY unhelpful in Florida - it cost quite a lot of votes.

Crist's endorsement

Updated 09/02
19. Mitt Romney's Bain Experience and Job Creation Record

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Pedantic enforcement vs. explicit disenfranchisement

Yes, the intense IRS scrutiny of groups constituted abridgement of First Amendment rights and disenfranchisement. It could be argued that the IRS was merely enforcing its rules.

But what happened at the RNC was worse: dictating false voice votes (by script), and miscounting number of states with Ron Paul majorities.

It makes more sense from the standpoint of justice and firm case to call for Priebus' resignation based on the latter, although the moment of scandal may tip the scales toward utilizing the former.

IRS Reinstates ZOA as 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Organization


Morton Klein, President, Dr. Michael Goldblatt, Chairman, and David Drimer, National Executive Director, said, “We are gratified that the IRS has reinstated our long held tax exempt status. We also want to thank our friends and especially a great group of devoted ZOA employees who helped to expedite the resolution of this matter. A special thanks must be given to Mr. Tyler B. Korn, our brilliant and tireless tax attorney who gave freely of his time, energy, and wisdom to help resolve this situation.

"Give a man a gun, and he could rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he could rob the world."

Silly Question

OK I have a silly question - if not already asked -- I haven't read all the comments.

What job is it of Priebus's to care about the tea party?

We are not an arm of the GOP, and have nothing to do with them.

So, why would he care?

Jane Aitken, 35-Year Veteran Teacher
Ron Paul 2008 Consultant
GOP Woman of the Year 2009
Founder NH Tea Party Coalition (NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY FAKE 2009 GROUP)
Founder USPEINetwork @ Yahoo (Nat'l Edu Activism Group)
Board Coalition of NH Taxpayers

He will start caring if we can get a campaign going to FIRE him

He definitely deserves to be fired.

"In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all -- security, comfort, and freedom. When ... the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free."

In case anyone has forgotten...

“I think it’s pretty great that we’re totally unified, that we’ve got everybody on board, everybody happy,” Priebus said. “I can tell you, all week we’ve been spending a lot of good times with the Ron Paul folks and their campaign, having a good time even in our meetings where we’ve had some disagreements, but for the most part everybody sees eye to eye on the most important issues facing America.”


"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

MSNBC anchor : "Everybody knew about the IRS

(targeting Tea Party groups) well before the election."


So where was Priebus and where were Fox News on this, if everybody knew?

"In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all -- security, comfort, and freedom. When ... the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free."

Staying on Target

Yes, Reince Priebus, Mitt Romeny, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Saul Anuzis and a whole deluge of republicans right here in my home state of Texas should have been out of the party years ago since they don't act like Republicans let alone have a Conservative credential to their name.

But your argument about Reince Priebus went way off target as a rant about Mitt Romney. We know he shouldn't have been our nominee, but if you are trying to be persuasive, you need to keep the context about Reince Priebus, not the loon they tried to shove down our throat.

We as grassroots conservatives need to remain on track when all others don't. Not to dampen your writing or your enthusiasm, but if you wish to talk about Reince Priebus, the IRS and the targeting of Tea Party and Conservative activists, stick to the subject please

Since Romney was the main focus of Priebus

during the election I'd have to agree with the OP.

Showing what a terrible candidate he was is relevant.

I especially enjoyed the scandal about Romney and some of his fellow affluents beating up a nerd when he was young. Romney "Did not remember that"

I'm not a campaign manager or speech writer or head of the RNC but I could have come up with a better response.

Priebus did not "Drop the ball" during this election.

He was carrying it to perfection.

Sal Russo

Don't forget, Sal Russo (GOP consultant) and his fake Tea Party Express were admittedly created to water down the legit movement.

This is a man who said he was there to get the tea party to 'compromise' and that 'Mitt Romeny inspired us'.

Um NO!

Jane Aitken, 35-Year Veteran Teacher
Ron Paul 2008 Consultant
GOP Woman of the Year 2009
Founder NH Tea Party Coalition (NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY FAKE 2009 GROUP)
Founder USPEINetwork @ Yahoo (Nat'l Edu Activism Group)
Board Coalition of NH Taxpayers

You don't think it will help telling non Romney grass roots

about how Priebus and Fox News conned them?

"In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all -- security, comfort, and freedom. When ... the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free."

Non Romney Grass Roots

He needed to talk about Priebus not Romney.

95% of this was about Romney and mind you, it was very informative but not what the title suggests, Why Priebus should be forced to resign....that is what I meant about staying on target

Romney was a crock of sh!te with an absolutely appalling

track record.
Priebus KNEW that Romney was a crock of sh!te and couldn't possibly win.
Priebus pushed for Romney's nomination.
A significant amount of the blame for the GOP losing the election in 2012 was down to Priebus.
Priebus should of pushed for somebody else to be nominated.
Loser Romney should never have been able to get near the nomination - let alone get it.

A simple enough argument for non Ron Paul people to easily get.

"In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all -- security, comfort, and freedom. When ... the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free."

Get the word out on this and stir things up a bit

Get the word out to Ron Paul supporters and non Ron Paul supporters alike.

Hardly anyone in the GOP liked Romney, except the GOP Establishment and Fox News.

Ordinary GOP people were never told what Romney was really like - what a crock of sh!te Priebus and Fox News were really pushing.

Go tell Newt and Santorum supporters and any other GOP that supported someone else.
You got conned - big time.
By Priebus & Fox News.
Kick Priebus out.

Even Murdoch didn't like Romney.
He tried to get Petraeus to run.
We now know why Petraeus didn't want to run. He had dirty laundry that would of come out (it still did).

"In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all -- security, comfort, and freedom. When ... the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free."

Priebus is a clammy-handed, shifty little critter.

Why can't the party get a spokesperson who exudes any degree of savvy, confidence, intelligence, connection with / to *normal* people, on-the-ball-ness, whatever... ?

Is the GOP just a rusty, old, half-sunken empty hull of a barge in a lake of muck somewhere or what?!

How about armed "marches" to the GOP convention / state caucuses / etc. to prevent shenanigans?

Wait. Electronic voting. Shit. It's really all for nothing until we paper our votes again and hand count and verify count, etc. Drat.


What would the Founders do?

Where was this information in 2012?

Why did this get NO coverage anywhere but DP until now?

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Agenda 21

WE published an article on Romney's most draconian Agenda 21 program in Massachusetts and that his Romneycare people were helping to write Obamacare.

Jane Aitken, 35-Year Veteran Teacher
Ron Paul 2008 Consultant
GOP Woman of the Year 2009
Founder NH Tea Party Coalition (NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY FAKE 2009 GROUP)
Founder USPEINetwork @ Yahoo (Nat'l Edu Activism Group)
Board Coalition of NH Taxpayers

Few people helped.

There were some of us, but most people did not bother to help, even though we have asked countless times.

YOU can help this time. I have started a thread to prepare for 2016. If you come across ANYTHING, please post it here:


PS: That is not a debate thread, it is merely to post pertinent information.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

LR Website

I also wrote a piece warning about Paul Ryan that was on LR websitet.

Jane Aitken, 35-Year Veteran Teacher
Ron Paul 2008 Consultant
GOP Woman of the Year 2009
Founder NH Tea Party Coalition (NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY FAKE 2009 GROUP)
Founder USPEINetwork @ Yahoo (Nat'l Edu Activism Group)
Board Coalition of NH Taxpayers

We'll do to Rancid Precum

We'll do to Rancid Precum what we did before if necessary, F-ing weasel. I know you're reading this you little Nazi!

Alex Jones Caller: Ron Paul Revenge Voters For Obama 11/09/2012


Please re-upload this video on Youtube as it seems to be being Censored.