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Where the heck is Ron Paul?

I know there is a debate in FL tommorow night....but I see nothing on his campaign site about his where abouts. I see that Rand Paul his son is doing the Montana thing........but I see nothing about Ron Paul. I sure hope he is headed to Maine.

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thread about protest yesterday!

Good news, the MTP candidate forum is being cancelled

Apparently McCain, Romney and Huckster were going to debate on Meet the Press, but McCain dropped out due to scheduling so the whole "debate" is off. Ron is going to be in a different Florida debate which is still on.

I hope he is resting. Its pre-game.

Pre-game Florida.

We are in the fight of our lives in Florida. It is exhilarating.

Ron Paul will dominate AGAIN Thursday night.


I agree with the previous responses...

Give the guy a break. He needs rest just like everyone else.

I hope he is taking a nap

His health is essential.

Where's the Doc?

I hope he's been able to take a little time and get some rest! The guy runs his ass off, I'm 50 and I think I'd be hard pressed keeping up with RP. He deserves a day to just rest up and prepare. Maybe he's at home reading the Daily Paul today!

Hello Dr. Paul!!! I love you, man!

He should go to Maine and Florida

He should be dong at least some campaigning in Florida. I know Maine is imortant, though.