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ALERT - Rand Paul on "This Week" (ABC) today 10:00am est

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We Only Disagree on Immigration

I liked what I heard. Calling out Obama on a mismatch of words and deeds.
My only disagreement was his views on the undocumented.
Like Reagan I favor an amnesty with safeguards including
1) Border security 360 degrees. An attempt on Los Angeles Airport originated in Vancouver. More and more are coming in along the shorelines. So could the instruments of terrorism. How bad is it when a coyote only charges a couple hundred bucks for personal, 1:1 border smuggling.
2) Computerized visa management. Deport "student" not enrolled full time. Monitor workers visas. Require granting workers visas demonstrate a lack of compatible labor in America. So the computer industry won't hire cheaper foreign worker visa employees.
Gotta go.