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Fired for using the Spanish word: 'Negro' in Spanish class

One of the first lessons one learns in English class is that context is everything. The same holds true in Spanish.

Take the case of Petrona Smith. She says in a lawsuit that she was fired from teaching at Bronx PS 211 in March 2012 after a seventh-grader reported that she'd used the "N" word, according to The New York Post.


Smith doesn't deny using the word. But she argues that everyone uses it, when speaking Spanish. She was teaching the Spanish words for different colors, and the color "black" in Spanish is "negro." She also taught the junior high school students, in this bilingual school, that the Spanish term for black people is "moreno." And by the way, Smith, who is from the West Indies, is black.

Context is everything.

More: http://news.yahoo.com/fired-word-negro-spanish-class-1350169...

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Black and white, not.

I have yet to see a black person, very dark brown perhaps, but never truly black.
Just shades of brown.
Auburn hair
Bole (color)
Bronze (color)
Brown hair
Buff (colour)
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Citrine (colour)
Coffee (color)
Copper (color)
Cordovan (color)
Desert sand (color)
Drab (color)
Fallow (color)
Fawn (colour)
Indian red (color)
Isabelline (colour)
Lion (color)
Liver (color)
Mahogany (color)
Maroon (color)
Mummy brown
Talk:Orange (colour)
Pullman brown
Russet (color)
Rust (color)
Seal brown
Sepia (color)
Tan (color)
Tawny (color)
Wheat (color)

Este es un día negro para

Este es un día negro para sociedad inteligente.

they probably

saw this as a quick way to make a buck.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

Is anyone surprised?

This is what happens when you let ignorance rule society. Even the word nigger had legitimate meaning before it was hijacked by ignorance. But that is how our society is and it doesn't look like it is going to change any time soon.


Thank you for not perpetuating the kindergarten version - "the 'N' word".