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Have I Found the IRS Audit List?

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It would cost 45 dollars

to ask 100 of them. The results might be pretty cool.

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I have a friend who hasn't

I have a friend who hasn't filed in 5 years. He does not get any income that is reported on 1099s.. They've never come looking for him or asking him to file. I wonder how long he can go on?

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Let me just say this: I am

Let me just say this: I am on that list, and the IRS conveniently lost my 2007 and 2010 tax returns and are saying they are witholding my 2012 return because of it. This never happened to me before, and i electroically files, and they accepted both returns, so i know they are lying.

I only print and file my

I only print and file my returns. My return is usually pretty complex and is somewhere between 50 and 100 pages when printed out.

They may have some sort of scanning technology now that allows them to scan my pages and have it electronically entered into their system...or maybe they still have data entry people entering it by hand. Or, maybe when it's real complex with 100 pages, they only enter data from the important forms (1040/Schedule A,C, etc) I don't know.

What I do know...I'm not going to do anything to make their job quicker or easier. The harder you make it for them to obtain the data, the more it costs them. If it's fast and easy for them to process, the more resources they have for audits.

That's my theory anyway. Anything to slow down the machine.

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Good point, I like it!

Good point, I like it!