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How about a good news story from Smudge Pot?

This might be one of my worst stories yet. I'm in a state of shock.

To set the stage my "kids" are not my biologicals and me and my Chief rescued them and mom from an abusive relationship that looked like it was gonna go lethal.

For the first 2 years of our "marriage" I was not a husband and a father but rather a full time on site armed security guard. It was bad business, biker gangs involved. Very seriously dangerous situation. I am now given to know that not only was there "contracts" but I still have one on me outstanding.

But the kids did not like me at first. I was the bad news man. And life was tough. In fact, it sucked. It wasn't fair to these kids and the only thing that made it through their "nurturing gap" was my folks just took them into their hearts and just poured love on them.

But meanwhile momma and me are going through this wicked nasty contested divorce in court and we got a hundred hairy Harley apes doing drive byes daily and glowering at me. And here's little old me and my dog saying "we'll take you all and win".

A certain amount of bravado is called for in certain situations.

And being in contested divorce, all assets are frozen, all mobility is restricted, we couldn't walk away but we couldn't stay. It's like being hog tied. You can't make a move but the court is involved. And in contested divorce the court not only gets involved, they stick their heads right up your tucas and have a good look around. All dirty laundry is magnified, taken to utter beyond extremes, just over played until it's dead cold and in the ground AND THEN YOU DIG IT BACK UP AND DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN.

As a relationship? All that stress? We never had a chance. Momma's and my "relationship" if a salvage op. It's a disaster. Much burdens on both sides. Seems I was a perfect warrior but did not make stellar marks as a dad. And at one point I had to walk away, job done, I don't need to be here anymore but I was not sure. I was not sure.

Was this all worth it?

I was just informed that this man, the bad man, he is waiting till daughter's 18th birthday and he's gonna pay me a visit.

Why wait till daughter's 18th birthday? I know why. He intends to kill me and he figures he'll be in jail for the rest of his life and he wants to see his daughter turn 18. And then he will go to jail. For killing me.

Know what? I signed up for this job and I knew the potential consequences. That really don't bother me, the man that kills me is doing me a favor.

But I have carried this burden of doubt. Was this all worth it? Did we accomplish anything?

Well this morning, this lovely morning I wake up to a Skype that basically says I want to rip off your testes and cram them down your throat.

Oh hi honey, long time no talk, you OK?

And I wade through the ack-ack and finally smoother her down, honey what's the problem now? And she starts talking. And talking. And talking. For 3 hours and 20 minutes. And all that time, all I heard was good news.

Son has taken over what little we had to give him for a family business. He is utterly motivated. It's doing great.

Daughter has a modeling career started. She's in Sanfran right now on a shoot. She just got back from Europe.

The relationship between momma and the kids is restored. They were poisoned against her at one point when father's family tried to take control of them. THAT IS THE MAJOR SCORE, THAT'S WHY WE DID THIS, SO THAT MY WOMAN WOULD BE RESTORED TO HER CHILDREN. It was destroying all of them and it had to stop.

Son is still a virgin and all these gals want him but he's saving himself.

Ex wife is moving into the town next door WITH MY CHIEF, MY POLICE CHIEF and now I will never ever again have to worry about her safety SHE IS BETTER PROTECTED THAN THE POTUS.

They still have some of the silver and gold i gave them. In fact they have ALL OF THE SILVER because they understand that this is hereditary and they are the 5th generation to hold it.



How often does that happen?

And I asked momma, do you have any regrets?

She said no. Wouldn't trade it for the world. It was worth it. It was not a mistake. There were reasons and we got them all nailed. Kids and her have such a close relationship other kids come to her for advice. Kids are like "you got a problem? Maybe my mom can help".

I can't describe how I feel right now. Part joy, part relief and a BOATLOAD OF VINDICATION. And now I realize I have made a lifetime accomplishment, I can stand before my ancestors with my head held up.

And I am so grateful to my ancestors from whom...well when they asked what kind of help I needed I told them just to send me ALL OF THE HELP. WE NEED ALL AND EVERY TYPE OF HELP WE CAN GET DOWN HERE, ANCESTORS PLEASE LOOK DOWN UPON US WITH FAVOR AND HELP US WHERE WE ARE.

But now here we are. Everybody is alive so far. Nobody went to jail. We actually managed to give the kid a bit of a small business and they are working it even better than we did. They have a toe hold in this world. We gave them a start. Unbelievably, this was the plan. It's actually working. They are off to a good start.

Now here's me and for various reasons at one point it was time for me to unplug. Part of this is their natural father has realized some of his mistakes and he wants relationship with his children.

I had to go to make room for that. "Make room". Old native concept. Some things have to go in order for other things to be and I want the kids to have relationship with their natural father. This is right and correct and upright. But I had to walk. With nothing. No money. No business. I had given everything to this family. I had nothing left for me.

But to hear it was worth it. It wasn't a waste of my time. It wasn't a fantasy, oh no it was a nightmare but it was freaking real. And it worked.

I can't believe it freaking worked. Everything was stacked against us. And a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

Now it just seems that I can mark my calendar, that date should read "daughter's 18th birthday" but instead it reads "kill smudge pot day".

Hey, I knew what I was doing when I took this assignment, I did so willingly and in fact nobody was gonna stop me from doing this job, and that's what it was at first, a job to protect/defend and I knew perfectly well that this guy is a badass nasty biker. So now I got this little date with death in the future. I'm a marked man.

Does it worry me a lot? Not really. If he kills me it don't change anything at this point. Momma and kids are ok. We made it. Now I have something to bring to my ancestors and our name will live. OYATE YANIPIKTELO! THE PEOPLE SHALL LIVE. And I just got a boatload of good news, enough to last me a lifetime, more good news than I have ever got cumulatively in my life.

That just happened to me. Today. Right here.

Now here's how you guys can help. I am making a record of the fact that my ex-woman's ex husband has expressed a specific credible threat on my life and he has attacked not only a time and date but he has said that he will come to my town to make effective his attack. And I want it known that I have no beef with this man. I wish him to live and have a relationship with his children. Having recently lost my father I know how important it is to have the air cleared so that there is no burden of guilt and shame. But it just so happens he wants to kill me.

How can we blame him? From his perspective I TOOK EVERYTHING HE HAD. I took his wife, I took his children, I took and inhabited his house and me and Chief systematically attacked his support network. I beat him. Badly. And I never laid a single finger on him. Thing is he's a bad nasty biker criminal but we allowed him to believe certain things and I was actually "hooked up with cops". My Chief is like an uber-cop. So basically we were able to make them more scared of us than we were of them.

It was a job I believed with all of my heart had to be done. Put my life right on the line, front line, face me now if you dare.

But until today I really had no firm idea, was that truly the right thing to do?

Yes. It was the right thing to do. Momma says so and so do the kids.


And I want this on record. If this man kills me (which I doubt I'm gonna let him but if he does), I am at peace. I am OK with this. Don't even worry about avenging me my beloved people, this fight will end for sure then and there's no follow up required, it's not gonna be a problem, it's not your problem, it never was and very soon there's not gonna be any problem.

We solved the problems. Everything that happens from here is a resolution.

I thank you for listening and for your support and if we have cause to do it again? I'm in. I'd do it a thousand times again.

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Sometimes doing the tuff things

Come out coup, and that's what you did to this man. You counted coup on him, over and over. First people say he owes you his life for not taking it, but you never said if he was people or not. I say you restored his life by taking his coup, for family is the life.
It's sad he is so filled with the nearsightedness of anger that he can't see the blessings you done for him. You saved not only his life literally, but his wife's and children's too.
No matter, who knows if you get breath untill " kspd " or not anyway, right? So go on doing what's right, and let each day go by being enjoyed. Too many people live in fear instead of walking past it, so far you've done well in this, don't stop now.
You either have faith or you don't, what's your heart telling you, seems like the one you've got works well, listen to it.

I may be only 1/32 First people and a Christian, but I've listen by the fire as the elders spoke wisdom, maybe you have too?

God Bless

Drew, by the very grace of GOD through the blood of Christ Jesus.
"there shall come after us men whom shall garner great wealth using our system, and having done so shall seek to slam the door of prosperity behind them." George Washington

I'm happy things worked out for your family.

It's awesome that you've given so much and that it's payed off... I understand you could die a happy man, but there really is no reason to loose smudge pot anytime soon... what is the date of this fateful day?

I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.

yeah gotta love that nuance

I'll tell you as the date approaches but I got this popup notification set on my calendar and it was gonna say "Daughter's 18th Birthday" but now it's "kill smudge pot day".


Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.