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It Would Have Been a Beautiful Holiday in Florida, Instead We Got the Chemtrail Slam: Updated

Geo-engineering in my neck of the woods of SW Florida has been fairly light the past few weeks, but today we got the Chemtrail Slam. Forget the beach and the golf course. I don't go outside at all on days like today.

Is this punishment for the Worldwide March on Monsanto yesterday?

They sure know how to ruin a beautiful holiday weekend in SW Florida.

They started first thing at sunrise yesterday morning and today Monday Memorial Day morning.

H2O vapor contrails don't filth up our skies.

Trimethylaluminum jet fuel additives do.

Thank you very much assholes.

I'm just elated the cold snap caused by the Grand Solar Minimum is ruining the NE US and Jersey Shore holiday weekend.

What are the skies like in your neck of the woods?

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Ghost Riders in the Sky


“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Something strange here in the NJ sky this morning.

Stepped outside shortly after I got up and saw a beautiful blue sky, with no clouds whatsoever. About an hour later, I went back outside and the sky was no longer blue. It was almost like a dark shade of periwinkle and, again, not a cloud to be seen. It was weird looking. Just went outside again, before commenting here, and the sky is turning back to blue again but, where there were no clouds in the dark periwinkle, there are fading chemtrails streaking across the area. In the nice, blue parts, chemtrails are now being actively sprayed.

After a weekend of rain, I can't say I will be spending a whole lot of time outdoors today. Too much poison in the air... more than normal.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

They start out spraying at

They start out spraying at about 6AM and by 9AM when most people wake up and look outside, people just think that gray sky is normal. Nobody thinks anything about it and people can't see them continuing to spray because of the overcast they have already laid.

I saw some news this morning from the Jersey Shore where I up grew up and noticed the sky was putrid just like here in Florida today.

What started out as a clear

What started out as a clear sky moderate temperature blue sky day is now a cloud covered day with cooler temperatures and natural cloud cover taking over. At least it will save me some money on my air conditioning bills here in SW Florida. Never the less, I won't be going out in that toxic soup today.

I sent this article in an

I sent this article in an email to my county commissioner.

The problem goes WAY beyond chemtrails!!

Is there chemtrail spraying in the U.S. and around the world? Certainly. But, beyond that, the earth is losing its atmosphere. The balance of nature is way off kilter and all natural ecosystems are being destroyed.

There is a microscopic mystery substance, possibly a gas, which has saturated every square inch of the earth's atmosphere. The properties of the "substance" are 1) flammable, which is why all fires and flames now burn hotter, more intensely, and spread quicker. 2) highly reflective, which is why shadows and sun-glares are more intense. The reflectiveness could indicate the substance is metallic in nature . 3) Imitates ice crystals, which is why rainbows are no longer exclusively in the sky, but in your street lights and stadium lights, in your garden hose mist, and even near the ground in your car headlights. 4)Highly conductive and electrically charged, which is why lightning occurs so easily now and does not require any supporting weather conditions.

This substance also causes clouds and innocent airplane contrails to linger and spread apart. Therefore, skies everywhere on Earth appear to be "chemtrail" skies, even when NO SPRAYING has taken place. Perfect example is St. Lucia, the tiny island where I live. There is no spraying going on here, yet a visitor might come here, look at the sky at any time, and conclude that the St. Lucian sky and atmosphere has definitely been tampered with. I live less than a mile from the international airport. I see all the planes taking off and landing. They are not spraying, yet they leave lingering trails.

Is the destruction of the earth's atmosphere CAUSED by chemtrails? Are the chemtrails in itself the mystery substance? As extensive as the chemtrail program has been, I don't believe it has been enough to saturate the entire earth's atmosphere. There is something else at play here, larger than chemtrails. It is likely that the combination of many geoengineering and weather modification programs such as chemtrails and HAARP has played a major role, and the resultant "holes" in the earth's atmosphere have allowed space weather and harmful solar particles to enter, penetrate, and saturate the earth's atmosphere.
The earth is also losing its magnetic field, though its impossible to determine to what extent this is due to man's tampering or due to natural phenomena beyond our control.

I base my observations on many years of interest in the subject. Through personal observation and extensive research, it has become apparent that the long-term sustaining of life on earth is extremely questionable. I have studied satellite photos of the weather on earth every three hours for the last 10 years. The changes in weather patterns are obvious to the trained eye. Jet streams and ocean currents have changed course, and weather systems are so large, anomalous or freakish that it can only be described as huge disturbances in the earth's atmosphere. The results of course are extreme weather globally and severe threats to the global food crop and sustaining of local, regional or global ecosystems.

The "substance" could be tested. It is in soil everywhere. It is in rain everywhere. It is on your clothes, on your body. I would love to know what it is. It could possibly be methane, since the methane leaks from ocean beds have been massive in recent years. But the mainstream media would never let us know if its methane, because methane expulsion on a grand scale would mean human extinction, and they can't have us panic.

I don't mean to minimize the importance of chemtrails. Geoengineering is evil, destructive and should be criminalized. My point is simply that many times people falsely identify what they believe to be "chemtrails", when in reality what they see is NOT actually chemtrails but symptoms of a global, atmospheric destruction which is more serious than most people want to believe.

This is a very interesting subject

Are there any websites or books that explain this theory more? Would 'underground bases/cities' be safe from such a catastrophe?

That may explain what I saw this morning.

Didn't read your comment until after I posted mine above. The change in color from clear blue to a muddy periwinkle, could well have been caused by some "metalllic substance". It was not normal, even with the subsequent chemtrails.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

It's the Grand Solar Minimum

It's the Grand Solar Minimum doing it. Have you ever heard of the CERN Cloud Experiment?

They sure know how to ruin a

They started first thing at sunrise yesterday morning and today Monday Memorial Day morning.

H2O vapor contrails don't filth up our skies.

Trimethylaluminum jet fuel additives do.

Thank you very much assholes.

The Seattle area gets hit often.

It really sucks here.

They're spraying us

They're spraying us relentlessly like we're insects.

I live in Arizona

We used to get around 300 clear blue sky days a year, not anymore. The F U C K E R S!!!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

MONTANA spraying--yes

It's happening FREQUENTLY, and it is quite distressing. The Local Weatherman does not deny it and said at a meeting and brought this up, and he said they "laughed at him". Some of the air traffic controllers are in denial. Very sad and helpless to do anything...just pass the word big-time is all I gotta say----tell everyone when it's happening to look up & to google it.

The GULF OF MEXICO is ruined with deformed shrimp, etc. JAPAN is partially ruined, along with the contaminated nuclear waste in the ocean, and the BP OIL spill with Obama ruining the ocean with dispersants poison--a completely unnecessary action! Obama refused help with oil-sucking tanks from other countries, so generously offered. THAT WAS IMPEACHABLE, IMO!

All these incidents, and this White House puts themselves on a pedestal to the world that they care about our environment. Not!

To look up and actively

To look up and actively deny chemical spraying personally, indicates mental retardation.

I'm just elated the cold snap caused by the Grand Solar Minimum is ruining the NE US and Jersey Shore holiday weekend.

Got lucky

in East Texas. Atmosphere too moist and volatile for spraying.

But, we should see something next week from the spraying in the Albuquerque area this week.

Geo-engineering ruined my

Geo-engineering ruined my holiday weekend.

Would someone please tell me

Would someone please tell me what this chemtrail phenomenon is all about? I am clueless. Are they trying to change the weather, kill people? What is the official explanation for the trails in the sky? military practice maneuvers? thanks!

well, spraying our skies is DANGEROUS

Because it hurts our atmosphere.... It's wrong because it's done in secrecy... Our politicians are silent on the issue....

At this point I would say the rich banking billionaire elitist cabal have lost their minds! It's as if they will not stop at anything to get what they want no matter what.... Even if it kills 80% of the people on earth, even if it kills them---they are that obsessed.

It's complete lunacy! The bottom line is that our government is totally out-of-control along with all the other governments of the world or at least most of them.

Keep waking people up! Never, never stop talking and do whatever you can to wake up the world.

My Friend's site from Florida

Geo-engineering Exposed

Watertown News Publishes Citizens Chemtrails Complaint in Sackets Harbor, NY

The official explanation;

The official explanation; It's just your imagination.

All over Lakeland today also.


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Maybe they know lots of

Maybe they know lots of people do outdoor activities on holiday weekends and they just want to give the sheeple some extra poison.

Phoenix was covered with chemtrails

Our cloudless blue skies are full...all weekend. The pictures of the Monsanto March in Phoenix show
trails all above them. We had an orange chemical sunset. It was truly awful.

yep i saw it too

there was several HUGE trails around 5pm over phoenix today

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