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Holiday Horror: 17 Shot, 6 Dead in "gun control capitol" Chicago

May 26, 2013 (CHICAGO) (WLS) -- At least 17 people have been shot over the Memorial Day weekend, and six of them died.

The most recent victim was a man shot on the Near North Side just before 3 a.m. Sunday. Chicago police say the 42-year-old victim was shot in the head in the 1000-block of North Branch Street.

Another man died after he was shot in the head in a possible drive-by Saturday night in the 7300-block of South Dorchester.

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I assume they are using

I assume they are using crossbows? No, that's not possible either, the Pope banned the use of crossbows, slings and bows against Christians in 1139.

Don't these people realize that murder is ILLEGAL?

Maybe they need better public service announcements in Chicago in this regard.

"Murder: Don't do it. It's the law."

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The Media

Won't air this one.


Grabbers last ditch effort before JUNE 9....( SHALL )


Isn't this a LONG WEEKEND, so

Isn't this a LONG WEEKEND, so shouldn't Monday count too?

The irony

The irony

Aren't guns illegal in

Aren't guns illegal in Chicago? Oh that's right, criminal's don't obey laws.

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What part of 'shall not be infringed' don't they understand?

How are cities like Chicago or states/places like NJ, CT, and D.C. able to do this?

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Even worse than that now: 40 shootings and 11 homicides.

[However, Emanuel has a plan and that is to target preselected businesses, like the never allowed to be used racial profiling. In this city, the equivalent of racial profiling will now be done.]

Chicago Shootings: 11 Dead, More Than 40 Hurt In Memorial Day Weekend Gun Violence
05/29/12 04:28 PM ET AP

CHICAGO — After an especially bloody weekend in Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the city's police commanders said Tuesday they have a new plan for combating street violence that includes going after liquor and convenience stores used by gang members as hangouts.

Emanuel, acknowledging the city's "unique gang problem," said the plan would merge the efforts of police and other agencies into a single front, focusing on businesses he called a "cancer" in troubled neighborhoods for their links to gang activity and other crime.

"Whether you are a problem business, a violent street corner, or a known drug market, we will go after you," Emanuel said, following a four-day holiday weekend that saw more than 40 shootings and 10 homicides.