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Funny question in my american govt. textbook


This was in my American Government textbook. Anybody know the answer? lol

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is "a lamb and two wolves voting on what to have for lunch" (Benjamin Franklin). Our collective misconception that we live in a democracy (as opposed to the Constitutional Republic that it is) is the result of a century-old campaign directed at our educational system by the major tax-free foundations (Carnegie, Ford and Rockefeller). That's not a theory, nor is it a joke. See: Norman Dodd, Reece Commission. As for the rest of the world, between the end of WWII and the 1st Gulf War the CIA has been involved in an average of one coup or intervention around the world per year, to keep totalitarian regimes friendly to US business in control of their countries.


Yes I can explain why democratization will revert to a more authoritarian regime.

The simplest explanation (because I want to go for lunch) is that Democracy presumes regulation by the majority and imposes their will on the minority. Law is seen as a means of correcting social wrongs and those laws must be enforced. Democracy regulates outside of its jurisdication, since everyone feels that the Law is theirs to command. The majority are rallied to vote for a social morality that regulates individual morality, this requires an ever expanding police state.

The laws exist beyond the initial scope of the legislators and perform immoral acts, including plunder and incarceration under the pretense that since it is law it must be just. This causes some individuals to resist the law, which causes society to react by creating stricter law, since the supposition of the majority is that Law is in itself just and right without question.

*Note: This is what makes the US so amazing, since the Constitution is designed to prevent the Rule of the Majority from imposing their version of social morality on individual communities. As the Constitution is eroded their is a prerequisite for an increased police state to control dissent amongst communities that do not agree with national policies.


I guess our education system isn't as bad as I thought it was.

Eric Hoffer



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