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Pope Francis takes aim at Mafia

Pope Francis takes aim at Mafia

CBS/AP/ May 26, 2013, 7:59 AM

VATICAN CITY Pope Francis has hailed a priest murdered by the Sicilian Mafia and urged mobsters to stop exploiting people in criminal rackets including prostitution.

The pontiff exhorted Mafiosi to change their ways, issuing the call Sunday, a day after the beatification of an Italian priest in Palermo who was slain in 1993 by mobsters after he defiantly preached against the Mafia in a neighborhood where Cosa Nostra held sway.

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Way to go Pope Francis, tell it like it is!

From Vatican Information service:
At the end of the Marian prayer, the Pope recalled Don Giuseppe Puglisi, priest and martyr, who was killed by the mafia in 1993 and proclaimed a blessed yesterday, Saturday 25 May.

“Don Puglisi,” he continued, “was an exemplary priest, especially dedicated to pastoral work with young people. Teaching them according to the Gospel, he snatched them away from a life of crime. For this [the mafia] tried to defeat him by killing him. In fact, however, he is the one who won, with the Risen Christ. I think of the many sufferings of the men and women, and even of children, who are exploited by the different mafias, who exploit them by forcing them into work that makes them slaves, with prostitution, and with many societal pressures. The mafias are behind this exploitation and slavery.”

“Let us pray to the Lord,” the Holy Father asked, “to convert the hearts of these people. They cannot do this! Brothers and sisters, they cannot make us slaves! We must pray to the Lord! Let us … praise God for Don Giuseppe Puglisi’s shining witness and let us treasure his example!”

I am Catholic but even if he

I am Catholic but even if he was not the Pope I would still be for denouncing and combating human trafficking. I think that anyone that speaks up for this issue is very valuable and resonates with humanity. The Google founders also put money into combating this horrible industry. Even some communists speak up against this horrendous situation.

I do not care that much about mental concepts, ideologies, feel well types, etc. etc. I do admire people that put their energy into these issues regardless of their background.

Good for Pope Francis

Now let's focus on cleaning up the Curia in the Vatican!

What is wrong with the Curia?

What is wrong with the Curia? Honest question, I do not know anything about it.