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Drug Testing Is Preposterous

I got a big problem with drug testing. Why? Because They technically are not drug testing you. They are plant testing you. Marijuana is the only drug that stays in your system for a long time. Do you wonder why? Because, your body actually likes it. If you took other drugs like prescription pills such as pain killers or cocaine, meth, LSD, etc. It would be out of your system in 24 hours. Why? Because your body doesn't want it. Your body is trying to get rid of it as quickly as it can. But with Marijuana it stays in your body because your body actually likes it, Even with alcohol. Look how fast you are shooting alcohol out of your system. It is obvious that your body is refusing it and wants it out! So my big Pet peeve is drug testing. If you smoke Marijuana it is almost impossible to find a job. So yes... the whole drug testing system is a sham, because a Heroine user could end up passing a drug test & a marijuana user couldn't under 24 hours. How sad huh?

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"A man should be judged by

"A man should be judged by the quality of his work, not the content of his piss..."

I disagree with drug testing, especially for employees that are not doing hazardous things liks desk jobs. From a free market perspective though, if you own a private company it is your right to drug test your employees. I would have a big problem if it was gov. mandated though.

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"We Have To Drug Test"

During the last two decades of the previous century I worked for a company that had a policy of pre-employment and "for cause" drug testing. The job was in Texas. Being a right to work state, the company had the right to make it a condition of employment. The program was accepted by all and the company functioned excellently.

At a later date the company decided to institute a policy of random drug testing. The company seemed to not want to lose any employees due to the program as it informed everyone that "in 30 days the testing would begin." While the change was presented as a safety issue, the company spokesman stated there was no reason to believe the job was unsafe because of drug use prior to the change.

It appeared the company was only interested in changing the off work behavior of the employees. When questioned about the need for the new policy the spokesman replied it was necessary because "a reasonably intelligent person could smoke marijuana every day and the company would not know it."


Should be tested once a month. Good money for the drug testing companies and if people have nothing to hide what is the problem?

The urine would also be screened for any other potential ailments. Professional athletes should be tested once a week along with all criminals.

This would create lots of jobs as well.

PS truck drivers are already random tested.


Why would we want to create

Why would we want to create jobs in the drug testing market lmao

drug testing

I recognize this is over the top.

Yet I really do not see much other prospects to create jobs, sadly.

It would probably be outsourced anyway ;)

Like I said truck drivers are already random tested so I am sure other jobs will most likely be too. Not that I agree with it but it seems like a sign of things to come.

I am puzzled how all that urine will be processed and warehoused and shipped?


Sometimes one can fail the test and get the job anyway...

If you're that good and they've already spent the money to train you for 8 weeks...

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.


Just because a company has drug testing, doesn't mean the person hiring you necessarily agrees with it, or uses it as a deal-breaker.

I tested positive for pot for a job I was going for in Florida, and got hired anyway because I was upfront about it.

Though I should note that most places in Florida aren't nearly as kind.

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The market manages this by evaluating actual risks.

Insurers would charge more for substances or procedures used that tend to increase risk and claims.

Employers will tend to reduce costs and liabilities.

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