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US Drone strikes have murdered as many in Pakistan and Yemen as died on 911

CBC News
Sat, 25 May 2013 06:55 CDT
predator drone

U.S. drone attacks have focused on Pakistan, peaking at an estimated 122 in 2010, though only 12 are believed to have occurred so far this year.
Decade-long air campaign peaked under Obama in 2010

President Barack Obama said Thursday that he will engage Congress in exploring a number of options for increased oversight of lethal drone strikes outside of war zones like Afghanistan.

The official U.S. figures of number of strikes and estimated deaths remain classified.

But, according to the New America Foundation which maintains a database of the strikes, the CIA and the military have carried out an estimated 416 drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen, resulting in 3,364 estimated deaths, including militants and civilians. The Associated Press also has reported a drone strike in Somalia in 2012 that killed one.

The think tank compiles its numbers by combining reports in major news media that rely on local officials and eyewitness accounts.

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