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Just watched Grapes of Wrath

and read about the historical details (on Wikipedia) depicted in the movie. What a difference being awakened by RP has made on how one interprets the events in the film.

Well worth the time.

Peace and liberty,


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Thank you. That was

Thank you.

That was interesting, I saw it before about 30 years ago. Only thing I all remembered was the pitiful truck filled with Oakies headed west. I missed a few things that time:

1. Finance caused the problem (original) along with bad farming practice caused by the "bubble". And brutal evictions (dosing houses).

2. Massive police state presence.

3. Check points to enter AZ and CA

4. Wildly out of control private security at homeless camps.

5. Police planting agent provocateurs to create a situation to enter.

6. Total slave laboring of people they know are hurting.

This was filmed in 1940. Go figure, and I saw it before - and never noticed. Check points were normal to me, lol.


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Have not seen that one yet

but am amazed at how movies I have seen before affect me so differently now when I see them again. I had seen "Ben Hur" a few times over the years but watched it around Easter time this year and it blew me away.

I will be sure to keep an eye out for that one, so thanks for posting.

its a great movie . I like

its a great movie . I like the line when mulely says "who do I shoot"?

I've found myself referring to that movie quite a bit...

...in particular, the dance scene, when talking about provocateurs planted in groups(protests for example) to cause trouble.

Like this... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZm-AL9uIPc

Love Steinbeck as an author...

...but not as a political commentator.

Where is the 1ink?

I need to watch it for the first time.