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Rand Paul: "Obamacare includes doctor diagnosis codes for injuries caused by turtles, macaws, burning water skis..."

Rand Paul claims Obamacare will include diagnostic codes for 'injuries sustained from a turtle, walking into a lamppost and burning water skis

By David Martosko

PUBLISHED: 13:22 EST, 27 May 2013 | UPDATED: 13:28 EST, 27 May 2013
In a little-noticed speech to the Iowa Republican Party this month, Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul mocked President Obama's signature health care overhaul, noting the 122,000 new medical diagnostic codes doctors will have to use in order to inform the government about injuries sustained by Americans.

Those codes, said Sen. Paul, a medical doctor himself, include line-items for 'injuries sustained from a turtle,' 'walking into a lamppost' and 'injuries sustained from burning water skis.'

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Rand Paul "There's TWO New Injury Codes Under ObamaCare For Injuries Sustained From A Turtle!"

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I worked at the national headquarters of an insurance company...

two cube farms over from the coding department. Their job was to make sure that the proper procedure codes were used in relation to the diagnosis code provided. Codes were broken down for, as an example, burn first degree, burn second degree, etc. Funny thing is, consideration of how much treatment was going to cost and how much would be covered didn't seem to affect what the provider chose for treatment. The coding comes after the fact and just makes for more work for the insurance company. In other words it doesn't matter if there is a code for animal bite: reptile: turtle or just animal bite - the actual treatment will be the same.

What a pointless cluster...

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I'm confident it's not pointless

The insurance industry wrote the Obamacare law. There's got to be a profit motive in these codes, as well as in the rest of the law.

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From what I see the insurance companies just made their jobs

more difficult and time consuming.

And of course more work equals more pay. For them. From the government. For doing busy work they invented for themselves.

What a great racket - I want back in.

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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