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"We are so pleased you Americans are amused by what Russia Today says about you." - The Queen

Her Majesty, the Queen Elizabeth II ~ Heading up 15 of the richest heads of state, around the world. Won't you do yourself a favor you come be my subject. Travel the world. See the fine accouterments that befit royalty. Come now, follow a better class of leadership... A royal bloodline.

You cannot fathom royal wealth. Take my cruise around the world. Peruse the wealth collection of the 15 most "legally tendered" heads of state around the world.

If you cannot take the world wealth cruise I am offering you, please see the travelling carnival show as it visits your town in American.
Russia Today: How 47% of Congress Became Millionaires See Russia's perspective on how decadent your government is. Come be my subjects. Allow that I may take you as my charges... and treat you to the life of a royal subject. Much better than your awful peasant ruling classmates, I should think. -

Sincerely, Queen Elizabeth II

O-Bamopoly (Click on Your Ruler's Board game for 'Hope & Change.' Click again to enlarge your share.)
Are you are a home-body. Do you prefer staying home? Playing board-games? Here is our complimentary copy of O-Bamopoly. Learn how your peasant common rulers have taken advantage of you.

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Good stuff, Mr. Twain.