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Sandy Hook Internet Activist Arrested

"An independent investigator from New York was arrested for asking state officials questions and discussing the investigation on YouTube. His bail is set at $50,000."

"Activist Jonathan Reich has been charged with making threats to state officials , particularly medical examiner Wayne Carver, after allegedly calling his office and questioning the official Sandy Hook narrative.

Perhaps more importantly, he posted YouTube videos in which he pointed out Dr. Wayne Carver’s strange behavior and irritability when being asked questions on the day of the shooting. Not only that, but since his arrest, his YouTube account has been suspended."


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The dude sounds crazy...

I found the video on YouTube of Jonathan Reich calling the medical examiner's office. He sounds like a nut. As if the cheesy voice disguiser wasn't enough, he then goes on to issue ultimatums. If he did this on other occasions, I'm not surprised by his arrest at all.

Police state strides forward

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it is the progression of

it is the progression of tyranny.

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Disturbing - bumping for awareness

When you corner a psycho with the truth, it's a very dangerous place to be. They will wriggle away like a snake if given the option. However, if they're in a position to do harm to you, they will. They translate exposure as a threat.

This guy is tangling with the CT system that recently passed special legislation to sweep this Sandy Hook bizarreness under the rug. He kept pushing and they no likey.