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Illinois Teacher May be Fired for Reminding Students of their 5th Ammendment Rights Before a Survey


John Dryden, a social studies teacher from Batavia, IL, informed his class of their Constitutional rights. And now... he may be fired. This was just before the students were given a survey regarding their behavior. Included were questions about drug, alcohol and tobacco use as well as students' emotions.

"Dryden told some of his students April 18 that they had a 5th Amendment right to not incriminate themselves by answering questions on the survey, which had each student's name printed on it."

"The survey is part of measuring how students meet the social-emotional learning standards set by the state."

"The results were to be reviewed by school officials, including social workers, counselors and psychologists"

"Dryden said it was just "dumb luck" he learned about the contents. He picked up surveys from his mailbox about 10 minutes before his first class. Seeing students' names on them, unlike past surveys, he started reading the 34 questions."

After seeing the content of the survey, it made him think he really should remind his students of their rights. That they don't have to incriminate themselves. He had also just been through reviewing The Bill of Rights with his classes as well. It was only fitting, it seems

There is currently an online petition on Facebook, where current and former students are showing their support.

"They've been collecting signatures on an online petition, passing the word on Facebook, sending letters to the school board, and planning to speak at Tuesday's school board meeting."

"Students and parents have praised his ability to interest reluctant students in history and current affairs."

Here's a little something about MHS or Multi Health Systems Inc., the company responsible for writing the survey

Multi Health Systems (MHS INC.) is located in Toronto, Canada. Established in 1983, MHS INC. is recognized as a leading publisher of innovative scientific assessments and is committed to assisting qualified individuals in improving lives and communities through the use of its products. With a strong presence in the United States and Canada, MHS INC. sells psychological assessments to 81 countries worldwide, offering products in 22 different languages. MHS’ tools help parents obtain proper treatment for their children, assist justice systems in keeping dangerous criminals off the streets, and aid corporations, police forces, and the military in selecting ideal candidates.


Parents and Teachers are outraged
Here is a link to support an online petition supporting John Dryden

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