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Louisiana Republican Caucus -- UPDATE 2 minutes ago

Louisiana Republican Caucus
January 23rd, 2008

Although Louisiana holds a presidential primary on February 9, the Republican Party chooses its delegates to the national convention with a two-step caucus/convention system. The first round was held on February 22, when approximately 10,000 Louisiana Republicans turned out to vote in eleven different cities for delegate to the state convention. Each U.S. House district chose 15 delegates.

It appears that Ron Paul supporters outnumbered the supporters of any of his opponents. But since this was predicted, the supporters of Rudy Giuliani, Mike Huckabee, John McCain, and Mitt Romney, cooperated to set up a “fusion” slate of unpledged candidates for Delegate. The “fusion” slate, labeled the “Pro-Life/Pro-Family” slate, beat the Ron Paul slate in each of the 7 U.S. House districts. Formally, the “fusion” slate billed itself as an “uncommitted” slate, and no one really knows how many supporters of each presidential candidate are on the fusion slate, except the campaigns themselves.


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Delegates ran on the Pro-life slate also ran on John McCain's slate and thus when someone voted for Pro-life those votes went to McCain??So he basically got a shot at two different slates???Giving him double the chances.

Choice Quote from LAGOP

I smiled when I read this...

from: Republican Party of Louisiana Chairman Roger F. Villere, Jr

"I left the caucus with a renewed commitment to promote our core Republican principles of limited government and individual freedom, thanks to the zeal displayed by Congressman Paul's Louisiana supporters," Villere said.

We ARE making a difference!
Keep up the "ZEAL"!!!

Has everyone forgotten

I stayed up very late the night of the LA Caucus. The results coming in from people who were there all showed a RP victory! Even the other candidates web-sites were talking about the RP turn out and how we won it. I remember one person saying that there was _not_ much support for Romney at all!
What is going on?

Mathew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

I think there should be a Headline

"GOP Makes Third Party Run in LA"

Baton Rouge, LA - After failing to convince Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul to make a third party run by constantly asking him if he would make a third party run, the GOP finally decides to lead by example and create a third party for the LA caucus. The remaining GOP canidates conspired to create a "Pro-life/Pro-family" ticket consisting of delegates who were also on individual canidates tickets to dilute the vote by tricking the stupid people in LA to believe Ronald Reagan was still alive. Unfortunately, there is a lot of stupid people in LA who are still living in 1980 (highest mullet count per capita in the Union) and wound up inadvertantly voting for John McCain delegates instead giving him the lead in the causus.

That is hilarious

Thank you.

Ron Paul wins LA GOP Caucus - Natchitoches, Winn, Sabine parish

I helped out Ron Paul's table at Tuesday's caucus in Natchitoches. Andrew Axsom is the state wide coordinator and he had red, white and blue balloons, lots of signs and the most supporters to show up. I got there early and stayed until votes were counted.

Because we were the smallest caucus - Natchitoches, Winn, and Sabine parishes, and there were so few people who voted, I could see what went on. The only other table was for Romney. (no baloons or signs) Royal Alexander was giving out Romney ballots. He is fresh off a race for LA Attorney General, which he lost, but his name and picture have saturated the media for a long time. He was also a top delegate in vote count.

There were NO "Win one for the Gipper" ballots anywhere on the premises.

I find it interesting that the only caucus site where there were no Reagan ballots, Ron Paul won 11 out of the 15 slots.

I've heard that after provisional ballots are counted, RP will probably have a first place statewide.

Ronald Reagan


I was in district 7. The original slate with Ronald Reagan was found at a site www.gatortesting.net I hope they haven't blocked that site again for Ron Paul users. The slates were Ron Paul and another slate titled undecided prolife/profamily slate which was had the same names as the candidates with Ron Pauls delegates and alternates removed.Their slates did not have Ronald Reagan name or pictures like it did on the Gatorworks web site. But the slate was cropped and only 3/4 size letter size paper. As for the stupid people in Louisana, we did not expect this, and I wonder if that is what happend in other states. I am confident in the "counting". But to be a delegate or alternate we had to be a registered Republican by Nov. 30, 2007. When the voters showed up the Polls only had list that were varified to Nov. 2, 2007. So all voters who became Republicians during the month of Nov. were said to be provisional and their votes did not count. This is being looked into at this time. I believe that the GOP does not want Ron Paul and they compiled the list with all the other candidates names to have delegates for whoever may win. I feel that this is not fair. I have been a republician for 30 years and feel that they may lose people if they don't even believe in democracy. This is Louisiana but I thought with our new governor Jindel, things would be different and the good old boys would be gone.

I hope all other states learn from our mistakes.


Great news

thank you!!!!!!!


There is life at the end of the tunnel my friends!

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

woo hoo!!

woo hoo!!

our delegates

this lists the delegates for each district and the votes they received the highlighted names are our delegates. The roughly first fifteen are the pro-neocon pro-war slate. As you can see if the provisional ballots are mostly for Dr. Paul and they actually add them then we should get several more delegates.

at least call it the NEOCON slate

Sheesh. Pro-life/Pro-Family?

I think Ron Paul fits the Pro-life category...

As well, with 18 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild, that's certainly pro-family as well.

McCain came in 1st, Ron Paul 2nd...

According to this, many of the people on the pro-life/pro-family slate were delegates that were also running on John McCain's slate of delegates... it did say that Ron Paul won the second highest number of delegates... Romney came in 3rd in spite of the fact that he campaigned in Louisiana more than any other GOP candidate...


Also, the fact that the results are still unofficial because they haven't counted all the provisional ballots is a good sign because there were only 650 provisional ballots in the entire state, meaning that some of the contests were very close. According to LRC, it's possible that most of the provisonal ballots are for Dr. Paul:


Christians hate Socialism

It would be funny if there was some law...tucked somewhere... that said if candidates decide to fuse, they must run on one ticket for the remainder of the election. So now, we would have 1 candidate with three VP's vs. RP. I would really find that hilarious.

Republicans, just remember...
You are against big government. And as a Republican, you wouldn't vote for legislation that undermines the Constitution. Right-to-Life is an ethical stance you may have and you are a good person for living up to it. However, you... WE... have no right to enforce our Christian beliefs on those that do not feel the same way. Doing so would be Socialism. And Christians overwhelmingly hate socialism.

Our country was founded on God-given rights. Our Constitution guarantees their protection.

Here's my tally for District 6

The list here is from the Republican Party in LA:
Based on the two pages listing Ron Paul delegates for this district, it looks like here we picked up 8 alternate delegates, since lines 23-30 are all Ron Paul people.

Someone check my work. I hope we can get the rest of the districts totaled so we can know what the state total is for delegates and alternates.

3rd party

Even if we go 3rd party Dr. Paul needs to stay in this one to get his name recognition up! More and more people are learning about him being in the Republican party. How much mainstream media you think he would receive if he was not? NONE! Perot got alot because he bought it. At least Dr. Paul is in debates and can stir things up and get noticed. I was around when Dr. Paul ran last time and until this past May I had never heard of him. People who don't like politics have to know his name for him to win, and right now they don't. Look at the average voter age, > 45. Those are on the average not people who sit on their computers and blog all day about politics.....they go to work, come home, check their emails, and sit and watch TV. If you have kids then you have even less time to research candidates. So with that being said, who would you vote for? hhmmmm the only guys on the TV are...McCain, Romney, Huckleby.....but I only know McCain because he has been campaigning before. So for us to get our message we have to take it to people. Thats why the precinct leader idea is great.
Just my thoughts on the 3rd party run.

No 3rd Party...It's do or die!!!!

Ron Paul said he will not run as a 3rd party. It takes a lot of work and a lot
of money. Even Ross Perot who ran as a 3rd party with all his billions
could not get on the ballot of all the States. Plus, they will not include
him in the debates and his message will not get out.

I think the best tool we have when we go door-to-door is the DVD
"America: Freeedom to Fascism" it speaks for it's self. We should ask them to see the video before they make a decison. I don't see why with all our resources we have, and all our people al



don't forget

Louisiana was the home of Huey Long (wikipedia him sometime), the figure for whom Sinclair Lewis's "It Can't Happen Here" (a Dr. Paul favorite) was based.

Crooked politics in Louisiana?....... never. lol.

"Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together."
-Dwight D. Eisenhower

"Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together."
-Dwight D. Eisenhower

In Louisiana???

Nah! Couldn't happen!! ;)

Seriously, let's just relax. We might yet win with provisional ballots.

Libertarian Nomination

We need to stop wasting time in the Republican Party....

It's time for a Libertarian draft...

Hillary vs McCain vs Bloomberg vs Paul

vs McKinney vs Nader?

The problem of course is that no one will vote 3rd party especially after the Nader disaster of 2000. Everyone votes out of fear instead of for the best candidate. We need Instant-Runoff-Voting before anyone will consider voting 3rd party again:

You think there's any chance Ron Paul would ever get behind Instant Runoff Voting?


"Why third parties should stay away from IRV (Instant Runoff Voting)"

IRV (Instant Runoff Voting) leads to locked-in 2-party domination, just like the old plurality voting system. So if third parties think IRV will solve their problems, they are wrong. Why should they expend a great deal of effort trying to enact IRV, when it'll only gain them in the end... nothing?

Duverger holds both in plurality systems and in the IRV voting system. (These are the IRV countries: Ireland, Australia, Malta, and with the recent addition of Fiji. All are 2-party dominated in IRV seats, despite having systems that would seem more multi-party-genic than the USA would be under IRV. You can also check this mathematical proof or see this IRV⇒2-party-domination explanation based on an example from Adam Tarr.)

Just remember this ....

those "Republicans" who deem us unworthy of "their" party will be on their knees in November begging for our vote as they watch the Grand Old Party go down in flames.

Indeed. And if Dr. Paul

Indeed. And if Dr. Paul does not run independently (assuming he does not win the nomination, which I won't rule out unless someone else gets to 1191 delegates), then I will be voting for whoever the Democrats throw up there, even if it is Hillary. Just to spite those bastards.

Vote for Hillary???????

Don't you know those bastards own both sides.

I think the best tool we have when we go door-to-door is the DVD
"America: Freeedom to Fascism" it speaks for it's self. We should ask them to see the video before they make a decison. I don't see why with all our resources we have, and all our people al

good fortune here

with my GOP people they are open to hearing what I have to say about Ron Paul and if we will all be respectful I believe we can win a lot of support from inside the established GOP people base.

The Revolution Continues at http://nationbuilder.org


we fight through Super-tuesday, states after super tuesday are also good for RP too.

plus if he goes 3rd party, hes gotta go constitution-libertarian-reform-green

hes gotta take home all 3rd parties.

Hows about "Liberty Party"

a new Party, nobody votes for the constitution-libertarian-reform-green
parties anyway

Bad things happen to good people and everything has a purpose.

Another nobody supporting Ron Paul

For more than 20 years, the Libertarian Party has extended a hand of friendship to Dr. Paul, and he has reciprocated regularly. I voted for him in 1988 when he ran as a Libertarian. Many of us have redirected time and money we normally would have devoted to the LP to working for the Paul campaign

The logic of trying to start a new party from scratch that will be little more than a vanity party for one candidate escapes me. The LP has ballot status throughout the country, is a good match for his views, and has the infrastructure for new activists to use to advance the cause of liberty through November and beyond.

The Libertarian Party is the only party that has ever had the intelligence to nominate Dr. Paul for president. It is the only party that articulates the foreign policy that brought Paul national attention, and shares 90% of his personal positions. It is the logical vehicle for the continued promotion of the ideals of liberty articulated in this campaign.