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The Plan To “Take Back America Place ALL state and federal capitols under ‘Civil Disobedient’ Siege

[I am posting this because of the latest push for July 4th. I apologize in advance if it has been posted before. Further, I have no faith it will work. However, it is an alternative for those of you who want no part of the armed marches.]

Added by Michael Evans on April 11, 2013.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has arrived for us to make or break. No longer can we sit and ponder, “who will do something?”, “who is going to stop the tyranny and treasonous actions of our state and federal governments?”

Today all that ends. Today we take our nation back by peaceful, civil disobedience and siege.

Today we commit to bring all state and federal governments, agencies and branches to a screeching, blood curdling halt. No more fear, no more hiding in the shadows. Today you will make a choice; ”I am an American Patriot who will solve this problem”, or “I am choosing the side of slavery and betrayal.”

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