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Is Today's Greece a look into the future of America?

This article caught my attention. It's about the Rothschild intentional collapse of the economy in Greece, since the same event is occurring here so I thought I would share my thoughts about it. Enjoy.
(Keep in mind that Greece's Rothschild puppet government has instituted strict gun laws to prohibit gun ownership much like the situation in the US of A.)

A group in Greece called “Golden Dawn” came in as a protection power as the intentional Rothschild financial collapse orchestrated by the Rothschild central bank corporation in Greece unfolded and the Greek government stopped providing adequate police protection.

Now that unemployment is near or over 30% with about 65% of the youth without means to earn the Rothschild Greek false debt money.

So Golden Dawn takes over the power vacuum as saviors of the population, protectors. Then a switch is occurring, the Golden Dawn Saviors have now become something else. Claiming that the people who will not pay Greek taxes is the real economic problem the new power will off people who resist or can not pay taxes off to work prisons.

Sound familiar?

Is this the same Rothschild mafia that orchestrated, Nazi Germany, IzUnReal, and is running the FRB scam in USA?

Folks watch Greece because that could be our future. Our near future.

Here is the news article that caught my attention, posted from site fromthetrenchesworldreport originated http://www.nieuwsblad.be/article/detail.aspx?articleid=DMF20... a Greek site

.... Greece Threatens Labor Camps for Poor Tax Payers


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