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Who will be the 1st MSM person to admit/expose the censorship of Dr. Paul?

I believe that SOMEONE in the main stream media will finally listen to their heart and mind and have the integrity to speak the truth, even if they risk their current job. Who's it gonnna be? Should we set up a poll and cast our votes?

Place your guess:
Anderson Cooper?

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It will happen as soon as RP

wins just one state

Don't hold your breath unless Paul wins a state

Sean Hannity ....

..and the rest will fall like dominoes .

Alan Colmes

his ace in the hole he's just waiting to use on Sean because he'll finally get sick to death of Sean getting all the airtime and using it to look like an ass lol

outta Left Field: Bill Moyers

He's very liberal, but also very honest and thoughtful. Plus, he's already taken some hits from the old media hacks.


I cannot believe that he hasn't been mentioned yet. He has been one of Ron Paul's more vocal supporters, and he can pretty much say whatever he wants.

I'll second that

Cafferty has been quite vocal on Ron Paul, even reading letters from Paul fans who call Ron Paul a modern-day prophet (I happen to agree with the letter writer). I hope people will listen before it's too late.

Libera me, let the truth break, what my fears make--Leslie Phillips

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

I Heard Him Say Yesterday

He was reading comment cards from people that had sent online responses; I forget the subject now but someone had stated that all the $$ that had gone to Haliburton was good for the American economy.

He responded // What have you been smoking?

Funny guy. I didn't used to like his humor, but it's honest and it comes across how absolutely silly he sees most things we also see as silly. I'm not 100-percent sure about him though (he's still on MSM) it's just that he seems more real than the others. Perhaps they keep him around just for laughs also. Some of the stuff reported on is so very idiotic even the bad-side surely has to get a chuckle out of it now and again.
Vote RON PAUL 2008

Vote RON PAUL 2008

Not quite mainstream

Mike Church of The Mike Church Show recognizes him. he doesn't endorse him but he does believe in his message and last friday shamed all of the MSM and said he doesn't care who he pisses off.

Please visit his website and just say thanks. He gets a ton of flak and hate mail for going out on a limb.

He is on Sirius Patriot 144
website is www.mikechurch.com

Thanks Mike Church

affirmation: President Paul

affirmation: President Paul 2008
Lou Dobbs? No way. Don't you all remember last night's economic poll? Lou didn't even list Ron Paul!! It's almost as if Lou baby wants the attention only on himself - that he is the only one to solve the big problems. Cafferty might be our guy:)

affirmation: President Paul 2008

Let's hope it's not as late as the story of Larry Agran.

I should have remembered this - but I DON'T... You talk about "down the memory hole" - this is it! "The past was erased. The erasure was forgotten . The lie became the truth". Hope this doesn't happen to RP. And thanks to the poster earlier who posted the "SPIN" clip -


In 1992, Agran unsuccessfully sought the Democratic Party nomination for President. Agran was generally ignored by the media during his candidacy, a topic heavily covered in the 1995 documentary "Spin." The media did not report his polling numbers even as he met or exceeded the support of other candidates. Party officials excluded him from most debates on various grounds, even having him arrested when he interrupted to ask to participate. Even when he managed to join the other candidate in a forum, his ideas went unreported. He performed poorly in the New Hampshire primary, but did pick up modest support in later primaries as a protest candidate with appeal to those unhappy with the other candidates. He received three votes at the 1992 Democratic National Convention.

"The question is not who will let me- the question is who will stop me" - Ayn Rand

"The question is not who will let me- the question is who will stop me" - Ayn Rand

Don't delude yourself

The media will never, ever admit that they are censoring at ALL. This won't happen so don't look for it. The Russian Media has devoted more time to him recently for crying out loud. Look for an all out scorched earth battle to the RNC. If Ron Paul wins Louisiana, they won't even mention it. Go about your business and be a precinct leader.





Olberman is pretty much the

Olberman is pretty much the anti-ron. He is an uber socialist who loves things like foreign intervention but only when a democrat is president.

Lou Dobbs

I'm not under the impression that he is the most competant or moral journalist, but it makes sense for the following reasons.

Border security - Dobbs has been whining about our pourous border since before the MSM took it and ran with it. He's been tackling immigration problems as long as I can remember.

National soverignity - Dobbs is big into opposing things like NAFTA, WTO, and a number of other transnational organizations. Dr. Paul might be the only canidate to pay more than lip service to this problem.

Economics - Dobbs has been waxing poetic lately against the fed and our supply side economic policy. Dr. Paul is the only canidate to address the recession with any more than a wealth redistribution package. (Ok, call it economic stimulus if you like).

He doesn't need CNN - He's a big time name, with a big time following across many demographics. A bomb like criticizing his colleagues and the industry might get him blackballed from our TV's, but he could lecture or concievably run for public office. Besides, don't you think he might make a good director of INS (Immigration and naturalization services).

Please Lou, you can do more for the problems of America as we all see them if you'd get behind Dr. Paul. If CNN fires you, i'd be willing to cover a week's pay from my own pocket. Anyone else want to pledge for Lou Dobbs?

the only one that has been totally fair

and objective is Cafferty - maybe he will.


(google Murray Sabrin)

We all love Olberman when he

We all love Olberman when he is going off on Bush. His show is fairly decent and entertaining. But it stops there. He is a Democrat Shill just as Hannity is a Republican Shill. Trust me he won't be bashing Hillary on a daily basis, when she doesn't fix / reverse everything Bush has done. They are both bought and paid for. He won't be a friend to Ron Paul in any shape or form. He wants to maintain the status quo just as much as the rest of them, he just wants to do it with a Democrat in the White house.

I forget sometimes that I came from the Democratic side

And I do get the idea that Olbermann is stuck in that "Im deaf to all things Republican" mode and probably is just fine with mulling over his Democratic choices. This is an election year like no other and hopefully we'll see him consider looking outside. But sadly yes...i kinda get the impression he's willing to settle for Hillary for the time being.

affirmation: President Paul

affirmation: President Paul 2008
Definitely not Morning Joe; don't forget it was on his show that Dr. Paul was called a crackpot and terrorist.
Ed Morrow is dead and so is journalism with integrity. Olberman is quite good at times but something "ain't quite right."

affirmation: President Paul 2008

Ron Paul 'The

Ron Paul 'The Truth'

Well...Let's see. I'd have to say it will be Lou Dobbs. Considering he has a book out that supports exactly what we stand for and all. He's a debater too!!!! It sure would be great to have a guy like that on our side. He's the only correspondant that tells it how it is besides Olbermann and I hate Olbermann.

Ron Paul 2012

The first one to admit it...

Will not do so because he finally found his integrity; he will admit it out of vengeance after the MSM hangs him out to dry for some, possibly unrelated, reason.


Glenn Beck... I've said it before. He's gone out of his way to promote Dr. Paul, with Penn Gillette and financial analyst Panzer. I know that GB, previously called us "terrorists", but I think the public relations work done to him through some very pleasant RP supporters during Glenn's book campaign brought him around. Besides, he's a big enough media personality to buck the system and not fear retaliation.

We should also consider Howard Stern. I know he's about as polarizing as Hillary, but he's against Big government, for free speech and has a huge following.

Have You Been Eating Paint Chips?

Vote RON PAUL 2008
If you 'know' that GB previously called us RON PAUL supporters 'terrorist' then why change your attitude so quickly? Because HE TELLS YOU his attitude has changed, is that it.

I was so outraged when GB stated this that I wrote the President of Honda Motor Corporation (a car I happen to own, have had three) and asked that they seriously consider to stop sponsoring this jerk. I told them why.

And now I'm hearing people such as yourself thinking the jerk isn't a jerk at all. What the hell is that all about? He has an alledged drug enduced awareness and now all is right with the world of truth. I think not. And as to him having all that personality to buck the system -- I think not. He's on the payroll of CNN and they are part of the problem -- the MSM problem in case you've forgotten. If they majorily disagreed with him he'd be gone in a heart beat, you can believe that.

Why he would pretend to have an attitude adjustment is beyond me. If he gets fired for supporting RON PAUL -- I will admit then I was all wrong about this guy. Until then the guy remains a jerk. And so is anyone that would support the jerk.

Vote RON PAUL 2008

While he certainly

Didnt like the heat he was getting for his statements- any more than Sean Hannity does- he has made the effort to LISTEN to Ron Paul. He went on his show and gave this big speil about how the MOST pressing issue of our lifetime is the dire state of economic ruin we are in- and how there was no more pressing issue facing us than this bleak forcast, then he wheels out Greenspan and they both agree that Ron Paul is the only candidate with his finger (not his elbow) on the pulse of America. He came around after having a personal revelation as to the seriousness of what the next president is facing. He can hate the supporters secretly all he wants- but he knows that no cute "stimulus package" is going to work and that Dr Paul is right. That I think is what motivates him to rise above just merely ignoring him. You can hate your dentist, but when you need a root canal youre not going to call your cable guy.


I keep wondering why he hasn't said anything yet.

I wish Stewart & Colbert made it their mission.

I bought his book

I LOVE Keith- and after ALL that impassioned bitching he's done over the year about the Bush administrations butchering of the Constitution I was just waiting for him to make his move- then he downplayed RP in Nevada and made some comment about liking McCain. REALLY threw me off- to hear him talk youd think he'd have no one else in mind BUT Ron Paul. I really hope he comes around- he'd be our Oprah. I was pissed but wouldnt let on- I bought his book afterall- full price and everything.


I can't fathom that someone with his views on Bush could be drawn to McCain's ideas. We need to email him.


...Glenn Beck

Saddly, probably the only

Saddly, probably the only one that will is John Stewart.


Joe Scarborough

America is sick, call a doctor! Dr. Ron Paul.

Yes-I've heard Joe say some

Yes-I've heard Joe say some really nice things about Dr. Paul. (Including that his son is voting for Ron Paul)