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Anyone self-experiment with Nootropics? Specifically the "racetams", combined with a choline source?

Anyone ever play with nootropics?

I've played with galantamine for lucid dreaming with mixed, but mostly positive results.

Thinking about experimenting with racetams or racetam-based stacks.

Anyone have any experience here?

Ideally not talking about "Alpha Brain" or any other over-hyped, minimal-dosage junk, but stronger stuff (to the best of my knowledge Alpha Brain doesn't really have any racetams, just choline and some herbal extracts of dubious utility)...

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I've tried these

Aniracetam - took a couple of weeks to take effect, but I felt more my idea productivity go up and felt like I was thinking more clearly. No noticeable side effects.

Bacopa - did not notice anything significant

Galantamine - did not notice anything significant

Adrafinil - super vivid dreams, but woke up with seriously unpleasant dry mouth

Vinpocetine - tried this together with aniracetam, so hard to separate the effects from aniracetam

“Although it was the middle of winter, I finally realized that, within me, summer was inextinguishable.” — Albert Camus

I'm seriously

I'm seriously thinking about trying:


as my first foray into the racetam world.

What are your thoughts on their suggested "stack" as well as their suggested dosing amounts?

Also, the pricing is pretty good, right? I have a capsule making machine, so the powder isn't a problem. Also. I've ordered other non-nootropic things from them that were exactly as labeled so I trust them as a source.

NOTE: I may use way lower caffeine than they suggest, as I prefer to get any caffeine from coffee aka. the best drink ever.