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An image (in words) of the trial of farmer Vernon Hershberger

"...Jean was present at the Vernon Hershberger Raw Milk Trial last week. This is her recollection of the proceedings:

"A trip to farm prison.....Grazen Acres. 5.21.13

"So at 11:55pm last night I was startled awake last night. I got it... I got a directive from my powerful intuitive self that I needed to drop everything in my life and get there. There is here... I am mo... momentarily sitting in a court room in Baraboo, Wisconsin.

"So, I've never been to prison, I've never been to a torches chamber... but I think I am there now.

"This is the trial of Vernon Hershberger, a young farmer who is being prosecuted for creating ABUNDANCE!

"I am watching beautiful photos of his farm store....full of wholesome, organic, god blessed food grown from the ground up......FOOD!

"He grew dairy products, sold beverages, nuts, cheese. The interviewing attorney and the witness are painstakingly going through his display cases with photos....he continues to ask her to what she identifies in the photo....as if the court room audience can't view a photo and interpret the vision on their eyes.

"So the states argument is that he was "retailing" products....and did not carry a retailers license.


"This courageous hardworking guy toils day and night to provide nourishment for the betterment of humanity.....and because he did the "big" stuff really well, but missed a few of the "small" details.... the state is willing to hang him publicly by his toe nails???

"I ask myself...is there an abundance of farmers doing this...and it would therefore be ok to knock a few off in the interest of minimizing the competition???

"No, this is Sadly not the case.. There are very few farmers who are willing to "farm" to this degree??

So what if this is just the story of the tribe. In the tribe historically, if you propagated yourself enough and rise above the "norm"... The risk is being torn back down to the pathetic level of the other tribal members...I see it...Vernon Hershberger is bright, light...he has a vision of the future of sustainable, local, family centered farming.

"I also feel the dark around him. The dark is trying to stomp out a shining star.

"Throw water on his fire. Throw water on his soul. Throw water on his passion....Tear him down into small infinite pieces.....because he missed a few needless rules/regulations.

"In our society of rules and regulations....most of them needless.... the dark people are miserable. They are so caught up thinking about what to do, and what not to do.....they are unable to make time, or desire to follow passion. They are stuck in a state of existence... living one day to the next.. trying to obey all the rules...or at least be hyper vigilant about looking out for them. And if they come upon a bright, colorful, spot along the path, it is assumed that they.... must be breaking rules in order to be "colorful."

"What happened to reverence for our supreme "ruler"? GOD? The ultimate ruler maker...the one that wants us to have access to the bounty this beautiful earth offers. .GOD.... Remember him? He has asked us to treat our neighbors as ourselves...help them, support them, lift them up...don't break them down. He doesn't like stupid rules... stupid obstacles, farmer abuse. Abuse of government power. Darkness.

"I call us all to release the man-made rules and reflect on the only real rule and or request from above....LOVE!!!

"If we can love this young, handsome farmer....build him up...not knock him down...we will lose the dark demon of scarcity and embrace abundance!!!"

Grazen Acres

- Jean

From her FB Page:

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I'm banned for my political

I'm banned for my political ideology from Facebook. I can't log in to see the picture.

More people should be so

More people should be so lucky. ;-) I "closed" my account there 2 years ago. Posted it all for you.

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I can't see the picture

Because I refuse to join the data mining cult of pretend friends.