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Why You Should Avoid The Shooting Range

Why You Should Avoid The Shooting Range


...Being only allowed to shoot targets in your lane essentially makes you a perpendicular shooter. You’ve never shot targets at oblique angles or from anything other than dead on!
Shooting from a standing position is fine, but realize that in a tactical situation you might be shooting from anything but a standing position. Have you ever shot prone? How about supine (on your back)? How about kneeling, or even behind cover? Have you ever shot under a car? How about flat on your side behind a rock? These are all positions of cover, and cover is essential in a gunfight.
Drawing from a holster is an essential skill if you carry a firearm for a living. Even if you have a concealed license, you need to practice your draw. You aren’t going to be walking around with a handgun in your hand all the time, are you?...

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Run-and-gun courses are my

Run-and-gun courses are my favorite way to practice shooting in different positions. Just find a wide open space and set up cones to mark each station and some targets. Each station has a different challenge such as: Hit all targets from prone, hit targets while advancing, strafe each target etc. You also have to run between each station which helps you focus your breathing as it is MUCH harder to aim properly when you are out of breath. I do this with my shotgun and it is good practice to learn how to reload and manage your ammo between each station as you run.

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Avoid the range?

Maybe a better title would be something along the line of "advancing from the range". New owners should go to a range and get professional handling, safety, and firing instruction.
Advanced training is available at some commercial ranges as well.
But your point is valid. If you want to be well versed for any situation, advanced training is something to think about.

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