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Use a Well Regulated Militia in D.C.

Adam Kokesh has said the planned D.C. march is peaceful, and marchers will allow arrest and peacefully disperse but just yesterday a commenter said this:

I don't know about Adam, but I have no intention of being arrested or surrendering my weapons. If this results in bloodshed, then it is on their hands.

As I said before Adam can't control all variables. This march is unnecessary and a huge risk. I understand people are frustrated, but the lines between liberty and tyranny in America are blurry at best. The liberty movement is starting to reverse the course, while we also prepare for a dollar collapse which will sweep away this overgrown empire that depends on it. With these two things in our favor I don't see the need to race toward the third and last option of violence, and against an indirect enemy at that.

The Second Amendment specifies a well regulated militia, in other words not any group of thugs. George Washington said this:

The distinction between a well regulated Army, and a Mob, is the good order and discipline of the first, and the licentious and disorderly behaviour of the latter.

A well regulated militia should be used in D.C. The members know each other, have trained together, and can exercise a better measure of order and discipline. They can escort Adam to his political arrest, which can then go to the courts.

As it stands now I DO NOT support this planned march and will not support any conflicts resulting from it.