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12 Year Old Girl Tells The Sheeple The Truth About The Rothschild Corrupt Bankers And Economy

When Ron Paul stands up in front of a crowd and explains the fictional-reserve banking system's unreality, some listen, many shrug and bury their heads. When ZeroHedge does the same, comments are heavy but change is slow to come. But when a 12-year-old girl, in a little over five minutes can explain the total farce that is our monetary system, surely people have to listen and break free of the matrix. Victoria Grant, 12, explains how "The banks and the government have colluded to financially enslave the people of Canada," and as CTV notes, 'Grant lays out a brief history of the Canadian banking system, referencing obscure historical figures such as former Vancouver mayor Gerald McGeer and explaining that the Bank of Canada held primary control over government lending until the 1970's. Starting then, she says, governments began borrowing from private banks instead at considerably higher interest rates than those available through the central bank. The result, Grant argues, is a rapidly increasing national debt. The pint-sized pundit is quick to offer a solution. "If the Canadian Government needs money, they can borrow it directly from the Bank of Canada," she says. " ... Canadians would again prosper with real money as the foundation of our economic structure." The truth is out there - whether it comes from Ron Paul, ZeroHedge, or a 12-year-old Canadian young lady. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1IgiNnOZV4&NR=1&feature=fvwp

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She's simply amazing!!! Its

She's simply amazing!!! Its amazing that she can understand how the system works, at such a young age! This gives me so much hope guys, that we're heading in the right direction! This movement isn't just about Americans, it's global man! and that's because freedom is universal. This makes me so happy...

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