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Eric Holder to Investigate Eric Holder (remix)

Eric Holder to Investigate Eric Holder (remix)

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Think of all the money this could save!

Moving forward, the Justice Department can just ask suspects to investigate themselves and let the department know if they 'did it'.

Suspects who admit they did it can just plead guilty.
Suspects who state they did nothing wrong - can go free. Case closed.

This new "Honor System" could save millions!!!

Think of all the overhead that could be removed from the system using this method. No long, costly investigations or trials. Just think of all the detectives, investigators, prosecutors, clerks, lawyers and judges we could retire from the system using Holder's new 'Honor' method.

What the hell did I just

What the hell did I just watch?

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

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Hello eric, good

Hello eric, good morning

Good morning eric, how are you

Im good thanks eric, mmmm, im sorry about this, but ive been asked to ask you if you are guilty of the accusations against you

Why no eric

Oh wicked, thankyou eric, had to make sure, you know

Oh yes, i know*wink

Case closed folks

(eric would totally say wicked.....wouldnt he?)

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I am outraged.

I am outraged that we would question the integrity of our government. Especially, at this point, with such a long track record of impartial behavior. I am confident that Eric Holder's office will be able to investigate Eric Holder's office, with an impartial search for justice as their key focus.

I mean. We allow the government to police itself exclusively and have done so for years. The courts keep congress in check, congress keeps the executive in check, and the executive keeps his interns in their place (usually under the desk). We have police organizations like IA investigate the police staff. It has all worked out so well for us in the past, how dare ANYONE question them now.

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The Government theme song

Should be the Governments official theme song. I vote YES for Fleetwood mac's tell me lies, PERFECT. thanks