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Advertising Can be Good for Us.

If we want to spread Liberty, but we're not seeking TO DO MORE business and w/ other Liberty minded people, then we are pissing into the wind.

Unless we can build a sustainable economic community outside of the mainstream corporate infrastructure, we will fail. It is time to buy and sell as local as possible. Create business relationships with Liberty conscience individuals.

In addition its time for more of us to advertise our businesses on independent media. For the past few years, I have seen the same 5-10 advertisers consistently run ads on here. I would like to introduce more competition for this precious real estate. We need more demand from Liberty products to reach out to us.

With my analytical background in media sales, I'm amazed how inexpensive it is to advertise on these various networks... DailyPaul.com / Lew Rockwell.com / Infowars.com / AdamKokesh.com / BenSwann.com / ETC (Please take no offense at the specific sites listed, just for example purposes).

If we buy products from businesses that advertise on independent media sources, then we win the info war. It is not propaganda that we should fear. Ads are not bad. We need to fund the right kind of Liberty propaganda, the right kind businesses with products and services that benefit humanity.

I think our nature within the Liberty community is see advertising as evil. Lets move past that blind bias, and avoid a catch 22 that guarantees our failure.

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