Ron Paul Available 24/7 !

I am so thrilled by the enthusiasm that is being generated on the Internet for Congressman Ron Paul. I remember shortly after he announced he might run for the Presidency, I was on the Internet everyday. I would "Google" and search for any mention of his name, then I would e-mail a response or blog or post anywhere I could find, to just try and build some name recognition. There were some days, I would not find a single new mention. Now today, I could not possibly respond to all the mentions of his name. It is very exciting what has happened, in just a few months.
I am very supportive of every suggestion for more videos, MySpace, YouTube, forums etc. However, there are many people of my generation(65 plus) who do not use the Internet at all. Many who do use the Internet (like myself) are in bondage to dial-up technology and cannot access many of these options. Yet they are faithful voters and need to be reached with Congressman Paul's message.
It is important that we do not over look a very useful tool that is already available to us. Congressman Paul records a weekly message on a pertinent topic and it is available by dialing
1-888-322-1414. The messages are rarely over 5 minutes. The really neat thing you can do with cell phones, if you talking with a friend about the issue Congressman Paul is discussing, right on the spot, you can dial in the number and let them hear Congressman Paul explain his position, in his on words. Later they can dial the number and listen again on their own. They can listen to a different message every week and really learn first hand what Congressman Paul is all about. There is no cost for this call and they can call when it is convenient for them. It is like having Congressman Paul available 24/7 ! It doesn't get much better than that.
Please continue to come up with new and creative ideas for sharing Congressman Paul's message with every demographic group, but let's don't over look the tools we already have available. Remember
Thanks again to everyone for all the excitement and enthusisam.
Ron Paul for President in 2008!

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