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Mark Dice video about the Mermaid documentary on Animal Planet

Another funny video by Mark Dice, this time on the Animal Planet "documentary" that "proved" Mermaids are real.


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Keeping hope alive...

..for crass cynics and base opportunists. Maybe I SHOULD open up Matthew 6:6 Ministries. I could cash in!

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I was at a family get

I was at a family get together not too long ago and this crap was on tv... An uncle of mine swore it was real.. Even after I pulled up Animal Planet website on my smart phone stating the opposite. All he muttered was that I believed too much of the crap I read/heard on the internet.

Agree with his sentiments.

But it is kind of amusing to me that he repeated the "drinking the fluoride" quip. Unless he was talking about the Harvard/Chinese Fluoride and IQ Studies, which is still scientifically controversial, I'm assuming he is referring to the Nazi prisonor fluoride pacification myth, one of the most pervasive (and annoying) urban legends. As an ardent opponent of water fluoridation, I think I will go into a frustration siezure if one more enlightened truth-finder tells me to "keep drinkin' the fluoride, man."

Chances are we both drank the fluoride thousands of times, dumbass, yet both of us came to the same conclusion regarding this issue and most liberty issues. Apparently fluoride salts do NOT sedate people to the degree they are claiming.

Also I have smoked crack (twice), and I do not believe in mermaids. I realize smoking crack has become a metaphor for turning into an idiot, but I can tell you first-hand that it just makes you dizzy. You metabolize it quickly and then you are back to baseline. Since we are debunking myths here, we might as well start at the top.

Interesting rant.

Interesting rant. Mark should consider applying his own logic to his belief that the music industry is controlled by a defunct 18th century secret society.

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Time Warner hasn't been around that long?

Just kidding. I know who Mark Dice is.