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Hungary torches 500 hectares of GM corn to eradicate GMOs from food supply

GMOs have been banned in 27 countries, and GMOs are required to be labeled in at least 50 countries.

Lajos Bognar, Hungary's Minister of Rural Development, reported this week that around 500 hectares of GM corn were ordered burned by the government. Hungary has criminalized the planting of genetically modified crops of any kind, and it has repeatedly burned thousands of hectares of illegal GM crops in years past.

GM crops were burned to prevent the contamination of natural organic corn in their country. Study Confirms Genetically Modified Corn Can Cross-Pollinate with organic crops if genetically modified corn is grown in nearby fields. http://www.commondreams.org/headlines02/0219-06.htm

GM Genes are transferred to the DNA of your gut bacteria
The gene inserted into GM soy/corn transfers into the DNA of bacteria living inside our intestines and continues to function, transforming our intestinal bacteria into living pesticide factories, possibly for the rest of our lives.

Famed Canadian geneticist David Suzuki answers, “The experiments simply haven’t been done and we now have become the guinea pigs.” He adds, “Anyone that says, ‘Oh, we know that this is perfectly safe,’ I say is either unbelievably stupid or deliberately lying.”

World renowned biologist Pushpa M. Bhargava goes one step further. After reviewing more than 600 scientific journals, he concludes that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are a major contributor to the sharply deteriorating health of Americans.

When evidence of gene transfer is reported at medical conferences around the US, doctors often respond by citing the huge increase of gastrointestinal problems among their patients over the last decade. GM foods might be colonizing the gut flora of North Americans. http://foodmatters.tv/articles-1/the-truth-is-out-on-genetic...

Studies on rats (valid scientific data)
"there was a clear negative impact on the function of the LIVER and KIDNEYS in rats consuming GM maize varieties for just 90 days." http://www.ijbs.com/v05p0706.htm

Monsanto is powerful and will try to bury any research that challenges its right to be the global provider of seed and food. All about power, control, profit.

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Fight fire with fire?

You know, I have considered the problem monsanto poses for a long time. I would consider it one of our biggest threats to freedom. If monsanto gets their hooks in deep enough they of all companies have to power to control vast tracts of land and can imprison people by their manipulation of the law... in effect they can become (have become) overlords.

But, their power as a company comes through the law. As we have seen time and time again, they use sheer power to push around small farmers and effectively force their products upon unsuspecting farmers where seed goes from one yard to the next and effectively contaminate their land with gmo which they then owe out to MOnsanto for as it is a "licensed product". It seems to me there may be a very effective solution to this. Basically the idea is to somehow shift the responsibility onto monsanto to contain their seed as it is a contaminant. I am sure its not an easy task, but maybe a judge or someone would agree with the idea that a GMO is not another seed that pollinated to your land, but actually a contaminant that brings your crop / land value down. If we shift the responsibility of containment onto them then its up to them to defend. It would be interesting to see them squirm as they fight farmer after farmer suing them for contaminated soil and for them to clean up their mess.

I am not a farmer, nor am i a lawyer, but i just figured id write that out and see what you all thought.

And here is more.

Peru officially passed a law in 2011 banning genetically modified ingredients within the nation for a period of 10 years.

France also took a stand by banning Monsanto’s GMO Maize, and despite the ban ending, the nation continued to take a stand against GMOs.

Colorado’s Boulder County announced plans to phase out GMO crops on open space in pursuit of sustainable and ethical farming practices.


Your comment almost brought happy tears to my eyes

Maybe there will be justice after all for Monsatan!

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe

NEWS FLASH: hungary destroys an illegal GMO crop

This crop was an attempt by Monsatan to once again taint the food supply to force their GMO on others for their royalties. They did it to Argentina in the past, and worked perfectly in Monsatan's favor.

"In March, Hungary introduced a new regulation that states seeds must be checked for genetically modified organisms (GMOs) before they are introduced to the market. However, some genetically engineered seeds made it to the farmers without their being aware of it."


Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe

This is how Monsanto works.

Not only do the GMO crops cross pollinate and contaminate organic crops that occur naturally on the planet, but you have to buy seed from Monsanto every year or they will take you to court.

"Farmers who plant Monsanto soybeans have to sign an agreement saying they will not save the "second-generation" seeds and use them for the next harvest. Bowman didn't re-plant his own Monsanto seeds, but he did plant seeds that contained somebody else's second-generation Monsanto seeds. According to Monsanto, buying that grain and planting it to make more soybeans (as opposed to buying the grain to use for food or another purpose) is a patent violation." http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2013/feb/20/us-supreme...

In Argentina, the world’s third-largest producer of GE crops, a group of women calling themselves the “Mothers of Ituzaingó” are fighting against the aerial spraying of Roundup. Residents of Ituzaingó, a working-class neighborhood of Córdoba that borders commercial soy farms, have reported a cancer rate more than 40 times higher than the nationwide average. http://creativetimereports.org/2013/05/20/monsanto-protest-a...


This is how government laws work on Monsanto and farmers.. if the those who want a global government can get you to HATE American corporations, and lose Monsanto.. they will not eliminate Monsanto but take Monsanto, make it even more powerful, just not American.

Today, you can write a resolution and stop GE crops from being grown in your area.. this is what should be happening.. instead, there is a movement, being provoked by the global government against America corporations and farmers because they want to control both.

They need your help. You could help yourself write a resolution, get it on the ballot and ban GE crops like we did.. or you can be a tool for the cowards who have made Monsanto a straw man.

If you think the global government, who is what helps get Monsanto into other nations already, don't want Monsanto for themselves.. you would be mistaken.

Well Granger, I see your point and what a complicated web.

"Monsanto is no stranger to patent battles: Think Progress reports that the company devotes $10 million per year and 75 staffers to investigating and prosecuting farmers for patent violations. It has also sued more than 400 farmers over the last 13 years for patent infringement.

The Obama administration reportedly backs Monsanto, and urged the court to stay out of this case because it could have implications for patenting other products that can reproduce in fields like nanotechnology and genetics."

No, you are mistaken (or a shill)

Monsanto is already owned by the us gov.. In fact, it's a black op!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

NEWS FLASH: gov't agents arrest producers of illegal raw milk

I only write the above-headline to illustrate that simply because something is illegal doesn't mean the state is morally or ethically justified in taking action against it.


Let's see what happens when we replace "crop" and "GMO" with "raw milk" from your above posting:

"This [raw milk] was an attempt by [food producer] to once again taint the food supply to force their [raw milk] on others for their royalties."

Still sound nefarious? After all, this is why most people think raw milk should be banned.


is behind both issues they're trying to squash the little farmer on both fronts.

Thanks for making my point!

I drink raw milk daily, if everyone did the same Monsatan wouldn't have a strong hold on the milk industry. They force this crap on the farmer and the American people without their consent.

The cow is the one really feeling the pain, rBGH causes the cow to produce more milk than capable of. The cow used to live 20 + years as a milking cow, now with rBGH she be lucky to live 5 years. The few years she is a live is under shear misery because rBGH causes mastitis and the farmer must use an antibiotic to try and cure. Most rBGH milking cows produce milk with infected mastitis with pus in it.

I hope your starting to see which side your on, death and destruction follows Monsantan just like the DEVIL.

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe

do you even talk to farmers?

"They force this crap on the farmer and the American people without their consent."

B.S. Farmers don't have to buy GM seed. Monsanto isn't pointing a gun at farmers "forcing" them to buy their product.

I'm on the side of consistent philosophy and limited government. I don't get on the bandwagon simply because some rabid mob wants something banned or regulated.

Yes I was a beekeeper that dealt with farmers all the time

I rented bee yards from them. The farmers I know buy their seed and shut up, they know if they make waves the seed police may come knocking. They are all aware of lawsuits brought by Monsanto against the farmers that make waves.

I no longer rent bee yards because my bees are all dead from the poison that comes from the GMO plants. How wonderful America is that allows the powerful to squash the life out of the lowly beekeeper that has no say or voice.

BTW, my business if allowed to flourish would be worth $400K now. Is it fair for Monsatan and other corporations to destroy my business?

I can assure you we no longer live in a Republic!

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe

What killed bees in massive numbers before GM corn?

How did genetically modified crops kill bees before they existed? Do we just ignore the widespread colony collapses in the 1800's and 1900's because that contradicts the anti-GM hysteria?

Do we just ignore current bee deaths in regions that are GMO free?

Do we just ignore the dozens of studies that demonstrate that glyphosphate poses no threat to bee colonies?

Fuck the scientific method, right?! Let us just blame Monsanto on everything bad that happens to our food and health! Let's just use government to ban the use of technology we do not understand! That is way easier than scientific research!

Beekeepers sue EPA over failing to stop harmful pesticides

The bee deaths are only happening where GMO's are allowed. Take your head out of the sand and pay attention to your environment right around you, the evidence is everywhere.

Start here, beekeepers are in serious trouble of extinction.


It's too late for me I will most likely sell out of all I have left, I can not afford the tax imposed on me by Monsanto.

If your wondering what tax? Beekeepers used to save combs for 10, 20, even 30 years. Now all must be continually replace every 3 years because of the pesticide build up in the wax. They can only survive if they continually replace combs and start new bee hive every year.

I kept bees as early as 1970's, and there was no problem then. There was not even a problem for me until 2005, that's when it all started.

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe

links please

I would be really interested in knowing about widespread colony collapses prior to the 1970s.

The countries opposing GMO are doing it less on scientific grounds, and more on legal grounds. The fact that Monsanto claims patent/royalty privileges on it's seed, even if it inadvertently cross-pollinates creates a national security issue for countries who want a secure food supply.I don't blame them for not trusting a product that is tied to the hip with our Elites, who've shown themselves to be interested in no one but themselves. The USG actively lobbies for Monsanto around the world:


Especially in light of NSM 200, calling for food to be used as a weapon of control, you can't blame these countries for being nervous. Most of them have been on the receiving end of USG's bullcrap for decades: IMF/World Bank/coups, etc.


As an objectivist i dont

As an objectivist i dont believe the legislative branch has much of any role in government other than limiting the powers of the executive branch. There already is a law in place to protect the farmer from someone damaging his crops. If a farmer decides to plant gmos crops with the risk of damaging anothers crop that is a responsibily he is choosing to take. disputes and consequences will be decided in court.

So there is no need for the legislative or executive branch to get involved.

I want to see video of the

I want to see video of the burning. I like fire.

An ironic double entendre in

An ironic double entendre in the title...

Southern Agrarian

A rare instance of a government doing something right.

Being an anarchist myself, I share Ron Paul's opinion about the proper role of government: "Government should NEVER have a right to do anything YOU can't do!" (From his speech at CPAC, Feb. 2011.

Individuals have a right to defend themselves against murderers and against thugs who threaten and endanger them. They have a right to defend their property from those who contaminate their crops, their air or their water.

If government were entirely absent from society, the farmers whose crops are threatened by cross pollination from Monsanto's GMO crap would have every right to burn the GMO fields, in pure self defense.

A certain individual on this thread, who appears to be a paid apologist for Monsanto, screams that Government should not be burning private property, or requiring truthful labels on food. Fine. Government should not exist at all. But individuals remain responsible for their own actions, and the neighbors who prefer not to be murdered or poisoned by folks like Monsanto retain the right of self defense. I'd say the folks whose GMO fields were burned got off easy. They deserve to be tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail, a charming American custom that sadly has gone out of fashion.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

Good for Hungary.

As a farmer who works primarily with livestock, I am very concerned regarding full disclosure regarding what is put in our feed, and I for one don't like the idea of Monsanto getting to run roughshod over existing laws in order to corner the food market.

Anybody who argues against these tactics against Monsanto on libertarian grounds are forgetting the fraud factor on the force/fraud prohibition. Monsanto utilizes fraudulent tactics in order to push these products while destroying competitors through lobbying a statist government. Using their own weapons against them is not only justifiable, it's a moral imperative.

As far as Granger and Delysin go, you guys are barking up the wrong tree here and spinning your own wheels. I get the whole "science is god" nonsense that you're trying to push here Delysin, but even if I were to agree with you on that, there is not an overwhelming consensus on GMOs, and even if there were, that wouldn't mean an absolute exoneration of them either. As for Granger, you post like a troll, and in my opinion you ought to be ejected from this site as such. It's not my call, but I'll thank whoever it is if the call is made.

“My attitude toward progress has passed from antagonism to boredom. I have long ceased to argue with people who prefer Thursday to Wednesday because it is Thursday.” - G.K. Chesterton

Wal-Mart is in bed with the government

Should we burn down their warehouses and hold hands with the savage left-wingers who love government force and sing kumbaya as we watch the flames destroy that evil corporation?

This is NOT about Monsanto. Peolple are cheering the destruction of GM crops. Monsanto is not the only biotech producing GMOs. Mike Adams is a quack lunatic who rejects the fundamentals of science, including THE GERM THEORY OF DISEASE AND GENETIC DISEASES. He has explicitely stated this before. He often contradicts himself, sometimes in the same article, so you might be able to find some work saying the opposite. This dumbass has articles posted here daily.

Burning GMOs and citing pseudoscience beliefs to punish Monsanto would be like smashing computers and citing bullshit studies saying laptops cause cancer to justify punishing Apple.

False analogy.

The cross-pollination factor doesn't cross into Wal-Mart, so I can actually say no to Wal-Mart and shop somewhere else, I can't very well do that when Monsanto can pollute the genes of any crop within a certain radius of their farms. Furthermore, corporations are not evil per say, but Monsanto perpetuates a number of things that I consider evil, so they get special treatment. You can call it hypocrisy if you like, frankly I couldn't care less.

And you are correct, this isn't about Monsanto, this is about my choice to refuse my food being polluted by something I don't want in my body, it's the same principle as refusing a flu vaccine because of all the documented side-effects and the actual ineffectiveness of said vaccine.

I've never heard of Mike Adams, my sources regarding GMOs are numerous, many of them European. Frankly, this notion that you can compel respect for something simply because it's "science" is asinine and I find it about as unfounded and condescending as the garbage I hear from youtube atheists who tell me that I don't think rationally because I hold a particular view regarding the "God" question.

Now if you're finished whining about how your white-coated priesthood can do no wrong, we might have a mathematical possibility of having a fruitful discussion. Otherwise, save it for someone who is interested.

“My attitude toward progress has passed from antagonism to boredom. I have long ceased to argue with people who prefer Thursday to Wednesday because it is Thursday.” - G.K. Chesterton

How is Walmart in bed with the gov't?


Walmart lobbys for and

Walmart lobbys for and benefits from trade agreements around the world that benefit TPTB. These "free" trade agreements are no more about free trade than the Patriot act is about American Patriotism. However, Walmart is not to blame, we are.

We are so conditioned by our government schools now not to even understand what is good for us economically. As we bring our society down to the level field of third world workers and export our money from circulation in our own communities to Arkansas, Wall Street, Washington and the World through our tolerance of the box store revolution and our acceptance of Federal and State government complicity against our own best interest in this great consolidation of nearly all of our local retail into these crony retail giants. Like big agribusiness, monopolies like this are just plain unhealthy and make us increasing vulnerable in losing our diversity in local economies. We only have ourselves to blame is the great irony.

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.

There are lots of bad things

There are lots of bad things about the big box store business model but NBC's reason's are not the ones... Bad source to quote. Additionally, the information is hardly relevant to the subject of the original post.

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.

When I google Granger this is what I got.

Web definitions
farmer: a person who operates a farm. (for Monsanto no doubt)

Not sure who let the Lobbyists in, but I hope you and Delysid enjoy your GMO's. Remember Monsanto thinks of your well being first and foremost, and would never do anything that might harm you.

A farmer with political interests

Would be more appropriate, or, Farmers and supporters of farmers with political interests. Grangers gave you Co-Ops, rural mail service, county and state fairs, many dams, some areas are independent of outside energy sources as we even produce our own methane and biofuels, Agriculture and Home Ec in colleges, Women's right to vote (as Granges were the first to have women as "Masters", and fought government so women could keep the farm when the spouce died).

Susan B. Anthony said, "I can tell a Granger woman for as far as I can see her, for she carries herself as a man." Granger women can cook, can, sew, build fences, drive tractors, deliver live births, cull humanely, feed not just their families but others).

The Grange is set up like a political party, except it matters not what political party you belong. We come together from all political parties to write resolutions and inniatives, debate, hire lobbiests, and work locally (subordinate), by county (Pomona), by state and nationally, we have an 11 story building in DC. We have conventions just like political parties.. everything a political party does, we do, but we do it as farmers, not politicians.

Most Grangers strive to be self sustainable/ independent and give to our communities rather than take. We debate issues among ourselves and then what passes, we take to washington.

The majority of Grangers today are small independent farmers who grow organic foods, matter of fact, it was our lobbying that advanced that. We have some farmers who have massive farms, 1000s of acres, thousands of employees, and contracts that have them deeply tied to government departments.

By being on committees, working on resolutions, we have some heavy debates about issues like Monsanto. It's not Monsanto, it is government control of supply and demand rather than the free market.

When you talk to "Big Farmers", for example, I have been a hemp activist since 93, big farmers would tell me.. "Look, government says I can grow hemp, through your contract, government gives me the seed (just like government gives you the food in a grocery store, all of it is regulated and economically, scientifically) I was told, "So, I produce all this hemp for you, the crop is ready, I'm looking for your pick up.. truck? rail? how are you picking this crop up? And where is it going? I have to have a place where it is going, it can't just leave the farm unaccounted, and we're talking about thousands of acres of product (I suggest you use rail).

So, if I got this big farm to produce the hemp.. where is it going? Where is the mill? With this information, we tried to convert lumber mills, but government won't allow for a use permit without all kinds of requirements..

When it comes to Monsanto, Monsanto is taking the brunt for what people should be upset about government control. It is the government that built Monsanto to feed armies and people effected by armies. It is the government that provides and protects IT's CONTRACTS with Monsanto and farms that grow Monsanto. It is the government that shuts down farms that refuse to comply, and it is the government, EPA, USDA, OSHA, layers and layers of government that through regulation, subsidies, threat of property, water, equipment that FORCE farmers and corporations to DO THEIR BIDDING.

Now that the elite want a global government, part of making this happen is to attack American corporations, causing them to mutate, while continuing to control through global UN regulations.

I saw a post here that Monsanto hired Blackwater.. no, the government gave blackwater the contract through Monsanto to FORCE farmers to accept THEIR regulations.

Many Grangers see the bans on raw milk for example as a attack on us, becasue we are the ones who will sell or give raw milk. (I give away most of my organic fertile eggs to charity, and I have to pay to do that) The Grange is a secret society, because we are attacked by government constanly. Every now and then, someone from the government will come to work with us, make us promises, and then nothing.. probably why we see so few of them.. and government is known to come after Grangers.

I think we are known today for our Sunday breakfasts, where we serve hundreds of people, family style, all you can eat, and we talk about how to build a better fence, who's got who's bull, what crops we're planting.. we do seed swaps, have seed banks.. and in my area it's all organic because we outlawed GMO in our county in 2004.

I have tried to tell folks here, that you can stop GM foods being grown in your area by outlawing it on the county level. This is a very easy and effective way to do it. But it seems people would rather get on some "high horse" act like the don't consume GE foods, and attack Monsanto rather than the government departments that FORCE Monsanto and farms to do their bidding.

I am proud to be a Granger. I LOVE the GRANGE! http://www.californiagrange.org/

NOT The Gov. Role

the issue of GMOs is not the responsibility of the legislative or executive branch but of the judicial. It is a problem between two different People and those Issues are solved in a court of law.