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McCain Louisiana Caucus slate from the 6th distric - list

THE MCCAIN TICKET (6TH DISTRICT) w/ ballot numbers


5 Pat Bergeron
8 Ned Borie
13 Michael Chittom
14 Dianne M Christopher
16 Kevin H Couhig
25 Roy Fletcher
26 Franklin J Foil
31 E Clark Gaudin
52 Joseph Long
57 Kenneth McMillan
60 Greg Phares
61 Erich Ponti
67 Charles E Roemer III
68 Chas Roemer
78 Scott Wilfong


2 Elizabeth Bennett
4 Jimmy Burland
6 James L Christopher MD
9 Gail Dignam
11 Mary "Libby" Doran
12 William Doran
13 Kathy Edgeworth
24 Frank W Miller
26 Billy Rimes
34 Thomas Heard Wilton

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by my count, 3 of these delegates won

The lagop (lagop.com) lists unofficial results for this district, and i went through the names here (not the alternates) and found 3 of them (Foil, Charles Roemer III, and Phares) got the position--that is, they were in the top 15 in the unofficial results.

If that puts McCain in "1st place", he would have to have done better in the other districts. I think it's more likely that the "Pro-life, Pro-family" slate won, which probably included 3 or 4 of McCain's delegates (along with Huckabee's, Giuliani's, and Romney's).

If that's true, what it probably means is that Ron Paul won yesterday, and the combination of delegates for McCain, Huckabee, Giuliani, and Romney all together may have beaten him. However, as I understand it (and everything I know about the LA caucus/primary system I've learned since last night), what really matters is who gets sent from LA to the RNC. This is decided on at the state convention by the people who were elected at the caucus last night (well, about 1/2 of who they send can vote for the person they want; the other half may or may not depending on whether one candidate gets more than 50% of the vote in the upcoming LA primary). So even if the combination of McCain, Huckabee, Giuliani, and Romney delegates beat the Ron Paul delegates, when it comes time to chose who goes to the RNC, won't the delegates for all the other guys chose their own national convention delegates? And thus, won't Ron Paul's delegates (who I'm assuming will be greater in number than any of the other candidate's delegates on their own) have the power to sway the vote to Ron Paul national delegates, entirely? I know I'm making a lot of assumptions here, but if i'm assumptions are correct, is my conclusion that Ron Paul will get most or all of the delegates from LA also correct (not counting the fact that 1/2 of them have to vote for whoever gets 50% in the upcoming primary if anyone does get 50%)?

Whew! is that as confusing to anyone else as it sounds to me? I hope i made sense.

Boiled down: i think maybe Ron Paul just won LA, even if the Pro-life, Pro-Family slate beat him.

Saw some articles(now can't find them)..a few hours ago

1 said McCain won, with RP a close 2nd in LA...the other said they were counting to see if any thing odd was going on, like people voting in the Caucus who signed up after the 30th of November 2007.
Either they are doing a through job,or they are trying(and hoping?) that they can find enough "bad" votes to make McCain the winner?
Another site claimed Pro-Life won, with McCain 2nd, RP 3rd.
And Pro-Life has not decided who they wanted to give their delegates to?

Now the links are missing to the stories...should have favorited them when first saw the links.

What we need.

We need the list of Ron Paul Delegate Candidates for each district.

Why do we want McLaims list?

Anyone from Louisiana? Do you know whats going on in your state?


There is life at the end of the tunnel my friends!

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"