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Cooking food is dangerous and unnatural!

After arguing for days with anti-GMO activists, I realized that I was wrong about the Appealing to Nature logical fallacy. Natural eating is truly healthier. It is finally clear to me that we are poisoning ourselves by artificially changing the chemical composition of our food. Genetic modification is an abomination of nature, and no scientific research is needed to know with absolute certainty that the unnatural products are harmful to human health. The practice must be outlawed immediately in order to save our health and prevent the Frankenfoods from permanently contaminating and destroying nature as it is supposed to be.

Unfortunately genetic engineering is just the latest harmful technique humans have developed to destroy our food and harm ourselves. Through selective breeding we have changed our food from their best, natural state into a perverted ghost that is grown for profit instead of nutrition. Mutations occurred in the breeding process that allowed organisms with unnatural genes and chemicals to survive when they should have never existed in the first place, let alone be consumed. This problem has been compounded by the fact that we added even more unnatural chemicals to these already mutated foods. One does not need to be a scientist to realize that much human disease is caused by playing God with our food supply!

Lastly, humans are the only organisms to cook our food. Cooking food is an unnatural chemical reaction that changes the healthy natural nutrients in the food to dangerous synthetic poisons. Many artificial toxic compounds are created by cooking food, like carcinogenics. It should be obvious to everyone that food cooking is causing an increase in diseases like cancer. It is also worth noting that cooking kills microbes found naturally in this food. Our immune systems benefit from natural exposure to these microbes instead of the barbaric process of vaccination!

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funny :-)

While I agree in large part with your reductio ad absurdum, I think you are overlooking one thing in particular. Genes are not modified only to produce larger fruits or faster-growing crops. They are also modified to make the plants more resistant to pesticides so they can use more and stronger pesticides to keep weeds and bugs out. I like my food pesticide-free, thank you very much.

Raw foods carry pathogens harboring food borne illnesses


As a certified food saftey handler, I know that any raw food I serve must have a Hazard Analysis critical control point sheet attached to the recipe on demand.

This is especially true from greens like kale and spinach.

Raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, berries, great idea.

Humans are born with blood that is slightly alkaline. Choose a diet that contains 80% alkaline foods and 20% acid foods and use common sense. Eating mostly in the yellow creates acid blood and ill health. http://www.billschoolcraft.com/ph.jpg
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Why are you at the DP?

It's clear to me; Delysid is either a troll or just wants to argue.
Show me an athlete or a classic genius over achiever that was not fed cooked food. Ok so maybe you don't care about being the ultimate human you can be. Let's assume you only care about longevity? Show me a lifelong whole food eater that has lived longer. Your assumptions on food clearly don't mix with reality. If you saw what my dad eats and how healthy he is you would see how wrong you are.
"The weak are meat because the strong need meat."

So much for using purple text

to denote sarcasm...

A signature used to be here!

Get Real

Reminds me of a rabid vegan who was telling people that our ancient ancestors were vegetarians and never ate meat. Try to be balanced please in your outlook on things. Yes, modified foods, sprays, toxins, and all the other bad stuff is not good. Yes, fresh fruits and vegetables are good for you. And yes, fresh unadulterated fish, poultry, rabbit, beef, pork, etc, are equally as good for you, and cooking them is not a bad idea before you eat them.
It is all about moderation, come on, get off your stick pony.

It was satire.

Purple text.

egapele's picture

Agreed - it is all about moderation.

Fearing what you eat? Enough to drive a man batty.

I was going to post exactly

I was going to post exactly this! Glad someone got there first.



Good article for all those afraid their food is going to kill them


Excellent find.

Really the 3 biggest health hazards are

1. drinking alcohol
2. smoking cigarettes
3. over-eating and sedentary lifestyle

This explains very concisely how minute quantities of natural (intrinsic) and synthetic pesticides both pose a minimal risk.

The paleo diet does not have a huge physiological advantage over a more balanced diet, but it works for me because it tricks me into cutting calories. Not drinking booze helps, too. I'm 5'8" and have been hovering around 170 +/- 5 for 1.5 years after a high of 195 thanks to on/off again paleo.

I'll try and remember this

when i start carving in to this delicious one and a half inch thick
t-bone and baked potato here shortly...NOT !

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

The dumbest and most

intellectually dishonest person on the DP.

You want to give corporations a free market pass in a market that they have helped to rig.

You are an idiot of the Nth degree.

I wish you would quit insulting

and name-calling people you disagree with. It is getting old.

I was not insulting someone for disagreeing.

There are some people here who elevate themselves by telling everyone else they are not Libertarian or don't believe in free markets or are against liberty just because they disagree. That is insulting and it gets old after a while.

Perhaps you only dislike insults that you don't agree with but not insult in general.

You always

say rude things to others. I just point it out because I wished we were a more welcoming bunch. I would hate to try to learn and debate on this Site if I was a newbie.

Michael's House rules:

1. No profane, disrespectful or divisive language

5. Do not engage in flame wars, personal attacks on other members, incite or encourage violence, post spam or advertisements.

7. No Assholes™

Entire list found here:

"You want to give

"You want to give corporations a free market pass in a market that they have helped to rig."

If the market is rigged, it is by definition not a free market. Nobody wants to give Monsanto a "free market pass" when such a market clearly does not exist. So how does one restore a free market? That's the real question. Banning products is -not- a step in that direction.

I think I answered your question below.

But applying free market principals on an uneven and rigged playing field for the benefit of those who are responsible for the corruption in the first place will only serve to consolidate more power with those who have already obtained it through the current corrupted system.

We cannot just let things stay as they are and say "walla, we are a free market". We must right the course we are on first and undo the damage first.

So -address the uneven and

So -address the uneven and rigged playing field-. Don't rig it even more.

I think we are just one degree off

Yes, address the uneven playing field. But we can't do that and our government is not going to do that. So until the slate is wiped we are forced to play the game with it's current rules. So I say if we can rig it more against them in the mean time then so be it because sooner or later self preservation has to kick in. Giving Monsanto or any corporation more power or leeway does not help us level the playing field and capitulating only serves to rig it more against us.

But... are you really rigging

But... are you really rigging it against them when it comes down to it? Requiring labeling is really, at the end of the day, a handing of power to them. When government owns labeling, it becomes far more appealing for these companies to capture that part of government and use the power to snuff out their enemies. That's the real danger. Don't play their game. You'll lose.

I agree it sounds like a catch 22

or a viscous circle if you will. That is part of the reason that things will never get better until the slate is wiped clean in one way or another. But as bad as it is that they can pollute our food supply without disclosure, what's worse is that they lobby to keep others from voluntarily labeling their product how they want. And that just opens up another can of worms to argue about since there is a BIG difference in disclosing that food is GMO and claiming that it contains no GMO.

I think we like most people here want the same thing. We just have different views on what will or will not work towards those goals. If we lived in a free society then we probably wouldn't even be here but we don't and we each have to sludge through this quagmire as we each see fit.

You say don't play their game? Hey I agree but it's their game and you loose as long as it is, no matter how you try to play.

Intellectually dishonest?

How so?

To me attacking the technology of genetic engineering to punish Monsanto and the other biotech companies is being intellectually dishonest.

I believe in separation of Science and the State.

Government interference in science does not invalidate the science just as government interference in your religion, anothernobody, does not invalidate your religion. (I don't believe in any religion, but for the sake of argument let's pretend I do).

You can all me dumb all you want, but I take offense at being called intellectually dishonest. I think I am quite consistent with my scientific and political beliefs.

How so?

First of all we do not have a free market so applying free market ideas in a rigged and manipulated market only serves to empower those who are in position to further manipulate the market. Monsanto wouldn't exist anyway if not for the corruption in the system and they sure as hell wont adhere to a free market ideology just because you say let them have their way.

Second of all we do not live under a Libertarian government. We have a highly corrupt government that is controlled/influenced by corporations like Monsanto who will not stop using that influence for their gain at our expense.

Third of all Monsanto genetically alters food in more than one way, one is the repulsive act of splicing genes of completely different species such as fish and tomatoes and sell it as tomato which is fraud but their most profitable venture is to genetically engineer plants to withstand their plant poison Roundup. Roundup is poison and kills all other plants but is sprayed liberally onto their GMO crops which is in turn ingested by millions. Do you even acknowledge acute toxicity and the time it can take to manifest itself?

Why do I say you are intellectually dishonest? Because you fail to take all the evidence, including humanity, into your calculations. We are not a Libertarian, free market society and giving Monsanto and others a free pass to control our lives will not put us closer to being a free market Libertarian society.

I thought we were striving for liberty but your course of action is anti liberty because the game is rigged and giving liberty to tyrants will only ensure our slavery. Unless we Clean The Slate and start from scratch then Libertarian and/or free market solutions will only serve to further consolidate power and influence by those who already have it.

You may be consistent but I don't know that that makes you honest. Perhaps I misused the phrase. And in case you truly don't realize it, when you go around telling everyone they are not libertarian or free market just because they disagree with you, is an insult just like calling someone dumb.

Your satire

Is a red herring in the gmo debate.

I disagree about the red herring.

I think the chemical reactions involved in cooking is quite relevant to the GMO debate.

People are worried about the "unnatural" proteins and nucleic acids found in genetically modified food, but what about denatured proteins and known carcinogens that are formed during the chemical process of cooking? Are the carcinogenic risks of the products of cooking not comparable to the risks of minute quantities of herbicide?

No, Cooking Food is HEALTHY & NATURAL

...we've been doing it for over one million years, so you can correctly say, "our gut is used to it".

Cooking our food is a GREAT thing.... not a bad thing.

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So... your argument is that

So... your argument is that artificially altering the chemical makeup of food is okay with you so long as your "gut is used to it"? In a free society, who are you to make such a rule?