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Adam Kokesh on Alex Jones Show 5-29-13: "We have to overthrow this govt." (video)

Interview starts at 30:40 in.


Entire 5-29-13 program link thanks MikeFWT210:

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the feds made a deal with Adam that he couldn't refuse regarding the march on Washington.

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The Feds have a big bargaining chip, Kokesh's father.

IMO, if Kokesh wants to see his father again, he will do what they say.



Told you it wouldn't happen.

All it did was identify the sympathizers!


Co intel pro mission accomplished! It amazes me that so few see it.

I just

listened to all of the segment with Adam Kokesh.

I agree with Alex Jones over Adam Kokesh. I think Alex is right about having states work with congress members and declare the federal government is illegitimate.

I also don't agree with Adam's model of no federal government. He's basically saying to do away with the Constitution. I disagree with that. The problem isn't having a federal government, it's having an overgrown unconstitutional one. You take away the dollar which funds the government and it loses 90% of the overgrowth, meaning it can't fund illegal war, it can't fund the police state, etc. That happens when the people return to using gold which can't be inflated, which is the real secret to how the government got so big.

I hate to say this

but you are absolutely, 100% wrong in your analysis, both factually and historically. The "Gold Standard" was PUSHED FOR by bankers, which resulted in the "Crime of '73," in which silver was surreptitiously demonetized. Mark Hanna, the front-man for the Rockefellers, ushered McKinley into the White House against the backlash of the Crime that took the form of the Free Silver movement and William Jennings Bryan's Democratic run for President.

Why did these banking oligarchs push for a Gold Standard? The answer is simple. In our former bimetallist system and virtually all bimetallist systems before America, gold was the money of kings; silver, on the other hand, has been affectionately referred to as "The People's Gold" for ages. Demonetization of silver and monopolized gold currency made for an incredibly simple transition to fiat currencies; in fact, the bankers broke the trust in gold the same way they have now broken trust in the dollar. They simply issued more private banking certificates than they had gold, and in 1907, triggered the bank run of all bank runs, paving the way for the ushering in of the Aldrich Plan a mere six years later.

You know who owns nearly HALF of all gold reserves and mines on the PLANET? Central banks. And that's just what's on the books. If you want serfdom faster than you can say "fascist dictatorship," then sure, beg your slavemasters for a gold-backed currency. If you want to slow the tide of tyrants, you want bimetallism. And if you want to get rid of them altogether, end this silly business of monopolized currency and simply do away with the State.

As for your affinity towards the "Constitution," I highly recommend you read Frederic Bastiat's "The Law", Lysander Spooner's "Constitution of No Authority", or if reading's not your game, check out the YouTube videos of Stefan Molyneux. I, too, was once a Constitutionalist... until I evolved.

"The state is the great fictitious entity by which everyone seeks to live at the expense of everyone else."
-Frederic Bastiat

Gold is now super

Gold is now super expensive...few Americans are able to get their hands on physical gold. All they are left with are dollars.

It's better to have dollars over debt. What's going to replace the dollar as the world's reserve currency? Besides gold and silver, what's better than a dollar? It can still buy you a double cheeseburger.

I just don't see any other currency rising up to take the dollar's place on the alter of the World Reserve Currency podium.

The dollar used to be backed by gold, and now it's backed by an ethos of military force that no country on earth wants to mess with.

Our government has demonstrated what happens to countries that go off the two rails in the dollar sign.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

How about this angle?

Ron Paul outdoes both Alex Jones and Adam Kokesh by using the available defensive power focused on the best remedies.

I don't know what other remedies Ron Paul offered, but I do know of 3.

End the FED
End the IRS
Bring the Troops Home
Do so sooner rather than too late (no date set by Ron Paul)

Adam Kokesh is setting dates.

Adam Kokesh claims that the Crime in Progress is a Federal Government, and that is demonstrably false, unless the word Federal can mean one thing one minute and then the opposite thing the next minute according to whoever is defining the Federal Government to be what they define it to be at their exclusive pleasure.

Here is why Adam Kokesh has stumbled upon the right idea, because it agrees with Ron Paul's laser like focus on the actual problems.

The FED is one third of the actual POWER that has been Usurped by the Criminals who took over all the POWER, but this is just a False Name or Legal Fiction, or False Front, it is merely a name, and the actual POWER is a POWER to create Legal Purchasing Power at will, at the pleasure of whoever has this Legal Power. This is only One Third of the Total Power stolen by these criminals, but this One Power (One Third of Total Power) is HUGE.

These 12 people on this board of directors can agree among themselves to write themselves a check for as much Legal Purchasing Power, or as many Legal Units of Debt, as many "dollars," as everyone else combined, and then they spend that money. That is a lot of Power concentrated into the hands of 12 people, more or less, no one actually knows who pulls the strings, and no one will know, until there is a Trial by Jury, based upon sortition, and then the Due Process that is due to everyone, without exception, is processed for those victims of those crimes by those criminals who have given themselves badges, licenses, pay raises, and bonuses.

The FED is only One Third of the Total Power Stolen by these criminals.

The IRS has to exist, it must exist in order for The FED to exist, because the IRS creates the demand for that Fraud Money, since everyone is led to believe in "Death and Taxes," and everyone is led to believe in the need to pay off The National Debt, and everyone has to, must, under penalty of severe punishment, pay, pay, pay, their Debt to Society, or whatever slogan works today, and a new slogan will work tomorrow, so pay, pay, pay, and that creates the demand for the One, and the Only, Legal Money, which happens to be invented by, produced by, and sold by those who invent it, produce it, and sell it, just follow the money to the source, and there you have the culprits caught green (or red) handed.

The IRS is also, only, One Third of the POWER stolen.

Those Two Thirds, The FED, and The IRS, constitute the Fraud, and the Extortion, arms of this Beast, but there must be the actual Force that Destroys any competitor, when Lies fail to destroy any competitor, and when threats fail to destroy any competitor, there has to be an actual human being, misdirected as they may be, sent to violently destroy any competitor who dares to compete.

The Troops.

You should know by now, and if you don't, then you are misdirected, that The Troops are found in the mirror.

Have a nice day.


So it seems to me you are implying...

...that these changes can be made through the existing political apparatus?

"The state is the great fictitious entity by which everyone seeks to live at the expense of everyone else."
-Frederic Bastiat

Discussion can be useful?

I prefer to remove ambiguity.

If politics can be understood as a battle of ideas, then that battle of ideas occurs internal to human beings with human brains.

Now your response, which can be seen as a competitive offering of what goes on in one human brain:

"So it seems to me you are implying that these changes can be made through the existing political apparatus?"

I can respond with few words, which leaves more room for more misunderstanding, or I can respond in much greater detail, and I can do both, if I have the power to do both, so the ball can be hit outside of my COURT and the ball can travel somewhere, out of my power.

If the ball reaches your COURT, then the battle of ideas, so to speak, this political arena, this apparatus of politics, so called, can continue as it may continue in time and place.

All things being relative, here are few words that intend to answer your response quoted above, and these are words borrowed, not my own.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning."
Henry Ford

The Tennis Match is then my previous volley followed by your volley:

"So it seems to me you are implying that these changes can be made through the existing political apparatus?"

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning."

The Political Battle can be won over night, but there are economical, or physical, considerations added to the battles that go on inside human brains.

One at a time?

End the FED

If that is done, within the existing political/economic, or psychologic/physical, framework, form, system, or structure of all that exists today, and in the near future, and in the far future, one step at a time, one person doing one thing in that direction at a time, then that goal, when reached, ends that connection between those people who constitute The FED and their target victims.

Someone buying Gold Ends the FED. Someone investing in a productive enterprise instead of "saving" DEBT NOTES moves in that direction of Ending the FED, knowingly, or unknowingly, and if there is polarization of thoughts and actions, in that direction, that goal will be realized in those ways, as it happens, and the more that people do outside that "political apparatus," if that is what that can be called, if that is what you are calling The FED, which to me is the Crime of Legal Fraud, a crime in progress, the more people divorce themselves of any connection to it, the less powerful it will be, and the more powerful will be those who divorce themselves of it, in their own competitive, inventing, and productive ways.

If you think I am saying that Ron Paul, or someone like Ron Paul, can ask those criminals to please stop, and those criminals will agree to stop, then you do not understand my viewpoint, which can be entirely my fault, for my lack of ability to convey meaning with English words.

End the IRS

Same qualification here concerning the possibility that may exist whereby someone, somewhere, thinks that the Criminals running The FED, and The IRS, they are run by the same Criminals, if asked to stop perpetrating these Crimes of Fraud and Extortion, and they agree to do so, because someone stays within that "political apparatus" which limits any remedy against these crimes to asking them to stop, please, then that someone is not me, and to me that someone is deluding themselves if they think that asking those Criminals to stop will stop those criminals.

If people learn how such things as Trial by Jury did work, then people could learn to employ that process that could be due to everyone in the ways intended by its inventors, creators, and users of days gone by, and any person accused of failing to pay these extortion fees falsely called Federal Income Taxes, then we can each set each other free, assuming of course that at least 1 out of 12 people have a clue, the same type of clue spoken of by Henry Ford, even though Henry Ford was more likely afraid of such things happening instead of actually promoting such things, as so called "revolution" happening.

One way to End the IRS is by way of Due Process with Trial by Jury based upon Sortition.

Another way is to stop using the Monopoly Money that is demanded for those Extortion Payments falsely called Federal Income Taxes.

How many ways are there to End the IRS?

Paying into it is ONE WAY, and there are as many ways to end it as there are grains of sand on all the beaches on this planet.

Another way is to regain political and physical power over State Governments, where State Governments then use that power to leverage into being an actual Democratic Federated Republic instead of what is now the "political apparatus" knowable as Crime made Legal, or a Consolidated Government Monopoly Power, or a New World Order, or a Dollar Hegemony, or a World Reserve Currency Power, or The FUND, or The World Bank, or whichever label manages to serve to accurately identify the actual people who are the most powerful people who are therefore accurately identifiable as the people who are willfully destroying so much for their own pleasure, and at the expense of all their targeted victims.

Bring the Troops Home.

Many ways to go about reaching that goal by every self-governing, liberated soul, free from false directions, and again the concept of retaking control over a State Legal Fiction Power, so as to then regain a strictly defensive, constitutionally limited, free market government, POWER, is a way to move POWER from ONE PLACE into at least 2 Places, and as many as 52 places, if not many more divisions of that Offensive Power (The False Federal Government) into divisions of Defensive Power.

Where will all those False Federal Troops go once they are no longer directed by Criminals running the One Aggressive Political Power?

If only one State manages to divide that Offensive Power into only one Defensive Power, that State, where that State is now defending itself against the One Aggressive Power, which is only the combination of all the other States into that One Aggressive Power, then the POWER is thereby divided severely, and that is only One State.

What if that one State is a big State like Texas?

All the False Federal Troops from Texas will then be divided in their own brains as to which Master to serve.

Any person from any other State in any form of Military at the False Federal Level, when ordered to attack someone in Texas adds to the collective leverage exerted against the False Federal Criminals who may order an attack upon Texas.

What if more than one State divides the One Monopoly Power of Fraud/Extortion/Torture/Mass Murder made Legal?

What if Remember Waco was combined with Remember the Oklahoma City Massacre, and the New York 911 Massacre, all three having been perpetrated by the same Cabal at the False Federal Level, and therefore what if New York State, combined with Oklahoma State, combined with Texas State, at once, or in turn, soon enough, divide that One Power of Aggressive Crime made Legal into 4 Powers where 3 are defensive and only 1 is Aggressive and Criminal?

Are there way too many words to serve as entertainment?


Destructive Lies

The lie that the Consolidated (Monopoly) Government POWER is a "Federal Government" was started in 1787.

Here is all the proof you, anyone, may need:


Scroll down to this:


If you don't want to spend your precious Fraud Money on that hard copy, then you can read (and weep if that is your constitution) it here:


The liars can make up lies about me, about my motives, all they wish, wish away. I was not in those Secret Meetings, and I do not represent the Usurpers, and the Usurpers were accurately identified by their actions, not their false words.

This is not a Federated Nation, or Country, this is, has been, and will be if nothing is done to stop it, a Monopoly of Crime Power, and it is only as legal as the criminals and victims think it is, as the Masters and Slaves make it a False Federal Fraud in Progress.

If you don't get it, you will be as misdirected as Alex Jones and Adam Kokesh, if they think that Liberty will be secure with The Constitution as it was written, even though a Bill of Rights was attached to it.

The Constitution created a Monopoly Power, or Consolidated Government, so by accident, or simply because it makes sense, Adam Kokesh arrives at the IDEA of separating the Monopoly Power into competitive Powers, in what can be a Free Market of Government, and Open Source Government, a Self-Government Power, such as the example of The Articles of Confederation proved to be workable as a Free Market of Government when The Articles of Confederation created a competitive version of a Democratic Federated Republic, or Voluntary Government, or Free Market Government, strictly voluntary, strictly defensive, and the opposite of legalized slavery.

If you don't get it, you are misled.

Trial by Jury (based upon sortition) worked to make crime pay less internally, so the State Powers work when they are strictly defensive powers, and no more, but no less, and then a Federated Defensive Power, joined and paid for, or seceded from and not paid for, by the State Powers, is the design that did work, and may be able to work again, but certainly not if no one knows about it.

Have a nice day.


The lawful government is strictly limited by the Constitution

Ever thing added is unlawful government.

Overthrow this unlawful government. This not in conflict with his oath to the Constitution.

Marbury v Madison ruled that the Constitution is the Law of the Land. That precedent has never been overthrown.

I don't recall any constitutional authority for and FBI, CIA, Federal Reserve, Interstate Commerce Commission, or a Department of Agriculture.

In the private sector if they can provide a legal service they can earn a living like the rest of us.

Free includes debt-free!

Discussion or Dictation?

The Constitution was a Usurpation, and that is clearly demonstrated by the available information.

If you agree with that Usurpation then those limits are placed by you, voluntarily, upon you, and anyone else collected into that Usurpation such as it was and still is, in demonstrable fact.

To me, but yet again demonstrable as fact, and therefore having no dependence upon my specific subjective opinion, it is patently absurd to expect the usurpers themselves to agree to abide by any set of rules of any kind other than the rules that the usurpers invent for whichever occasion they please to invent a rule for their targets to obey, while they, being usurpers, exempt themselves from having to obey themselves.

They lie, that is demonstrable.

They steal, that is demonstrable.

They rape, even little children, again the process of discovery has proven the fact.

They torture, and some of them even admit it, and some of them even dare to "justify" torture: see how they lie.

They murder, and they mass murder, and again this is easily demonstrated as fact, such as the case in Texas now know infamously as Waco.

If they, while they commit all these crimes, also pay lip service, and offer up a few examples of a nebulous, and counterfeit, justice, along the way, then that proves to be only what it is, again in fact, which is a False Front.

A Usurpation is a False Front, and if you agree to it, that means that you agree to a False Front, no more, and no less.

If according to the Usurpation that you agree to, there are suggestions, or rules, governing behavior such as you state in your reply, then anyone also agreeing to the Usurpation could, conceivably, follow those rules as you do, and so long as those rules are morally justified, as in, I mean, in other words, so long as those rules are Strictly Voluntary, as in those rules are In Liberty, then I too can agree to those rule, and I don't have to agree to the Usurpation.

Does that sound reasonable?

If the subject here turns to the idea of moving back to a Democratic Federated Republic, which was the closest thing I've seen so far to any number of people working within the boundaries of a voluntary government, or Free Market Government, then that could be the subject, at that time.

Adam Kokesh appears to have seen the light, in my opinion, and that is my subjective opinion, or my belief. The actual fact that the Usurpers Usurped Liberty when they did, which was at least as far back as 1788, is a fact, with or without my agreement, or belief.

The Dictators have been Dictating ever since, and that hardly constitutes a discussion IN Liberty.


Whatever was unlawful under the Constitution

Whatever was unlawful under the Constitution is likely to be unlawful under the Articles of Confederation.

In this particular case Kokesh has sworn an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution.

To give any government the power to borrow or sell bonds is a recipe for disaster.

$17 trillion US Congressional debt, apx 30oz Gold/person. Who consents to this?

Free includes debt-free!

Not so.

"Whatever was unlawful under the Constitution is likely to be unlawful under the Articles of Confederation."

What became known as Shays's Rebellion occurred under The Articles of Confederation.

What became known as The Whiskey Rebellion occurred under The Constitution.

In the former case The Federal part of the Voluntary Union was not allowed to return runaway slaves, like Daniel Shays who ran from Massachusetts to Vermont.

I think your statement is demonstrated as not being true in that specific case for reasons that demonstrate why a Democratic Federated Republic works as a Free Market Government and why a Consolidated Government, or Nation State, or Despotism, or Involuntary Union, does not work as a Free Market Government.

Voluntary Union does not make it against the law to abolish a criminal government - see The Declaration of Independence.

Voluntary Union does not force one State government to return slaves to another State government.

Voluntary Union does not conscript troops from many States so as to invade one State to enforce a Legal Money Monopoly

"In this particular case Kokesh has sworn an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution."

A voluntary union offers remedies for errors such as oaths made under ignorance, duress, or remedies for whatever reason inspires a person to change their mind.

Enslavement is what it is, no matter what false front someone says enslavement is, as far as those who do the enslaving are concerned.

"To give any government the power to borrow or sell bonds is a recipe for disaster."

Why? In the first place a "government" can't do anything, but people can do things, and as soon as a person, in or out of government, commits a crime, then it may be a good idea to stop giving them anything: credit, bonds, fingernails, or anything.

"$17 trillion US Congressional debt, apx 30oz Gold/person. Who consents to this?"

One of the Chief Usurpers was named Alexander Hamilton, he promised that the National Debt would be a good thing, not abused, and as soon as he was Treasurer, what happened?


Increase the Cost?

At the point at which Adam Kokesh discusses the crime of being kidnapped by criminals with badges the victim in this case mentions the fact that the cost of perpetrating this crime is increased.

Who pays that cost increase?

All costs are added to THE FUND, which is LEGAL DEBT, if said cost is measured in Legal Monopoly Money.

However, there are other costs, and I think it is worthy of discussion to open up this can of worms further.

While is the warehouse, please consider using this type of terminology, not Prison, but warehouse, since there is evidence that shows how the Legal Criminal Mind works, and the Legal Criminal Mind makes their targeted victims into things, and these things that we call human beings, like Adam Kokesh, you, me, people, are made into things, supposedly, by these inhuman beings that I call Legal Criminals, and when these things are in the warehouse, then these things are no longer producing anything worth stealing, as if a machine broke down, and a machine is then placed in the warehouse, and once in the warehouse the machine then produces more cost, more DEBT, more negative production added to The FUND.

1. Monetary Measures of Cost, denominated in Units of Legal Debt/Fraud/Extortion/Monopoly/Money.

2. Other measures of Cost

I'm trying to get English symbols working here, to describe those other costs, and in order to do that I'm going to post this reply, watch more of the interview/discussion between Alex Jones and Adam Kokesh, so as to have a quote to use in this effort to measure non-monetary costs.

I want to do that because the Monetary Costs that are charged to the victims, where the bill, the cost, the demand to pay, and to pay without question, is always paid for by those who actually produce anything worth stealing, so the reader, listener, has to understand that increases in that DEBT, is the goal, Legal Debt is the goal, that is the goal of Legal Crime, so increases in Legal Monetary Debt can't be the goal shared by the victims, if both criminal and victim are eager to increase the cost, in monetary terms, then that describes exactly what is known as the race to the bottom, since there is then no one producing anything worth stealing, and the supply of things of value shrink down to nothing, until someone actually gets up on the morning and uses what is left to produce more by the end of that day.


"I realized...I couldn't let this depend so much on my self..."

I did not quote verbatim, so much as merely stopping the discussion/interview to zero in on a measure of COST.

Instead of Monopoly what can be?

Instead of One Single Mode of Conduct (Crime made Legal) what can be?

The obvious answer is competition. Not one, but two, three, four, five, and many people offering creative, adaptive, competitive, variations of the ONE mode of behavior, and which examples from the many (not just one) competitive examples turn out to be, less costly, and of greater benefit, and to who, to which, to where, to whom goes the benefits, and to whom goes the costs?

Legal Crime is the Monopoly Mode of Conduct, where ONE group gains all the benefits, and everyone else pays all the COSTS, when the Mode of Behavior is to measure everything in ONE LEGAL MONEY UNIT OF LEGAL VALUE.

When COST is measured in IDEAS, such as the IDEA of Adam Kokesh to March Armed on Washington D.C., and that is ONE IDEA:

1. March Armed on Washington D.C., dependent upon ONE LONE Cult of Personality, a single person named Adam Kokesh.

One idea, one power, one battle, one and only one exceptional personality like Samson going up against Goliath.

Is that a good idea, or is there a more competitive idea?

What was once the one Mode of Behavior before being kidnapped by Legal Criminals, becomes a better, more competitive idea while in jail/prison/warehouse for Adam Kokesh.

When those Legal Criminals confess to be Legal Criminals as those Legal Criminals kidnap Adam Kokesh (so don't blame me for the crime perpetrated by those criminals who kidnapped Adam Kokesh, they perpetrated that crime exactly, and it was not me, and it was not Adam Kokesh, who ordered those criminals to perpetrate that crime of kidnapping), when those Legal Criminals kidnapped Adam Kokesh they were taking a huge risk, a risk where they may have to pay a huge cost, not us.

Going into the warehouse, being a victim of kidnapping, Adam Kokesh has the IDEA of Marching on the Monopoly of Power in Washington D.C., and then another IDEA becomes very obvious to Adam Kokesh.

Instead of a Centralized Monopoly of resistance to oppression by criminals with badges, like a lighting bolt of clarity, Adam Kokesh can see the wisdom of decentralized defensive power, instead of centralized defensive power.

That is the lesson proven to be true by Martin Luther, and his followers ever since.

That is the lesson proven to be true by Jesus, and his followers ever since.

Is it not?

So the COST is to compete with the IDEA that there is only ONE way to skin a cat, by offering competitive ideas instead of ONE.

The Legal Criminals depend upon their POWER to enforce the ONE IDEA, which I call Absolute Abject Belief in Falsehood Without Question, which can also be called Blind Obedience.

The ONE IDEA is to PAY. You pay. Don't even think about it, just Pay, and that is the ONE IDEA that is the foundation of Legal Crime at that False Federal Level.

What is the COST to Legal Criminals if their targeted victims no longer believe in that ONE IDEA?

The COST of increasing the monetary DEBT in the FUND is to reject the IDEA of any DEBT in any FUND being offered by those Frauds, Extortionists, kidnappers, pedophiles, rapists, torturers, and mass murderers who prove that their only goal is destruction, proven by their actions not their false words.

What happens when the actual producers of wealth (power to purchase) figure it out, and they no longer pay when told to pay?

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning."
Henry Ford

If Liberty is gone in America, if Common Law, Trial by (randomly picked, or sortition) Jury is gone in America, then those False Authorities at that False Federal Level prove that they are False, and therefore their license, their authority, their legitimacy is gone, and they throw it away, it is gone, and they voluntarily remove themselves from any legitimate office.

Anyone claiming that those criminals have any legitimacy is insane by any reasonable accounting. They prove that they cannot tell the truth, they prove that they cannot secure this Country against "terrorism," as they prove that they use the money they steal to pay terrorists to terrorize, they prove that they cannot defend the innocent, the vulnerable, the needy, here in this Country, when they have been proven to be the kidnappers who kidnap children and abuse children as sex slaves, as they have done in The Franklin Case, and they prove that they cannot win the War on Drugs when they are proven to be the Drug Dealers, as was the case when Mike Ruppert blew that cover, that false front, wide open in Los Angeles.

They prove that they torture, and lie about it, as if The Inquisition is alive and well even today, in this Country.

The other COST I heard in that video with Adam Kokesh having been victimized by the Criminals at the False Federal level of False Government, had to do with the spreading of factual information to the other people in the Warehouse, where criminals and non-criminals are being warehoused, and most of those people in those warehouses are not criminals, they are victims of kidnapping. Most of the "prison population" are victims of the "Drug War" and anyone with half a brain should know that the Drug Dealers are the same group who claim False Authority at the False Federal Level, so most of those people in the American Gulag are eager to know why they are stuck in those warehouses, and if, by chanced, they can once again taste the sweetness of Liberty.

Adam ratchets up the COST of the Legal Criminals who kidnap him, not because the National DEBT increases, which is then charged to every single person who produces anything worth stealing in America, rather the COST of the Legal Criminals who kidnap Adam Kokesh is the fact that the TRUTH of their crimes will spread throughout the American Gulag, throughout the "Prison Population," where innocent people will know that TRUTH very well when it RINGS TRUE.

A person in prison unjustly will know the truth when they see it.

Adam does not take a plea bargain. Adam forces a show down, and the Legal Criminals do not expose their true color, instead the Legal Criminals let Adam go.

If you don't see the significance of that Victory, then you may want to listen to the following information:


I am just now starting on Episode 2, and there was plenty in Episode 1 to help anyone alive on this planet understand the significance of what Adam Kokesh is doing right now, in our time.

Note how Adam Kokesh employed the power of the IDEA of Trial by Jury of his peers.

If you have no idea as to what that IDEA entails, the POWER of that IDEA, then you should read the following.


If you are in the American Gulag, for the crime of muscling in on the Monopoly Drug Dealers Territory (False Federal Government), and you have access to the Internet, and you are reading this, then read that link, and listen to at least Episode 1 in the other link, and learn, and understand, and make use of the POWER if IDEAS that is now at your feet.

Adam Kokesh can be distrusted, sure, but what is now happening is happening now. Know what is happening, don't just spectate like a sponge, use the brain you have to calculate the information, to make sense of it, with reason.



So many people playing right

So many people playing right into the government's hands.

At around the 51:50 mark

AJ talks about Peter Thiel, essentially saying he's a phony who is trying to co-opt the libertarian movement. We were all happy about Peter Thiel during the primaries for donating (I think) $2 million toward Dr. Paul. I had read he was a bilderberg attendee but I remember people were going back and forth about that. In any case, I think it's interesting that AJ is saying Thiel is (essentially) a phony.

SteveMT's picture

Jones also said Thiel is a Bilderberg member.

I hadn't seen any evidence of that. Thiel gave a few million dollars to a Ron Paul Super Pac last year. Why would a Bilderberg member do that?


What the hell hocus pocus was that...

...prior to the Kokesh part? Was that Mark Dice? Whoever he is he certainly has not noticed that everyone from Ozzy to the Beatles revered Crowley in one fashion or the other. JayZ wearing Crowley's image in 2013 is like JayZ wearing Che's image in 1991. Anyway, if you want to know what Dice looks like in 20 years look at Webster Tarpley or, to the even more fringe, David Icke. They're definitely, well, touched. Alex Jones in 20 years? Watch Pink Flamingos.

Adam On Governmental Economic Intervention At Home

If you understand the mode of government it's "We're gonna break your leg and then give you a crutch and say, 'See? If it wasn't for government you wouldn't be able to walk.'"

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

SteveMT's picture

That is the plan until proven otherwise.

The agenda was set 50 years ago.

Mark Dice, Luke Rudkowski, Adam Kokesh

I'm Still listening, but Mark is on around 1:39:00, Luke around 2:15:00.
Kokesh around 2:39:00


My Political Awakening: I Wanted to Change the World...
I am NOT Anti-America. America is Anti-Me - Lowkey
How to Handle POLICE STATE Encounters

Mark Dice called Alex Jones a FRAUD....

....now they're pals???

Are you guys stupid????


WAKE UP!!!!!!

This faction of the DP is a joke....another "good thing" gone bad....

Actually that Beyond Tangy Tangerine is wonderful stuff.

But one needs to turn to Dr. Joel Wallach for answers regarding the trace minerals in it rather than Dice.

Dice seems all over the map these days. He and AJ are attention whores to some extent. Doesn't mean they're all bad, but they're not all good either.

And AJ's $1 mill claim is a bit exaggerated.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

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Thanks for your post, MikeFWT210.

I found one that is just the last hour and commercial free.


I do what I can, lol. Take care brother

My Political Awakening: I Wanted to Change the World...
I am NOT Anti-America. America is Anti-Me - Lowkey
How to Handle POLICE STATE Encounters

At one point in a previous Broadcast

Alex stumbles a bit, failing to understand the dynamics, in my opinion.

The destruction of all the world currencies, simultaneously, while keeping The Dollar Hegemony as the best of the worst, merely BEGS the question: What are they buying?

Those who have the power to draw any amount of Power to Purchase, Legally, at their pleasure, buy things.

So you, the reader, aught to consider the many possible answers.

What are all those checks being written around the World buying?

Here is a link (anyone can search for other sources of information on this subject):


There are obvious clues, such as the National Debt being roughly (very roughly) equal to the Military Expenditures.

World War can be illustrated as the button on your computer that resets the operating system onto the random access memory or RAM.

When looking from the eyes of a Legal Criminal the worst thing is an informed, polarized, mass of subjects, or targets, where those targets have you, and your group, clearly in view as the source of all their misery.

When the victims grow powerful enough to be capable of defending themselves against such crimes as Legal Money Monopoly Fraud, and Legal Extortion at a National Level, then the Legal Criminals have already figured out how to purchase the RESET of all that polarization of all that power, and the Legal Criminals have already figured out how to give themselves license to be paid to clean up afterward, and the Legal Criminals have already figured out how to send the bills to their victims so that the victims pay all the War Debt which can be understood as the actual goal.

The actual goal is to create DEBT.

How can DEBT be created if nothing is purchased?

What is being purchased?

How much does World War III cost?

Who is given the bill?

Wake up people.


A versus J

No Federal Government, but Voluntary Association, slightly willing to compromise?

Federal Government Defensive Force, no mention of Voluntary or Involuntary Association

Here is an obvious solution to this seemingly difficult problem.

A Voluntary Association was the intended design of the original Confederation under The Articles of Confederation and it worked as a Mutually Beneficial Defensive POWER proven to work, because The British Aggressors, invading Massachusetts, and New York, on and on, were driven out of this Country.

That was fundamentally altered (Usurpation) with the Dirty Compromises that led to The Constitution and the Consolidation of all the Voluntary States into One Monopoly Power.

All that is well recorded for anyone to peruse on their own if they care to do so, and if neither Alex Jones or Adam Kokesh have done so, and if they fail to understand, then they are good Radio Show Hosts, up to that point, and then they fail, they fall flat, and they don't measure up to a Ron Paul type standard.

The States create a Mutual Defensive Power at will, and the States pay into that Insurance Policy, or they don't pay into it, at will.

Each State is thereby made into a Voluntary Association because each person is a potential source of POWER and each State sells government on this Open Free Market of government, and The People vote with their feet to the least costly State offering the most benefits.

That is the Voluntary Solution sought by the actual Founders, and that is the Sunlight that the Vampires, or the False Federalists could not allow to be shown, or seen, at all.

If Adam Kokesh wants a Voluntary Association, and Defensive Power, then the Democratic Federated Republic is that solution to that problem.

I think that Alex Jones hits the nail on the head, since weakness in Mutual Defense of The People, for The People, and by The People, within a Democratic Federated Republic, will be capitalized upon by those who have enough POWER to invade, and take over, each State, one by one. But that is what the False Federalists have been doing since 1788.

It should be no secret to anyone that China will be the new World Reserve Currency Power after World War III goes off on the Legal Criminal's, Central Banker's, schedule, and America, at that time will be finally destroyed to a point of powerlessness in capacity to avoid having to pay off all the War Debts that will be on the books as a result of World War III.

The New World Reserve Currency Power, after World War III, will be collecting War Debts in each State in America where The People in those States are powerless to fight back, after all those who could have defended us are consumed in World War III.

I've said this before and I'll say it again; the purpose of perpetual War is to consume the best and brightest like Adam Kokesh, to either turn them against Liberty, or torture them, or murder them, in massive numbers, so as to keep the victims powerless against Monopoly/Despotism/Legal Crime.

Now is the time to do something, to do something by a certain date, and to begin working now to reach that goal.

The goal is Liberty.

Now is the time to seize it, because the most Powerful Criminals on the Planet are at their weakest level in America because America is being made weak, so as to make America Fall in the coming battle with the new World Reserve Currency POWER, which can be called The New World Order, or any False Front that hides the fact that they are all Criminals - with badges.

End the FED
End the IRS
Bring the Troops Home

Adam Kokesh brought himself home, and what better example exemplifies what those Troops ought to be doing once they get out of their Slave suits (slaves to the Legal Criminals) and back into their Voluntary Union of Free People suits, whatever suit they may care to wear once they get home?

Alex and Adam are both right on some things.

Alex and Adam are both wrong on other things.

The States must be returned to Sovereign Defensive Powers and if those State Governors, and the people in those States, see the wisdom of Mutual Defense, then they will decide to keep a Federal Government working for that purpose alone, and limited by such things as those 10 first Amendments.

Alex is right about the "Federal" government not even being an issue, it does not exist, it is nothing more than a gang of Criminals, so there is no need to abolish it, it is abolishing itself.

The way to End the FED is to invent, produce, and maintain legal money competition. This is Ron Paul's solution with an ending of Legal Tender Laws.

Who enforces Legal Tender Laws?

The Legal Money Monopoly - of course.

Ending the IRS occurs the same way, peacefully, as States depend upon their funding from people who choose to pay State Taxes, or they walk to another State.

The true Federal government is paid for by States, not The People, so again Adam is right. Get those State governors back on track, to either join, keep paying into, or secede from, and no longer pay into, a Federal Voluntary Union. Once it is established that a State will, or will not, pay into a Federal Voluntary Union, then the people can see that they have only one Protection Racket to pay into, at the State level, and not 2 Levels of Racketeers, a smaller Extortion Fee versus an larger Extortion Fee, the smaller Extortion Fee paid to the State Criminals and the larger Extortion Fee paid to the False Federal Criminals.

This was all well understood in our not too distant past.

The False Federal Government is destroying America, on purpose, for their exclusive profit, and there is no legitimacy to it, the concept of a Federal Government (Voluntary Association) does not exist, it ceased to exist in 1788 with the Usurpation Perpetrated by those False Federalists.

Welcome to U.S.A. Inc. (LLC)

It is past time to move back toward Liberty, and Adam is right, it is almost too late to move peacefully.

Alex is right too, it is not at that point yet, where nukes are going off, in America, and then the idea of peaceful, but armed, protest at each State Government Headquarters is moot, since the battle will be door to door at that point.

End the FED
End the IRS
Bring the Troops Home
Do so by July 4th 2013

Why is that not as easy as told by Henry Ford?

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning."

People have to realize that it is not a "nation," it is, or can be, a Democratic Federated Republic of Voluntary Associates working for Liberty when working for anyone other than for one's self, or one's family, or one's church, or one's company.

Look at it this way, please, the Legal Criminals have had these people in this Country by the throat for over 200 years and they still can't enforce absolute despotism, so what is their problem, they have all the POWER now, all the MONEY, all the GOLD, or so much of the POWER, so much of the MONEY, and so much of the GOLD that they can buy World War III?

They have so much POWER, stolen for over 200 years, and yet they can't even get one Veteran named Adam Kokesh shut up.

Is that not a sound victory?

If Alex Jones continues.

If Adam Kokesh continues.

It seem to me we can get Liberty back in these Voluntarily United States by this July 4th; it is not inconceivable.

The right people have to do the right things at the right time.

If we regain Liberty, then it will be a non-event to have armed people walking around government buildings: so much a non-event as it will be totally unnecessary as a show of resolve for remedy.

So what, so big deal, so there are veterans, hard honest working people, people with good credit, people with good standing, walking around that government building with guns.

So what?

What do they want, since we are, in fact, in Liberty?

They need some exercise?

If we are not in Liberty, then those people who say they are the authorities are not capable of doing their jobs, so whose bright idea is it to pay them anything for doing something they prove that they can't do?


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"I, __________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."


There is no duration defined in the Oath