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Local news stations are the answer...

Look at these interviews from local television stations. They are some of the best interviews we have had to date. All of us, including the official campaign, need to bi-pass the national media and focus our attention on local broadcasts in the upcoming primary states. I assume many more people watch their local news station, and they should be more than happy to have a chance at a on-on-one with a nationally popular candidate.

San Diego 01-21-08:

L.A. 01-18-08

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on around

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this is a...

good one!

insomnia and things slowing down.....time to browse earlier posts

yep... because many are affiliates

they don't answer directly to headquarters and are often independently owned.

they love special interest stories... so if you did something cool to promote rp, give them a call or send them an email.

also local papers

My husband and I are going to put an ad in our local paper the week before Super Tuesday. Small communities read their local paper religiously. If we all did this, the word would really get out.


Excellent point. I never watch the national news, but frequently watch the local news.