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Misperceptions among Americans about Support for the Syrian Rebels

After reading a multitude of comments in the "comments" section of various articles about moves by Congress and Obama to arm the Syrian rebels, I have concluded that many Americans are seriously misinformed. Put simply, too many Obama haters think that he supports the rebels because of their mistaken belief that he is a Muslim or that he supports Muslims or is somehow anti-Israel. The fact that AIPAC is pushing our Congress into intervening in Syria is completely missed by them. The fact that the most passionate advocates for intervention are Israel's biggest supporters is also missed by them. How do the neocons get away with this? They rely on the ignorance and the bigotry of middle America.

The same could apply to Benghazi. How can neocons criticize Obama when they chiefly pushed for intervention there? It makes no sense at all, except again, for the fact that middle America hates Muslims and is terribly ignorant of Israel's desire to destabilize the Arab world. Anyone who doubt's Israel's intentions should study the writings of Oded Yinon, a hardcore Likudnik who spelled it all out in the early 80s. He made it very clear that for Israel to survive, it must keep the Arab world unstable and divided.

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Glad someone else sees it

Glad someone else sees it too. "Presidents are selected not elected", and we all know who selects them. Obama=Israel. How did we go from 911, Osama Bin laden, to Saddam Hussein, to invasion of Iraq all for the benefit of who - Israel. Now the war drums beat for Iran - first through claims of nuclear weapons and now through Syria. Iran has thumbed its nose at the petro-dollar and trading oil for gold - unacceptable to the bankers.

The Muslim World

Doesn't need agitation by Israel to destabilize the Middle East. Sunni and Shia religious differences alone are enough to keep things cooking along at a good simmer. Throw in ethnic differences and the political confusion generated by the artificial boundaries created after WWI and you've got all the justification for Middle East instability needed.

Israel only intervenes when it suits their needs. God only knows why the US meddles.

I didn't say that Israel is

I didn't say that Israel is the source of all instability. But you are ignoring their own documents which call for regime change via destabilization in numerous neighboring countries. ISRAEL is taking advantage of existing cleavages and making them worse to further it's twisted geo-political interests.

Syrian Army detains Saudi,

Syrian Army detains Saudi, Qatari officers caught aiding rebel forces

"NICOSIA — The Syrian Army has captured scores of foreign fighters,
including those from Qatar and European Union states.

Arab diplomatic sources said the Army detained Qatari military officers
as well as a senior ally of the Saudi intelligence community in the
rebel-held town of Qusair. They said the Saudi captured near the Lebanese
border was identified as an agent of the Saudi intelligence agency.

Syrian rebels prepare to repel a coordinated attack by government forces in Qusair, Homs province on May 19. /AP/Qusair Lens
“Syria has already informed Qatar of the arrests and demanded an
explanation,” a diplomat said.

The sources said the Qatari officers had directed the flow of weapons
and funds to the Sunni revolt in Syria. They said the officers were also
mentoring rebel operations, which have included thousands of foreign

A Lebanese parliamentarian said the Syrian Army also captured military
advisers from Belgium, Britain, France and Netherlands in Qusair. Assim
Qansou, regarded as a pro-Syrian deputy, said dozens of foreign military
officers were arrested and interrogated.

Qatar has been identified as the leading Arab supporter of the Sunni
revolt. The sources said Qatar was believed to have funneled more than $500 million to recruit fighters and procure weapons that fueled the two-year war
against Assad."


should be its own post,

should be its own post, particularly the part with the "foreign aid"

I am curious najam

if I made the observation that most of the fighting is in the north. and that the Shiites and the Sunnis are somewhat divided between north and south....
would that be an essentially correct observation?

Syria - demographics.

fighting is all over the country, except the north West,= along the coast & the hills parallel to the coast. This region is inhabited by the minorities, e.g. alawi, armenians, mainly.
The fighting started much later. Originally, there were a few demonstrations - when the some youth (westernized) with gadgets (mobile phones & pc) organized a small demonstration, - the syrians thought (foolishly) that they could join the 'arab spring', and followed what was going on in Tunisia & Egypt. No one wanted an intervention, nor NATO- bombing as in Libya. this went on for a few weeks. Later the numbers began to increase.
Things took a sour turn when the govt reacted very harshly. there was shooting, = deaths, => funerals at place of assembly, = gathering at masjids (mosque?), reactions from both sides were set in motion, - this give it all a religious color. That is briefly the chain of events. There are many YouTube videos from that period, (March 2011 onwards), nearly whole towns were out in protest. Later much of them were demolished with bombardments.
now this situation is being exploited by many powers, near & far (with logistics).

Wiki has details with maps & demographics, present status, etc.

Edit = first line = its north-west, not north-east as previously typed by me.

my question was general in nature.

my understanding is that the British or the ottomans or whatever redrew the political boundaries for these countries.
that is still a part of what they are fighting about.

I am also entertaining the notion that my country has basically chosen the Sunnis over the Shiites.
it would also seem to me that we stole land to create Israel after WWII. why they got kicked off of it in the first place is unknown to me...

the only thing that I am REALLY sure of is....
the Abrahamic faiths sure do fight with each other a LOT!
is my information correct that there is a huge battle raging between the Shiites and the Sunnis?

Battle-Ground Syria.

* yes, - in this instance the fault-lines were left behind by the French.

* yes, - but in Iraq the U$ removed Saddam (sunni) and placed Maliki (shia). same way in Afghanistan, U$ removed the anti-shia Taliban.

* by "we stole land" you probably mean the land of Falestine, now occupied by the zionist state, engineered by UK, UNO & U$A, mainly.
Originally the jews were not wise to the plot, that they are being made a front-line of the crusades, but now they are working over-time to increase /keep tensions high between Christians & Muslims. Now 'Israel' has built-up the "Samson Option", to destroy middle-east & even Europe if its survival is threatened. see it on wiki.

* Abel & Cain, = where-ever there are blessings very near to it you will find envy /jealousy & malice, that is a cause of conflicts. Notice & remember, these are the lands of the original olive, the ark, foot-steps of the noble messengers & apostles, keepers & teachers of original scriptures, with prophesies of more blessings to come on =
"The Road To Damascus".

Not One Bullet.

+1. This subject needs to be understood, inputs come from different angles.
Till today, Obama has Not sent one bullet to the rebels. There has been much rhetoric but little substance. All part of a sinister game.
Hope to read some learned comments to your thread. Your last para provides strong base, - but that is not all, the bigger picture must also mention about those who planted this zionist cancer in the middle-east, plus they helped entrench the Kalb-Alawi cult over Syria.

That is simply not true. Our

That is simply not true. Our CIA does not wait for Congressional approval before sending weaponry into conflict or before they support a side in a proxy war.

CIA & Divided Arab World.

CIA - maybe thru their allies in S-Arabia, Qatar. Officially their hands are tied because the U$-Govt has declared one of the resistance groups as "terrorists", who call themselves Al'Nusra.

these are only small quantities of small arms, managed thru smuggling.
These weapons are no match to the heavy stuff Assad's army carries, and they have continuous supply from Russia & Iran, plus fighters from Hezbollah, Iraq & Iran, because the local population did not want bloodshed, except Assad's clan/ tribe of Kalb.

re - Oded Yinon, a hardcore Likudnik, and the divided Arab world. Agreed, yes I recall reading portions of it last year. = this is a sad realty, but the arrogant ones are lead into it, and Assad is pushing hard => towards more divisions & destruction.

Thank you for your attention.

Assad is fighting blood

Assad is fighting blood thirsty Islamic extremists. I think we have done worse in our War on Terror.