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McCain's slate gets a 7th, 9th and 20th Nowhere close to first

Contrary to any old updates that people keep putting on the dailypaul - THERE ARE NO OFFICIAL NUMBERS BEING RELEASED

However, if you can find the slates of the candidates/groups you can see who got the most votes - this is from the 6th district and all I have is McCains slate.

Delegate candidates

McCain got three out of the 15 possible candidates on his slate in the top 20 - none in the top 5.

Greg Phares 7th most votes
Chareles E. Roemer III 9th most votes
Chas Roemer 20th most votes

Alternate Delagates

Mary Doran 13th most votes
Elizabeth Bennett 16th most votes
William Doran 17 most votes

None of McCains alternates delegates were in the top 10

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thank you for sharing

I don't know what this means...but it sounds good for Dr. Paul.

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not accoriding to the 6th district

not accoriding to the 6th district