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Early Word on Louisiana Caucus Results

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Early Word on Louisiana Caucus Results

I am told, by a campaign source, that the Louisiana caucuses have McCain in first, Ron Paul a close second, and Romney in third. Not confirmed yet.

UPDATE: A dramatically different report here, which has uncommitted "pro-life/pro-family" slate sweeping.

Remember, this is to select delegates to the state convention, who pick the delegates to the national convention. The state has a separate presidential primary, on Feb. 9. If a candidate gets 50 percent +1 — not unthinkable if Florida and Super Duper Tuesday narrow the field some — then that candidate automatically gets 20 of the state's 47 delegates. If no candidate meets that threshold, then the state convention selects almost all of the state's delegates.

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this is killing me

I want to know! I think i will have a moment of prayer for Paul.