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Forgive the all-caps title, I never do that, but I think this is important enough to type one word in caps - 'stealth'.

I really think Paul supporters should consider NOT going to the voting booths and caucuses wearing Ron Paul pins or hats or T-Shirts - nothing to give them away.

It appears that in Louisiana supporters of the other candidates, faced with an overwealming and visible Ron Paul presence, pooled their numbers under a separate slate called "pro-life/pro-family" in order to rob Dr. Paul of a clear win. The treachery !!!

Would the other campaigns have been blind-sided if Ron Paul's presence in the Louisiana caucus was less obvious? Just for once, I'd like to see the other campaigns and media pundits going "WTF!??" after the votes are in.

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One question concerning the LA caucuses -

How was the idea of forming a "bogus" coalition communicated to the other parishes in LA? Wouldn't this qualify as a conspiracy?

"The question is not who will let me- the question is who will stop me" - Ayn Rand

"The question is not who will let me- the question is who will stop me" - Ayn Rand

In politics you're allowed to conspire.

And we all know their state is known for honesty & anti-corruption, so of course they loved a guy like RP...Oh, wait a second... ;)



Excellent suggestion

This is a great suggestion. We need to save the Ron Paul t-shirts for the rallies. I think one of the things that scares some people away is that RP supporters often come across more as protesters than as supporters of a candidate. By adopting more conventional clothing, we might help to eliminate that problem.

Don't blame me! I voted for Ron Paul!

primary voting doesnt allow it

you arent allowed to wear anything political or hand anything out or have any signs usually within 100yards of the polling area. different in every state obviously