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Does Dailypaul Forum GUSTAPOS understand Dr. Paul's message?

I'm getting more and more frustrated each and every time I see a topic gets deleted. I have absolute proof that there was nothing offensive in the topic message yet it gets killed because it so happens to be in the minority viewpoint. Anyone else fed up with this website making a MOCKERY of Dr. Paul's message of freedom and the Constitution?

I'm willing to bet ANYONE that this topics gets deleted too. They will prove my point and you can see for yourselves.

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To Specifically Address Your Question:

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QUESTION: Anyone else fed up with this website making a MOCKERY of Dr. Paul's message of freedom and the Constitution?

ANSWER: This is certainly not a good question, it presumes the fact that this website is making a MOCKERY of Dr. Paul's message, etc -- for which it is not doing that at all. Yet, still able to grasp your point here -- My answer to you is NO.

Now please get on to truly more important matters and STOP this childish concern of yours. It's ridiculous. Flat out distracting and mean spirited.

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What part of Private Property do you not understand?

If you want to stand in a public place and express your views and are denied, I WILL defend you.

If you go into your neighbors yard and express your views and your neighbor runs you off, I will defend your neighbor.

Freedom of Speech pertains to PUBLIC and YOUR property. Not the property of others.

Can you please just understand this?

WOW and this gets burried over this post?

IF you want to help and not deal with nonsense please join me.

Help me launch an air strike...
Please join me in getting "Project 'AIR' Strike" off the ground. This will have a huge effect and not cost a dime.

http://www.dailypaul.... (This is where I posted the idea)

Basically I am looking for someone to help me organize this. People if you were at all involved with the other money bombs or know the people who were can you at least direct me to the right people.

The is simple and free. I want to organize the largest longest strike possible. AIR bomb if you will. ;)

The main stream media has blocked Dr. Paul as well as us out completely. Although the funny thing is the candidates they do want to go through are stealing OUR message.

Here's the deal. If you are lucky enough to get through the phone lines you are 99.99% time hung up on. SOOOO

We organize people to work around the clock. (In short shifts - even separate by length of radio / tv show.)
We force them to talk about what is going on.

We flood thier phone lines, emails so nobody gets on. 20-50% of viewer / listener interaction is the show. CUT IT OFF

If we don't get a right to speak neither do they. When it gets out that people are unable to get through because of us. They'll be forced to at least recognize what we are doing.

Every online poll needs to be skewed in favor of random candidates. We the people have control not the government or the media.

We have broken $$$ records and they don't say a word about it. I say we go after them directly and thier sponsers. If we flood thier sponsers they can't take new orders.

A good one to start with in So Cal would be the John and Ken Show on KFI 640.
After all these are thier tactics. Anytime they don't like a new bill or measure they tell thier audience to do this same thing.

Lets do this It will work.

OK, I will stop if people

OK, I will stop if people and moderators CONCEDE the fact that FREEDOM OF SPEECH as outline in the CONSTITUTION is not and will not be honored at Dailypaul.com.

Private Property Rights Dictate

That the owner of the site can do whatever they want with it.. and if you disagree go to another board to post... You do NOT have constitutional rights of freedom of speach here.. Because the Site owner owns the place.. and by coming here and reading and agreening to his posting guidlines you already have agreed to that fact.. so shove off to a MIRC chatrrom.. oh and if you dont own it then abide by thier rules too...

Bad way of expressing your concern.

Don't use overloaded words on people you don't know. What is it you posted on this forum that was deleted? The only person that can delete your post is the webmaster. Send him an email before complaining on the forum.

I'm sure there are tons of

I'm sure there are tons of examples, but mine specifically was that I didn't think it was appropriate to have a banner of a nude person and suggested that someone put some shorts/underwear on it for better taste. That was it.

When did the Dailypaul Forum users decided that...

When did the Dailypaul Forum users decided that the Constitution and freedom of speech is only applicable when viewpoints follows along that of the majority and the establishment? Are you brave enough to stand along with the minority when you see their rights being violated in front of your eyes?


Quit your belly aching and watering down the thread forum topics with this shit. If you don't like it then move on to somewhere else. I'm sick of reading how you fools are upset about getting a thread deleted. Nystrom runs the site as he sees fit. Like it or lump it. You're a pain in the ass, go away!

Your attitude of "If you

Your attitude of "If you don't like it, then go somewhere else" is EXACTLY OPPOSITE of Dr. Paul's message. Dissent brings about more progress than willful ignorance. Ask yourselves, what it is that this guy is asking that is so outrageous? I'M ASKING THAT WE HERE AT DAILYPAUL.COM OF ALL PLACES SHOULD HONOR AND RESPECT THE CONSTITUTION. Having posts deleted for no apparent reason other than it is dissent is RIDICULOUS!

You talking about your "I'm offended by the naked guy thread"

That's what I call good moderating.

The WorldWideWeb is still wild and free (for now), so my advice : if you don't like the nest : spread your wings and fly! Just don't hit me in the head on your way out!

BTW it's Gestapo (did the "spelling is important" -thread get deleted also?)

Run Ron, Run!

Life's 2 short 4 mistakes.

life's 2 short 4 mistakes

Not just my threads, ANY non-offensive deleted threads

Not just my threads, but I'm speaking on behalf of all topics that gets deleted. Why is it so hard to people to see my point? You go about preaching and parading about Dr. Paul and the Constitution and then when someone right in front of your eyes gets unfavorable treatment directly relating to that message, YOU DO NOTHING. DO YOU STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN??? I'm ashamed and sorry that there are so many hypocrites here.

Why Should 'YOU' Be Ashamed & Sorry?

Vote RON PAUL 2008
Sounds like YOU have 'over-personalized' the forum, personally.

Vote RON PAUL 2008

Quit playing the VICTIM...

and trying to spread negativity.

Not everyone agrees with everyone all the time.

Owner of site is still in a free country.

All of this illustrates the most important Ron Paul platform:

The importance of de-centralization.

Centralization of power is at the root of the whole problem. When people take responsibility in their own selves - then their families - then their communities; and grande-socialist thinking is taboo, then community power and will wrest nicely right where it belongs, in each community. When people CAN have an effect on their community, or really be able to find something "different," people will be active. They won't be able to rely on a grande-super-structure anymore, though - and it will be considered foolish to think there should be one.

What we need as a RACE (humans, people) is a great respect for the right to unlimited contract, and the respect of private property (and you can't put your dirty air on my yard goddam it, unless you maybe want to pay me [us] a lot for it). Then the people will know what a Juror really is, and then a judge, and then this movement will really take hold. People will understand what the great benefit of a system that simply Enforces Contracts and Protects Private Property (including the public air and water).

The Daily Paul is AWESOME! I have been enjoying Michael's forums for a couple of years now, and the DP is all the other ones' god-child on steroids. He knows how much i appreciate his efforts. ALL OF YOUR POSITIVE EFFORTS!!! [sheds a tear]


The things that frustrate us all about DailyPaul are show us why big systems and organizations like DailyPaul are part of a dying age. The "Council on Foriegn Relations" should be background noise about how to maintain peaceful relations with others who might be less enlightened while we protect peace and liberty at home (don't fund other's wars), not a nationwide economy driver that starts wars and stifles competition for secret agendas. If we study the Constitution, we know that it shouldn't make a goddam difference who is President. We should be way more concerned with our judges local jurors, judges, municipalities, and legislatures. Most importantly community organizations. I know that the fraternal organizations have a horrible rap right now, and i don't belong to one, but at the low levels they really have been the stability of many communities in a positive way. WE ALL NEED TO THINK MORE LOCAL is what i'm saying.

We need the DailyPaul, and forms like it, for clear and obvious reasons. But we need even more to develop the structures to where communities and municipalities - OUR communities and municipaliies - can start to develop their independence. "Interdependence", as crazy as it sounds at first - is like "Democracy," a very bad thing. The founders warned us explicitly of the dangers of democracy, yet a collapse of sanity has come to regard up for down, left for right. Interdependence means that you can't take care of yourself. This ideology has DESTROYED latin america, south america, africa, and soon, the united states. When we are INDEPENDENT, we can be at peace with ourselves, and then peace with others, at the community level, state level, federal level, and if we get that far then that will be quite awesome.

As one system fades, another one will be there to take its place. My suggestion is that the problems we see with such a great task and great area lends itself so much more to the Meetup Group Format, and good but loose communication at the top, as far as GREATEST BROAD EFFECTIVENESS by all parties. I know this all sounds heady probably, but i'm sure it makes sense.

much luv, all

In Case It Slipped Past Your Education

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The Gestapo was the Nazi Secret Police.

Trying to hide the word disguised as you did in your spelling -- your intent (your meaning) came across loud and clear as you knew it would.

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it's gestapo...

it's gestapo...

Fed up with you whiners!!!!!

Daily Paul is a PRIVATE enterprise and the moderator/owner/webmaster can run it as he sees fit. If you don't like it - GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! I am so sick of logging on here everyday to try and get Ron Paul news and instead I get bombarded with threads bitching and moaning: "I'm leaving Daily Paul!" "Why are my posts being deleted?" "Daily Paul is like the Gestapo" "WAHHHHHHH!!"

I come here to read about RON PAUL - not to see the forum threads dominated by crybaby WHINERS. Instead of bitching about your treatment on here, why don't you get your butt off your computer and go out and do some canvassing! Sorry, but I'm tired of this crap.

Shut up, cry baby. Whining

Shut up, cry baby. Whining about whiners that whine?

I'M the crybaby?

I don't start threads complaining about my treatment. Real mature. BTW, what have you done for Ron Paul today? Besides this extremely productive thread, I mean ....

I'm speaking up for all the

I'm speaking up for all the minority that gets shafted by the HYPOCRITES on DailyPaul who goes about preaching and parading about the CONSTITUTION and FREEDOM OF SPEECH, yet have no intentions of defending anyone that is being violated. Unlike some, I believe to my core Dr. Paul message and don't care how unpopular I am in trying to practice it.

Ok ...

and remind me again what you did for Dr. Paul today after you got off your soapbox?

stop whining



i like to flag threads where the author is mad about getting flagged.

maybe instead of calling us gestapo's you couldve also used ALL CAPS then we would listen more carefully to what youre saying.


You people need to quit

You people need to quit freaking out about all this. There is 1 guy who runs DailyPaul. Since we don't click enough of his ad's he is still forced to work a 9-5 job.

There is a spam filter that is setup on the site, which Michael posted yesterday, that obviously there are false positives with the system.

There is just 1 guy for all of us. Just 1. There is no way he can see, edit, approve, modify or flag every post or even every negative post.

You people need to just calm down and enjoy the site that we all visit. If you post something and it gets removed... then obviously you need to re-word your statement, don't you?


You have it all wrong. This forum is private property, and Dr. Paul would support the moderators' right to decide what content goes on it 100%, and rightly so. Just as the New York Times is not required to publish every single letter to the editor it receives, this forum is free to delete messages it feels are not appropriate.

I have had posts deleted as well, by the way, and whether or not I agree with the decision, the mods are well within their rights. If you feel you can't get your message out, put up your own site.

Dr. Paul is against *government* limitation of speech, which is another matter entirely.

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this is directly related to this post that i just posted:


"We are even noticing that "their" tactics don't work when our subconscious or old habits sometimes creep into the Campaign efforts, and we calibrate accordingly."

folks need to calibrate


Just state your problem in plain English.

English is overrated.

Too many misunderstandings.

Lots of people at DailyPaul know that.


Spell check.

Never use nazi terminology casually, it is in very bad taste. The Gestapo committed genocide, deleting a post is only annoying. Please show some respect to the memory of people killed in WWII. Also check your spelling please.Peace.

-A former liberal for Ron Paul.